10 Common Uses of 

Linseed  Oil

The benefits and workability of linseed oil start with its ability to penetrate deep into the grain of the wood, which helps create a protective seal that safeguards against water damage, decay, and discoloration.

And that's the reason why linseed oil is so popular when it comes to woodworking.  Whether you're working on furniture, flooring, cabinets, or other projects, linseed oil can be used to protect, nourish and enhance the look of your wood.

If you are still wondering about what linseed oil is used for, here are a few other common uses for linseed oil:

1- Ingredient in paint and varnish for better adhesion.

2- Protection for outdoor furniture and other wooden items.

3- Enhancing the beauty of wood music instruments like guitars, violins, and drums.

4- Sealing exterior wooden doors and windows to protect them from the weather.

5- Sealing wood floors and countertops to maintain their beauty and help protect against wear and tear.

6- Adding shine and luster to wooden cutting boards, wood bowls, and other kitchen items due to their food-safe properties and non-toxic nature.

7- As a preservative for wooden boats, docks, fence posts, and other outdoor structures exposed to the elements.

8- As a natural cleaner and lubricant for tools, paintbrushes, saw blades, drills, and other woodworking equipment.

9- As a polish and conditioner for leather products such as saddles, boots, jackets, and belts.

10- As an additive nutritional supplement in animal feed to promote the health of livestock.