About Us

My name is Jack Luis – a semi-retired painter. And I’m the owner & creator of Repaint Now.

I truly remember the days when I was a child

– I loved working with sprayers along with my father who used to paint our home twice a year.

Those were the great times of yester-years…

He never objected when I spilled the paint on the flooring by mistake.

Maybe he had an idea (at the back of his mind) that his son will choose “PAINTING” as a profession at a young age!

What Is Repaintnow.com All About?

Repaintnow.com is your one-stop website for all your home painting ideas, painting product reviews, and how-to tips that can help you paint your home or workplace with confidence.

As you know, there are so many factors that come into play when you need to decide on painting your old as well as a new home, especially when you are on a budget.

And for this reason, I have decided to build this site for those who love to DIY paint their walls, kitchen, bathroom, rooms, and living areas.

My Long Term Goals with RepaintNow.com

As an experienced semi-retired painter my goal for this site is to share with you all those ideas that can make your painting experience REAL FUN.

With today’s changing technology and painting methods there is a range of sophisticated tools that can help paint your ideas on your walls in a better way.

However finding the best products, tools, or ideas is quite challenging.

There are tons of them that may appear to be the best but are not worth your time and money.

In my free time, I love to research and try them for painting. The ones I found useful, I share them over here.

Hopefully, some of these products and how-to tips I share on my site will inspire you and can help you make a more informed buying decision when it comes to “Repainting”.

So, lets get started…

I wish you best of luck for your next paint project!

Jack Luis

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