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How to Thin Rustoleum Paint for Spray Gun?

Rustoleum Paint

Rustoleum is a paint that is nearly a century old. It has become quite popular over time for its rust-proofing capabilities. Today, many metal surfaces ranging from ships to roofs to equipment to vehicles and more are covered in Rustoleum…
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How to Get Oil-Based Paint Out of Carpet?

Clean Oil Paint Carpet

Painting your home can be a fun, therapeutic, creative activity. Whether you’re painting peaceful natural landscapes, redoing the walls of your house, or adding some accent colors to a room, two things are for sure: it will be a fun…
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How to Paint a Concrete Floor in Basement?

how to paint a concrete basement floor

A great place to practice your DIY skills is your basement! Painting your concrete basement floor in a do it yourself way can transform a drab and dull surface into a clean and slick look. Not to mention, spills and…
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