Can Andersen® Fibrex Windows Be Painted?

Can You Paint Andersen Windows

Andersen® Windows has been in the window industry for many decades now.

Originally, founded in 1903 by Hans Andersen and his family, the company has grown manyfold since then and is currently headquartered in Bayport, Minnesota.

The reason they are still very popular in this modern age is their wide selection and series that is available in a range of different materials such as wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.

When it comes to painting, staining, or applying any other finishes to Andersen Windows, patio door units, and cladding, the company strictly recommends not to do so for their Fibrex®, Flexacron®, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum products.

Andersen windows are made from different materials and not all of them require finishing or painting over.

In fact, most of their replacement window models come with factory-applied coatings that are backed up by a warranty. Applying finishes over them in a wrongful manner can affect the Andersen® Owner-2-Owner® Limited Warranty.

Just in case you want to change the color of your Andersen windows, I recommend checking the warranty coverage first and if painting can void your warranty.

With that said, repainting old worn-out Andersen windows isn’t a problem, as long as you prep the frame surface well (for proper paint adhesion) and use premium quality 100% acrylic water-based paint.

Different Window Series by Andersen

Although sometimes expensive, Andersen offers a wide selection of customizable window options that are of premium quality and are worth your investment.

Below is their incredibly stylish and durable window series that can be compared and used for various situations and projects. 

SeriesQualityMade From
100 SeriesGood qualityFibrex® Composite Interior & Exterior
200 SeriesBetter qualityWood Interior, Vinyl Exterior
400 SeriesBest qualityWood Interior, Vinyl Exterior
A-SeriesPremium RangeWood Interior, Composite Exterior
E-SeriesPremium RangeWood Interior, Aluminum Exterior

Although all their products are energy-efficient, sleek, sustainable, and nearly unbreakable; not all of them are paintable.

Andersen doesn’t recommend painting their new Fibrex or vinyl-clad windows on their official webpage due to the possible warranty issues you may face later on in the future.

You can only consider painting your old windows if you already have them installed for a few years and need to freshen up the look by adding a newer shade that looks more appealing.

When doing so, you need to remember that most windows by Anderson are maintenance-free and will require only general clean-up.

However, once they are painted, they will not be as maintenance-free. This means you will need to clean, plus repaint your windows every 3-5 years to maintain their beauty.

Painting Andersen Fibrex Windows

How to Paint Andersen Fibrex Windows?

There can be a variety of different reasons why you may need to paint your Andersen windows. Some of them include:

  • Windows getting older and dull – needs a makeover
  • White vinyl-clad windows, getting yellow or darker in color
  • The window color does not match perfectly with your existing home’s style

In any such cases, repainting them can be a great option.

If you decide to paint over Andersen windows, below is a brief step-by-step process on how it can be done.

Step 1- Gather your materials

Before you begin painting, collecting the right tools and materials is super important.

Typically, you will need some general items like painters’ tape, a drop cloth, a sponge for clean-up, a bucket, foam paint brushes (of different sizes), sanding block (with 220-grit sandpaper) along with the acrylic water-based primer and paint.

Step 2- Prepare the window surface

Start by removing the screens from windows and tape off the glass with painter’s tape.

Also consider taping any cracks, crevices, or gaps that can get the paint inside them.

Then sand the window frames lightly using a 220-grit sandpaper block. This will prepare the surface to take the primer paint well.

After the surface is sanded, clean the sanding dust by wiping the surface with a sponge dipped in a bucket filled with warm water.

Step 3- Apply primer and paint to Andersen windows

Once the surface is clean and prepared for paint adhesion, start applying the 100% acrylic water-based bonding primer.

Once dry, apply at least two coats of 100% acrylic water-based satin finish paint using a foam brush. Make sure you cover the corner areas and joints as well.

Window Parts & Accessories You Shouldn’t Paint

When painting your Andersen windows, there are certain parts and accessories you should avoid painting. These include:

a) Window tracks or slides – if painted, they can affect the functioning

b) Hardware such as hinges – locks, operator arms, and hinges if painted can affect opening and closing of the window and also its locking mechanism

c) Accessories like weatherstrip, gaskets, and jamb liners – These are all meant to resist water and air; if not properly sealed or painted, they will not perform their job well

Besides taking the above precautions, you should also not try to cut any parts (like corners) of the windows as this can create problems in the future.

Related FAQs

What is Fibrex® Composite Material?

Fibrex is a blend of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer by weight.

Both these materials are reclaimed from Andersen manufacturing processes, blending which results in a Fibrex material that is highly energy-efficient and twice as strong as vinyl alone.

Fibrex windows, in general, can block thermal transfers nearly 700 times better than aluminum. Plus, it is resistant to rot, decay, flaking, and harsh weather conditions.

Is Renewal by Andersen the Same as Anderson?

“Renewal by Andersen” is typically a subdivision of the parent company “Andersen Windows” that deals in only one main product line, i.e., a Fibrex® composite window.

In addition to replacing old windows in homes in the U.S., they also offer consultations related to changing home windows based on your personal preferences and goals.

Will Painting Andersen Window Void its Warranty?

Painting, staining, or applying other finishes will most likely void the manufacturer’s warranty on newer Andersen windows which is offered mainly by the franchise when buying and installing.   

The Renewal by Andersen, for example, comes with a transferable limited warranty that covers their Fibrex material components for about 20 years against flaking, blistering, peeling, and other such damages.

The windows also come pre-coated and their color finishes are generally backed up with up to 10 years warranty against fading.

The bottom line

In my opinion, to paint your Andersen® windows or not is a matter of personal choice and your specific requirements.

Before getting them painted, just be aware that it can affect the warranty period, and you will need to get them repainted more often.

If you decide to paint anyhow, your newly painted windows will obviously be going to improve the overall curb appeal of your interiors and exteriors.

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