Can I Return Paint To Sherwin Williams – What’s Their Policy?

Returning Paint To Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams will let you return most items within a 30-day purchase window. The paint product you want to return, however, needs to be in its unopened and original condition.

If you can, take the original purchase receipt, your debit or credit card, and photo ID to the store; that will make the process much easier and faster.

In most states, the return policy of Sherwin Williams is exactly the same, and it applies to both exterior paint and interior paint that they offer.

Not only for paints, primers, and other finishes, but it also applies to unused painting supplies, such as sandpaper, rollers, brushes, etc.

Non-Returnable Paint Items at Sherwin Williams

While it’s not a hassle to return the paint products to Sherwin Williams, there are a few items you cannot return according to their policies.

These include:

  • Custom paint
  • Special order paint
  • Tinted paint items marked by Sherwin Williams explicitly as non-returnable
  • Items that have been used or opened

If the paint can or bucket has been already opened, but the paint itself remains unused, it is up to the manager at the specific store whether or not they want to accept the return.

So, it’s better to try and check.

is it possible to return paint to Sherwin Williams

Paint Primer Returns with No Receipt or Past 30 Days

Paint returns that don’t have the original proof of purchase or those that fall outside of the established 30-day window will usually be denied, but it is also many times the decision of the manager at the store.

If you arent very sure or the paint quantity is significantly large, I would recommend requesting the manager – hopefully, you may get the success.

What about the Defective Products?

Sherwin Williams provides a 90-day limited warranty on a defective item.

It can be exchanged or returned to a Sherwin Williams store either for a refund or a replacement product within the 90-day warranty window.

Defective items will be inspected upon their return, and your replacement or refund will be provided only after the item has been verified to be defective.

You must have your original receipt, the original form of payment (if you want a refund instead of a replacement), as well as your photo ID.

What’s the Paint Return Process at Sherwin Williams Store?

Take your items, credit or debit card, and ID to the Sherwin Williams location nearest you.

Returns can be made at any time during store hours and will be tracked using an automated system that keeps up with them.

The refund is returned to the original payment method you used.

To Return the items that are purchased via online orders, you can arrange for delivery to your local store or take the items to drop them off yourself.

The company will not reimburse any delivery expenses, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

It could take up to four days or sometimes longer for the refund to be applied to the original payment method.

The bottom line

Yes, returning the paint to Sherwin Williams is possible if you are not happy with your purchase, they will gladly take it back and give you a refund or a replacement.

Just be sure to have your receipt in place and the paint in unopened and unused form.

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