Behr vs. PPG: What’s a Better Choice for Me?

behr vs ppg paint

Paint brands like PPG and Behr have recently moved into the spotlight, and are now well-known for using reliable, high-quality ingredients that consumers trust. As a result, homeowners, DIYers as well as contractors often choose to buy these reputable products, even if they come with a higher price tag.

When comparing, I have found that both PPG and Behr paints have held a stellar reputation in the painting world, making it harder to determine which of these two brands you should go with.

In the article below, I will compare the two companies in detail to make it easier for you to decide by looking at both their similarities and differences along with the various product lines they offer.

PPG Paints Overview

PPG Paints is the American subsidiary of PPG Industries, Inc. which is a world leader in manufacturing paints, coatings, and chemicals. They have a long history of innovation and technological leadership, dating back to 1883 when it was founded as Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.

PPG Paints offers a wide variety of paint products for professional and DIY use. Its products are marketed under three primary brands: PPG, Olympic, and Glidden.

At present, Home Depot is a big box retailer that sells PPG products, and it’s sometimes even lower priced than what PPG Paints charges at its stores.

The main lines of products that are available at Home Depot and PPG stores include:

  • PPG Diamond: Water-based acrylic paint
  • PPG PERMANIZER: Acrylic latex paint
  • PPG Speedhide: Interior enamel latex paint

There was also PPG Timeless which was discontinued and is now replaced by PPG PERMANIZER.

Behr Paints Overview

Behr Paint Company has been a subsidiary of Masco Corporation since 1999.

Behr is a mid-priced paint available exclusively at Home Depot since 1978. However, the paint manufacturer is still Masco, which makes Behr paints for Home Depot.

Since it’s a house brand for Home Depot, it’s often displayed on its best shelves, where it gets prime real estate for its four different lines of paint, which includes:

  • Behr Marquee
  • Behr Premium Plus
  • Behr Ultra, and
  • Behr Dynasty

Among all the varieties, Behr Marquee is typically Behr’s highest-end paint. It’s also marketed in such a way that it’s Behr’s flagship paint and is supposed to be their best paint.

In my opinion, Marquee Paint isn’t the best paint on the market, but it’s nevertheless a high-quality product.

Those on a tight budget may choose from Behr’s other lines, such as Behr Premium Plus, which is about 20% cheaper than Marquee. But for those who can afford it, Behr Marquee is a great choice.

Behr Marquee vs. PPG Timeless Paint

When choosing the paints, remember that high-quality paint will be both durable and simple to clean. You want to avoid products that will rub off the wall while just trying to clean it, like when you need to get food splatters off a kitchen wall or remove marks in your child’s bedroom.

Behr Marquee is known not only for its resistance to dirt but also its resistance to moisture, UV rays, and staining. It also has an antimicrobial finish, taking its cleanliness one step further.

While Marquee is among the best-selling and best-covering Behr paints, some customers reported that it does require more coats than others.

But I think it will depend on what kind of surface you are covering and what the surface’s condition is.

PPG Timeless paint can be used anywhere you want with quality that rivals Behr’s.

It boasts of its interior color protection technology, which makes the product quite durable, while its UV protectiveness helps curb fading.

I have used this PPG paint once, and it worked pretty well. The thing I liked was that it could be washed and scrubbed without rubbing off, leaving behind an anti-microbial, professional finish.

Note: PPG Timeless paint is already discontinued by the manufacturer and should not be available. If you want, you can check their similar option, which includes PPG PERMANIZER.

PPG Speedhide is another new candidate in the market, and I can’t say much about it since I haven’t tried it yet.

Behr Premium Plus vs. PPG Diamond Paint 

If you don’t like the above two options for any reason, these are the two options you can compare.

Behr Premium Plus is ideal for use in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms and is thought to be one of the most solid wall paint choices available. It’s certified for use on damp walls in humid areas and is UV resistant.

Behr products like these are excellent at protecting against staining and fading from exposure to the sun’s heat. It also retains shine for a long while.

Because Behr Premium Plus has no volatile organic compounds, it is non-toxic. Plus, it outputs no unsightly odors, resists the growth of mold and mildew, and has been certified low on chemical emissions.

PPG Diamond is also safe and free of harmful odors as it is 100 percent acrylic-based quality which is known for its meager amount of volatile organic materials.

PPG Diamond can also be scrubbed and washed without fear of the paint rubbing off. Moreover, it’s resistant to mold and mildew, as well as staining and abrasions, to ensure it always looks its best.

The good thing is this paint by PPG is relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Keep In Mind Before You Choose One

No matter what you pick between Behr or PPG line of paints, your paint finishes should be easy to clean without it all coming off the wall in the process.

When buying paint, you also want to feel confident that it will last a long time. The durability of quality paint is something that should leave you with enough peace of mind that you aren’t going to have to constantly be repainting to ensure it looks its best.

After all, painting your home isn’t an activity you want to have to undergo over and over again, so what you choose matters.

Verdict: Is Behr Better Than PPG?

Generally speaking, both brands are equally acceptable for use by anyone.

A quality paint brand like PPG and Behr will do an excellent job sticking to the walls and offering enhanced protection. They both are tough, easy to wash, won’t fade, and don’t give off any harmful chemicals.

But, at the end of the day, whether you end up choosing PPG paints or Behr brand paints will come down to your specific preferences.

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