29 Painted Cinder Block Ideas – To Add More Color to Your Garden

Ideas to decorate cinder block

Cinder blocks are an inexpensive way to add both style and function to your home.

Because they can be painted in beautiful colors of your choice, cinder blocks offer a blank canvas for DIY projects.

Flower beds, planters, patio furniture, benches, and a few other basic decorations are among the most popular DIY projects you can get started with.

I have collected some of the best ideas for painting cinder blocks that will surely inspire you to renovate and add some exciting colors to your garden.

Decorative Cinder Block Ideas for Garden

Cinder blocks are made of concrete and coal cinders, while concrete blocks use steel, wood, and cement. 

Cinder and concrete blocks get their distinctive colors from the materials used to make them. Concrete blended with coal cinders makes a cinder block. 

The addition of ashes from burnt hard coal is what makes a cinder block lighter than one made only of poured concrete.

Cinder blocks are a versatile and cheap material that can add color, style, and functionality to any outdoor space.

If you are already feeling motivated and excited, let’s get into some fabulous ideas right here…

1- Space Saving Neon Colored Planters

Space is a big concern in metros, so if you live in one, then these space-saving neon-colored planters are for you!

All you need are some cinder blocks, a few cans of bright spray paint, and some plants of your choice.

This DIY neon-colored option is easy to make and budget-friendly, and it can definitely add personality to your outdoor décor!

Create these planters by purchasing some inexpensive cinder blocks and painting them gray, blue, pink, and neon colors, which would make them appear like ideal flowers. 

Put them on the porch, in the garden, or anywhere else you want to add color and life.

I would recommend buying low-cost cinder blocks rather than bigger, more expensive ones – just pick a size that you can easily transport and move if required. 

Don’t go for numerous pieces at once; start with a few and then buy more if necessary.

2- Painted Cinder Block Bar Outside

Next on our list is this surprising cinder block bar that is sure to catch the attention of every party guest!

If you have some extra cinder blocks and a little bit of time on your hands, this is the perfect weekend project for you.

This bar can be placed outside in the garden or on the patio and can be decorated easily with some vivacious green plants, pitchers, carafes, and more. 

So if you need to add some popping colors to your patio, this stunning piece is sure to check out.

3- DIY Cute Bench for Outdoor Seating

If you have an extra space you want to make good use of, building inexpensive outdoor seating is a great idea out of cinder blocks.

You can arrange them in place just about anywhere you want, get them painted in black, gray, or just any color you want. 

Add a few 2×4 pine planks or slats, and you are good to go.

To last these benches longer, it’s good to finish the wooden slats with a premium clear varnish and seal the concrete blocks with a waterproof sealer.

4- Mosaic Cinder Block Garden Planter

Want to add more attractive colors to a single piece, adding some colorful mosaics is a great idea.

This is a super easy project that can be done in an afternoon with some leftover cinder blocks and grout.

You can use any scraps of tile, glass, or mirror pieces to decorate these cinder blocks.

After you have a plan to build one, I would suggest using outdoor-rated adhesive and grout so that your planters can withstand the elements.

5- Attractive Pastel Colored Planters

Using pastel colors is a fun project that can be completed with kids on weekends.

With these bright & colorful painted cinder blocks, you can add some excitement to your patio or balcony.

It’s really enjoyable, fun, and thrilling to have a one-of-a-kind item outside on your property. When you’re finished, you’ll get a greater sense of accomplishment from the final product.

6- Table Centerpiece

In reality, this Table Centerpiece beauty is a simple DIY project that you may complete in an afternoon if you enjoy the end result. 

Take a cinder block and unleash your creativity by adding colors, stencils, and flowers to your liking. 

The owner here preferred to keep the cactus and keep the natural gray color of concrete which shows off the beauty of cinder blocks and the table on which its kept along with some food serving.

7- Creative Furniture to add Wow Factor

This is again stenciled, beautiful furniture made of cinder blocks. This can be a great addition to your patio, porch, backyard, or even indoors in a living room. 

Place different accessories like a plant, vase, books, or anything that goes with the theme of your room.

8- Outdoor Firepit Surround

I guess a backyard is incomplete without a warm and attractive-looking fire pit.

If you have an old outdoor firepit/fireplace that needs a makeover, this is a great idea.

You can use cinder blocks to create a surround for your firepit. This will make it more attractive and safer to use.

Just build a square or rectangular surround with cinder blocks and finish off the edges with lovely paints, stains, stone, or brick.

9- Cinder Block Dining Bench

The plants filling the cement blocks look very attractive and naturalistic. This dining bench arrangement is not only simple but also eye-catching and impressive. 

Moreover, it could easily be turned into a permanent planter by placing the plants around it. The throw pillows on the side add to the beauty of the scene.

10- Creative Cinder Blocks Sofa

Looking for non-expensive sofa options for your guests to relax and be seated outdoors? Try this one.

I’m guessing you haven’t considered this yet, and I apologize if I’m incorrect. 

This is an excellent method to employ the cinder blocks and build a genuine sofa in your backyard! Isn’t it fantastic? 

You may make a solid foundation for a sofa by stacking the blocks like bricks. Plus, if you want, you can go everywhere and use bright pillows and vegetation.

11- Plants in Pots with Purple Block

Plants in pots are usually a beautiful way to decorate your outdoor or entrance. But when decorated with bright colors like purple, it can easily grab attention. 

Plus, they usually brighten the space with their colorful leaves and blooms. Check here for a budget-friendly option that can easily be added to your decor.

12- Playground Restaurant Wall

Want something unique that your kids can enjoy while you are enjoying your drinks with your friends? Check this super impressive wall decoration made of cinder blocks. 

This is a great way to make use of those cinder blocks that are lying around your house. 

Decorate and lighten them up by using some wall light fixtures, potted plants, sculptures, and statues. 

It would be an excellent addition to any restaurant, bar, or playground.

13- Simple 3 Blocks Pyramid Pattern

Do not want to invest your time and money, check these attention-grabbing black and gray cinder blocks arranged in a pattern. The black paint on the side looks very chic and unique on this pyramid.

It is placed on the floor on the wall side, but if you want, you can put them in the middle of the table with some colorful books and a vase. And it’s really cheap, quick, and easy to build for anyone.

14- Outdoor Shelves for Extra Storage

This simple cinder block shelf adds some quick storage to your patio or backyard garden while making the space look tidy and beautiful.

You can build and paint one in your garden to store different tools, plant pots, and garden gloves. You can also use it for displaying different colorful flowers and plants.

This easy DIY outdoor storage is also an ideal piece near the pool or barbecue, where it’s especially useful when entertaining guests.

Or if you want, you may use it for indoor storage as well as a shoe rack. Just make sure to use proper sealant or paint to weatherproof it.

15- Charming Mailbox Makeover

Mailbox is one of the first things that your visitors or guests see when they come to your house. So, it needs to be presentable and charming. 

Check this beautiful and unique mailbox idea that you can make with some cinder blocks and little creativity. 

All you need is to stack the cinder blocks around the mailbox and then decorate them with different colorful flowers and plants.

You may also use some small pebbles or stones to write a welcome message on it.

16- Trendy Welcoming Blocks

This is another minimalist way to create a welcoming ambiance in your space. 

Grab some colorful cinder blocks or just the plain concrete gray ones and arrange them in this way. 

You can use any bright colors you want or colorful flowers that match your theme. 

A simple and sweet welcoming message is a great way to enhance the look of your entrance or outdoors.

17- DIY Raised Garden Bed for Flowers

Want to arrange different flowering plants beautifully in your garden? Check this beautiful and cheap raised garden bed made of cinder blocks.

With this method, put to use the cinder blocks that are lying around your home or backyard.

Just build a frame with the blocks and fill it up with some soil. Then, add your favorite flowers to it.

18- Landscaping Steps and Stairs

If you plan to add landscaping stairs to your outdoors but never had a chance to build one, consider this creative, easy, and fast DIY project.

Creating your own pathways and steps outside isn’t always simple. This is a cost-effective alternative for a steep driveway that leads to your home. 

Do some extra research online on how to add some beautiful decorations along the way, and get pumped! And I am sure you will get many exciting ways out there.

19- Small Outdoor Kitchen – Vintage Style

OK, enough of this lifeless decorating. It’s time to get more functional and project-oriented! Check this cinder block outdoor kitchen that is both beautiful and useful.

 It is a great way to spend more time outdoors while cooking your favorite meals for your family and friends.

While it’s optional, you may build a counter and then place a sink on it. Also, don’t forget to add a few shelves for extra storage space if the space allows. 

20- Weekend Grill or Barbecue Station

Do you not need an entire kitchen space but only a small station for your weekend grilling?

No problem! Just build this cinder block barbecue station in your backyard or paver patio, and you are ready to go.

Arrange the blocks in this way and then fill the space in between with some sand. This will act as a perfect place to put your barbecue grill.

21- Chic Garden Fountain

Outdoor fountains are always a great idea to enhance the look of your garden or backyard in summer. But they can be pretty expensive too. 

If you are on a budget, then this cinder block fountain is definitely for you.

All you need is to build the base with some cinder blocks and then place a big pot or vessel in the middle. 

Fill it up with water, and your fountain is ready. You may even decorate the fountain with a beautiful lady sculpture or any other statue that you like.

22- Colorful Kids Tower with a Globe

This is one of my top favorites, and I am sure your kids will love it too. It is a beautiful cinder block tower that you can make in your backyard for your kids to play with and educate at the same time.

Build a small totem tower with some cinder blocks and place a globe or a big ball on the top. Decorate the blocks with creative colors, alphabets, or patterns. 

Your kids will have hours of fun playing with this one. For painting, you can use any colors you want or the ones that match your garden theme.

23- Decorative Bird Bath Pole

A bird bath in the backyard garden is always a great idea to attract some beautiful feathered creatures in your outdoors.

But instead of buying a ready-made bird bath, you can make one with some cinder blocks too.

For this, put a few cinder blocks on top of each other and then place a big bowl or pot on the top.

Fill it up with some water and your bird bath is ready. You may even decorate the blocks with some paint or colorful stones.

24- A Fully Functional Sink and Tap Station

This is another great functional project that you can make with some cinder blocks.

If you don’t have an outdoor sink and faucet installed near your garden, then this one is definitely for you.

Build a small counter with some cinder blocks and then place a stainless steel sink on it. Install a faucet, too, and your sink station is ready. 

You can use this to wash your gardening tools or veggies that you have just picked from your garden.

25- Retaining Wall for Garden

A downhill movement of soil is a pretty common problem that most of us face in our gardens. 

If you have a sloped garden and are looking for a solution, then this cinder block retaining wall is perfect for you.

Build the wall with some cinder blocks, and your problem will be solved. Put some drought-resilient plants (like succulents) that need less water and maintenance and that will add to the beauty of the wall manifolds.

26- Cement Blocks Privacy Wall

Paint your cinder blocks simply off-white and build a privacy wall outdoors. For a dramatic look and feel, add a coffee table, chairs, and dining benches.

This will give you a lot more privacy as well as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends outdoors. 

You may even add some potted plants on the sides of the wall and a piece of canvas on top for shade to make it look even more beautiful.

27- Cinder Block Fence (4x4s)

Cinder block posts with 4×4’s rails can be a great addition to your backyard. This will not only give you more privacy but will also make your backyard look great.

To make this fully customized fence, first, build the posts with some cinder blocks and then add the 4×4 rails on top. 

You may even add a few more cinder blocks in between the posts for more stability.

28- Spooky Halloween Blocks

Cement blocks may be a great way to add interest to your yard this fall or Halloween season. 

You may arrange them however you like, then add some candles and tiny pumpkins over them. 

The Etsy image below shows how the wooden blocks are creatively painted and decorated for the holiday season. 

You can get inspired and use the same technique for your own cinder block project, paint them and have fun while placing them at different locations of your house.

29 – Painted Cinder Blocks for Christmas

After Halloween, you will definitely need some ideas for Christmas decorations. So, here you go.

Square-shaped cinder blocks can be painted in red and green colors to look like gifts and then be placed at the entrance of your house or in the garden or front porch. 

You may use any other colors or patterns as well, so feel free to get creative and have fun with this one with your kids this festive season.

Are Cinder Blocks Safe to Use for Gardens?

Cinder blocks are perfect for construction projects because of their long-lasting nature.

But some individuals worry about the use of cinder blocks in a garden build, especially when constructing raised beds for growing vegetable herbs or any other food.

Well, there are materials that are completely safe, but there are also some materials used that can be toxic.

The manufacturer usually provides specifications on the materials used in production; be sure to ask store personnel for more information before purchasing. 

Of if you are using the old blocks laying around your house, research the materials before using them in your garden.

You should also take note that cinder blocks are much heavier than other types of blocks, so make sure the structure can handle the weight.

How to Prepare Garden Cinder Blocks for Painting?

Moisture will cause your blocks to flake off the paint quickly. So, a little effort goes a long way in preventing the paint from bubbling or flaking off.

Here a few essential steps you must follow when you want to recolor and add paint to your cinder blocks…

  1. Clean your cinder blocks with a detergent, then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for at least 48 hours.
  2. Seal the blocks with a masonry primer and use outdoor acrylic latex paint for your paint application. This type of paint is resistant to weather, moisture, and UV radiation.
  3. Rollers and brushes are popular among painters because they work well with one color.
  4. But if you want, you can also use spray paints that can provide an even coat and can help you achieve a more professional look faster.
  5. Once you have completed painting the cinder blocks, allow them to dry for at least 24 hours before adding any other decorative details.

The Bottom Line

Painted cinder blocks are great to add aesthetic appeal to your garden. 

Be sure to take the necessary precautions when preparing the blocks for painting; this will ensure that your paint job lasts for a long time. 

Also, have fun with the painting process and get creative to come up with your own unique design.

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