Can You Paint Over DuraTemp Siding?

can you paint or stain over Duratemp

DuraTemp® is a kind of real wood plywood panel siding product by Roseburg.

The siding is known for its natural beauty, superior strength, along with outstanding durability.

Roseburg’s product DuraTemp® is made from wood – a 100% renewable, environmentally friendly resource.

And it can be used for houses, sheds, and other outdoor buildings.

When it comes to coloring or refinishing the material, keep in mind that, DuraTemp siding is available pre-primed with exterior latex primer.

Therefore, it’s not necessary to stain or paint the material with any kind of vinyl acrylic exterior paint.

But if you need to repaint DuraTemp for a color change, I recommend applying a premium quality exterior gloss or semi-gloss latex house paint that is formulated for wood.

Can you stain DuraTemp?

Because the stain will not hold up as well on DuraTemp, painting over staining is always a preferred option.

The material will take the paint extremely well and you can choose the color you desire from the range of different varieties available in your nearby paint store.

With that said, DuraTemp or Douglas-fir siding comes with several advantages along with a few disadvantages as well.

You should keep them in mind before you decide to install them in your house.

Why is DuraTemp Getting Popular?

The best thing that makes DuraTemp one of the most favorable wood materials for sidings is that it is free of any visible patches, holes, or repairs.

Plus, it comes with lots of colors and texture choices with grain patterns that are much like real cedar or plywood.

This also means that you need not spend extra dollars on painting and giving the DuraTemp siding a real oak appearance.

Few other benefits that come with DuraTemp siding include:

  • Easy to install and replace
  • Comes with water and rot resistance properties
  • It’s lightweight and hence easier to work with and transport
  • Backed with 50-years of limited warranty against mold, rot, and cracks
  • It’s 100% safe for humans (free of urea-formaldehyde and other toxic siding materials)

Few Problems with DuraTemp Siding

Like other siding materials, DuraTemp also has some drawbacks which include:

  • Not readily available at all locations
  • Higher cost compared to other siding materials available in the market
  • Can fade in sunlight and needs regular maintenance with re-painting every 10 to 15 years

DuraTemp Specification

Available Lengths-80-1/4″, 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’
Available Width-4’
Available Thicknesses-15/32’’, 19/32’’
Groove Patterns-4”, 8”
Siding Grade-APA & PS 1 Specifications
Face Species & Inner Plies-Hardboard/ C grade or western softwood
how to install and maintain DuraTemp siding

How to Install DuraTemp Plywood Siding?

Roseburg DuraTemp siding can last for as long as over 25 years provided it’s installed and maintained correctly.

It, therefore, makes sense to know how you should install the siding around your home.

Fortunately, installing the DuraTemp siding is not tricky as the installation can be done as it’s with other siding materials.

Just keep in mind that you need to install the panels vertically directly onto the wall by keeping a 1/8” minimum gap between the panel edges and a 1/8” gap between panel ends.

Using anti-rust nails, fix the siding 6″ to the center among panel ends, and 12″ on-center with central support.

Make sure you put the nail on the uniform board and it’s penetrated at least 1″ deep.

Also, remember that you should not use any kind of staplers or screws for team boards as it can cause damage while fastening or affixing.

To install the boards and panels straight it’s recommended to use leveling tools during the installation.

Not only will it help in enhanced durability and strength but also in improved overall appearance.   

Maintenance and Caring Tips for DuraTemp

DuraTemp T-111 siding is highly durable.

But with continuous exposure to UV sun rays, dust, rain, and bad weather conditions the material can get dull over time.  

It’s therefore important to take proper steps to keep it from aging and for making it look new, well-polished, and shiny.

The good thing is you can clean DuraTemp very easily with a dampened cloth in warm soapy water.

And once the dust is removed, allow it to dry naturally in the air.

Finally, seal the siding by applying at least two coats of primer and paint with a bristle brush or a roller.

Warning: Do not pressure wash or use any harsh chemical cleaners like bleaching powder or vinegar to clean the DuraTemp siding. These can damage the natural wood finish.

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