HVLP Turbine vs.  Air Compressor Systems:  What to Choose?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between HVLP turbine/spray systems and air compressor setups?

The two systems vary widely in cost and application, and we will get into those details here.

HVLP Turbine vs. Compressor Differences

A turbine HVLP Spray Gun is an autonomous system that uses a turbine to generate the necessary air volume for spraying.

The turbine sucks enough air into it and then transfers it through the hose so that atomization can take place at a faster rate than regular spray guns.

This innovative tool not only increases efficiency but also allows you to paint with precision and accuracy while saving time!

A compressor system or a compressor-fed HVLP Sprayer, on the other hand, uses a compressor to generate the compressed air necessary for spraying.

This system requires that you connect your spray gun to an external air source, such as an electric or gasoline-powered compressor.

You then need to adjust the pressure settings on the spray gun to get an even paint flow. HVLP spray devices (or HVLP turbine systems) are much cheaper as they do not require the purchase of an air compressor.

This, of course, isn’t always the case (especially when considering cream-of-the-crop spray devices), but it’s a general rule that’s good to know.

HVLP Turbine or Compressor – What’s Better to Pick? When deciding between an HVLP turbine and an air compressor, you must know what you’re getting when you purchase a spray system.

You should pay attention to the “stages” of the device you want, as this essentially determines speed.  A three-stage HVLP paint sprayer, for example, works at three different speeds that you can adjust.

Depending on your device, you will adjust the stages at the nozzle (the most common way) or with a dial (the most efficient way).

Turbine systems generally weigh no more than twenty-five pounds and no less than fifteen pounds.  This makes them a good portable option as they are self-contained.

This represents another significant advantage for HVLP turbine spray systems. With that being said, there are some disadvantages to these systems as well.

More traditional compressor systems offer much greater firepower, meaning they’re able to handle big projects with more ease.  They also tend to be faster and less noisy than HVLP turbine systems.

Overall, if you need to be able to paint on the go, an HVLP Spray Gun is a great choice rather than using airless or air assist airless units since it allows for easier spraying of smaller targets and volumes.

However, if you prefer more diversity with your spray gun technology in stationary settings or require enough support for multiple painters at once, then investing in an HVLP Spray Gun and Compressor would suit your needs perfectly.