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Tips, how-to guides, and reviews about the paint products like primers, paints, stains, varnishes, thinners, and much more.

How Flammable is Paint Thinner?

Paint Thinner Flammable

If you are an avid painter, you must be familiar with the various kinds of paints and thinners available in the retail market. You have latex-based paints, wax-based, oil-based, and many others based on your needs. A lot of house…
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How to Apply Teak Oil to Outdoor Garden Furniture?

teak oil garden furniture

Outdoor furniture is a beautiful addition to put in your garden. It’ll give you the space to sit and admire the beautiful flowers and crops of your garden as they blossom. Who wouldn’t enjoy that experience? Of course, you must…
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What are The Best Primers for Exterior?

best primers for exterior

Like all things in life, you must have a good base to build off of to have a sturdy building. Paints are exactly the same way. If you use a poor-quality primer, you will get a poor-quality paint job. But…
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What Are the Best Wood Primers to Buy Online?

Best primer for wood

When you are painting a wood surface, it is almost a requirement to apply primer to the surface first. Some people however don’t even know that, yet it is super important. Primer allows the paint to adhere to the wooden…
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