Natural  Paint Remover  Formula  to Make at Home

5 Easy Ways to  Remove Paint  before  Painting Your Walls

1. Pressure Wash

Pressure washers are an excellent approach to removing paint since  they are non-toxic

Pressure washers also require less labor than manually scrubbing paint away.


It's a super  cheap and natural way to  strip paint off

Get heavy-grit sandpaper, as lower-grit sandpaper won’t have enough strength to pull paint.

3. Hot Vinegar  Paint Remover

It's a mess-free and chemical-free method to get the paint off.

Though vinegar cannot remove paint on its own, but it will significantly soften the paint, making manual removal much simpler for smaller projects.

4. Baking Soda and Water Paint Remover

In an old pot, fill the water and add ¼ of a cup of baking soda to the pot. Heat the pot and add the object from which the paint is to be removed.

5. Ammonia  and Borax  Paint Remover

No paint remover on hand, worry not!

Grab some borax, washing soda, and ammonia to make the  homemade paint remover recipe.

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