11 Timeless Color Options That Goes Best with Taupe

“Taupe” is a French word that can be translated to “mole,” which already does a good job of explaining the color you can expect.

Taupe is a blend of gray and brown and usually has slight green or blue hints that take it from neutral to cool.

It is a color that is versatile enough to be used in tandem with many others and is an effective choice for anyone who wants to create an easygoing and neutral-feeling space.

Using Taupe in the Home

Taupe is a phenomenal color due to its versatility, giving it a sort of timelessness.

Even if you anticipate getting bored with color later down the line and will most likely want to redecorate, taupe provides a nice foundation for whatever you want to do in the future.

Wall paint isn’t the only option you have when you go with taupe—it can also be used for furniture, fabrics, or flooring.

Painting old furniture taupe and upcycling it can totally change the way the space looks and feels.

Choosing taupe for a furniture color creates a timeless look that is amazing with just about anything else you choose to do with the space.

You can also add soft furnishings in taupe, which can be accessorized endlessly, if you get bored, with just about anything you would like.

In terms of flooring, taupe is a versatile, welcoming color that is nice and warm without being too rich. It can also easily hide stains and, guess what else—dirt!

Colors That Match Well with Taupe

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best colors you can use with taupe to achieve different looks in your space:

1. Gray

Since taupe already contains quite a bit of gray, it of course makes sense that gray and taupe go well together.

Sometimes, taupe can feel a bit outdated, but by implementing some gray into the room using paint or accessories, you can instantly modernize it.

If you have an old taupe couch you want to update, you can toss a gray knitted blanket or some gray throw pillows on it to instantly modernize the look.

2. Brown

Taupe goes well with brown for a similar reason that gray meshes with it so well: taupe also contains heavy notes of brown.

Brown doesn’t have the same modern appeal as gray, but it does bring comfort and warmth to a space.

By pairing brown with taupe, you can create a space that is quite cozy and inviting.

Though brown isn’t so modern, you can still get a modern look with shades of it.

You’ll just need to pay more attention to the kinds of accessories and furniture you pair with it.

With this color scheme, go for subtle pieces and clean lines. Incorporate a bit of black to give the room more definition and contrast.

3. Black

Black is another color that pairs well with the neutrality and slight coolness of the taupe.

It is a neutral hue that can make equally as neutral taupe edgy and unique.

You can paint the walls black and turn the taupe into a colorful contrast by adding soft furnishings.

In a room with taupe walls, finishing wood molding and trim in the same shade will bring out a trendy mid-century modern appearance. 

4. Olive Green

When you pair taupe with olive green, it looks quite stylish and natural.

You can incorporate taupe Berber carpets into a space for casual, yet warm style when paired with olive green walls.

Finish off with some taupe curtains and your room will come together beautifully.

Because these are two colors commonly seen together in nature, they create a natural and effortless combination.

To further draw out the natural appeal, pick other earthy hues like chocolate brown or tan leather furnishings.

You could also go with black or white accents to make it look more sophisticated.

5. Light Mink

Mink is a brownish-gray shade that is similar to taupe though it has a bit more brown to it than it does gray.

It is a subtle, soft hue that will add dimension and depth to the room when layering it through a space in various ways.

This includes but is not limited to a mink rug with taupe carpeting, light mink curtains on taupe walls, or a mink sofa with taupe cushions.

6. Gold

The neutrality of taupe makes it superb for pairing with metallic hues.

The gray undertone in taupe looks great with the incorporation of silver metallic hues, but it looks exceptionally lavish when paired with gold.

Opt for glossy gold finishes like table legs to add some glamour to the space. You could use an antique gold finish instead if you prefer a vintage aesthetic.

Because gold brings out the warmth of taupe, it creates a rather comforting color combination.

You can use taupe on the walls and accessorize with an oversized gold-framed mirror for a nice feature near a bed or sofa.

7. Blush Pink

Gray and blush pink are beautiful together, but if you have a room that lacks natural light, it can appear quite gloomy.

In a room with minimal natural light, offset this issue by using taupe instead of gray.

A gray tone with strong brown vibes is especially beautiful against light pink.

Blush pink and taupe look great in a bedroom, be it adult or child, and it can be used in different amounts with modern or romantic spaces to give it its own spin.

8. Burnt Orange

This is an intense, warm color that makes a room richer but can be overwhelming if you aren’t careful.

You can use taupe to tone it down a bit and give the space greater balance.

For instance, you can paint the walls taupe and add burnt orange curtains.

A taupe sofa looks stunning with burnt orange cushions.

It is the warmth of taupe that makes it a comfortable companion to the orange, though its gray undertones do, too.

9. Navy Blue

A versatile and strong color, navy blue is often used for formal and coastal environments alike.

Pairing taupe with navy gives the space a breezy, airy feeling. It is also a great color combination for modern traditional homes.

Use taupe flooring with navy blue cabinets in a kitchen, for instance, to give the space a new lease on life.

You can incorporate some industrial flair by using it with an aged copper cabinet.

10. Clean White

If you want a simple space with gentle energy, pair taupe with white.

It creates a harmoniously earthy look to improve upon any space.

11. Teal

Like burnt orange, teal is a loud color that can be toned down and pleasantly softened with the use of taupe which brings a much-needed balance.

The Bottom Line

Taupe is one of the most versatile colors you have to work with. Get some ideas on combining taupe with other colors above.

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