Black Stain         vs.  Black Paint

What's a Better Finish?

Black wood stains and paints are used to color wood for a wide range of projects, including furniture, windows, doors, cabinets, trims, paneling, siding, etc. But it's essential to know the difference between black stain and paint because they work in opposite ways.

Although black wood stain is more opaque than other darker stains, it does not completely conceal the wood grain. The grain patterns are still visible when a piece of wood has been stained black.

On the other hand, black paint conceals the grain by forming a thick coat on the surface that hides the pattern due to its opaqueness.

Moreover, if you have a black stain, it has likely penetrated the wood, which means that scratching the surface won't remove any of the colors. 

With black paint, on the other hand, since it only sits on top of the wood surface, you can scrape away at the coat until it eventually removes.

If you're looking to stain wood black, your best bet is hard maple or black walnut.  These types of wood absorb the black wood stain evenly and consistently, resulting in a beautiful color transformation.