Can Fabric Paint Be Used On Craft Papers?


Technically you can use fabric paint on craft papers, cardboard, poster board, paper maché, and other materials, but the result will not be as good as if you use them on their intended surfaces, such as fabrics.

The main reason is that fabric paint is designed to be flexible and adhere well to fabric fibers, while craft papers and other materials are not as absorbent.

This means that the paint may not adhere as well to these surfaces and may crack or peel over time.

Plus, it will also take a lot of time to decorate craft papers with fabric paint.

Depending on how thick you have applied the fabric paint on the paper, it may take around 12 to 36 hours to dry.

If you’re set on using fabric paint for your project, we recommend testing it on a small piece of the material first to see how it turns out.

Also, use premium quality fabric paint that dries fast on paper to save time and effort. It will make the process simpler.

So, What Type of Paint is Best to Use on Craft Paper?

While various paints can be used on paper, acrylic or poster paint will work well if you want to paint , print, or stencil on craft paper, cardboard, poster board, and paper maché.

These paints will also work on styrofoam, terracotta, bisque, plaster, wood, canvas, and more.

Tempera, oil pastels, and watercolor paints also work on a variety of surfaces, but they are generally not as durable as acrylic or poster paint and may require a sealant to protect the design.

If your craft involves some glass pieces that need paint, use enamel paint on them.

These will work better than acrylic on non-porous surfaces such as glass and metal.


What’s the Difference Between Paper And Fabric Paint?

Although both types of paints fill colors, they are still quite different.

Craft paints designed for paper, glass, or metal surfaces are either acrylic or enamel. These paints have water or oil as the key ingredient.

The pigments are suspended in the water or oil and dry to form a flexible, waterproof film.

While some of them are easy to remove and temporary, others are more permanent.

Fabric paints (also referred to as textile paint), on the other hand, are made of pigments suspended in a binder that helps the paint to adhere to the fabric.

The binder may be acrylic, latex, vinyl, or polyurethane. These paints can be brushed, sprayed, or even screen-printed on the fabrics.

Fabric paints are usually more durable and are resistant to fading, constant use, numerous washing, and exposure to direct sunlight.

However, depending on the ingredients used and the quality of the paint, some of these paints are permanent, while others can be removed with water and soap.

The bottom line

So, to wrap up, you can use fabric paint on paper, but it’s not the best choice.

If you still want to use it, make sure to test it on a small piece first and use premium-quality fabric paint.

Acrylic or poster paint is generally the best choice for the craft paper surface you’re working on to get the desirable results.

So, make sure to use the right type of paint for your project to achieve the best results.

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