Mobile Homes

What color  should I paint  my mobile home?

Mobile homes are getting  more and more popular,  but one big question still remains -  what color should you paint  your mobile home?

Some people prefer light colors such as white or cream, as these make  the home look more spacious.  Others prefer darker colors such as black or grey, as these can make the home look more modern.



Generally, for the exteriors of mobile homes, it is best to go for light  colors as they will make the home look more inviting.  Also, they do not  absorb as much heat, which can be a problem in hotter climates.

For the interiors, it really depends on personal preference.  You can  choose either light or dark colors, depending on which look you are  going for.

If you want a more spacious and cozier feel, go for light colors such as beige, light brown, yellow, white, or cream.



If you want a more modern and dramatic look, go for darker colors such as navy blue, deep red, burgundy, black or grey.

Ultimately, it is up to you what color you paint your mobile home.  Just make sure that you choose a color that you like, as you will be looking at it for a long time!