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How to Glaze Your Bathroom Cabinets?

glaze bathroom cabinets

Do your bathroom cabinets look dull and boring? Is it time to give their surface appearance an upgrade? If so, then you need to consider painting and glazing your cabinets a new color. A new coat of paint is a…
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Can You Paint Wood Furniture with Wall Paint?

wall paint on wood furniture

Even a small amount of money you can save does count when renovating your home or refinishing your old wood furniture. And for this, many of my old customers still come and ask whether they can use their leftover latex…
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Will Painting the Wood Stop Carpenter Bees?

painting wood carpenter bees

Although they look like bumblebees, the carpenter bee is an insect that can do great damage to your home. They are called carpenter bees because they bore into the wood material of decks, fascia boards, wood overhangs, eaves, and even…
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How to Paint Over Your Old Bathroom Floor Tiles?

paint bathroom floor tile

When you think of home improvement, you most likely think of remodeling your kitchen or your living room. You probably didn’t think about your bathroom. And that’s just strange since you spend so much time in that room in your…
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How Can You Paint Wet Wood?

paint wet wood

For some, the idea of painting wood that is still wet seems like a big waste of time. After all, the moisture should prevent the paint from properly sticking to the surface and the result will be a runny mess….
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