What Color Furniture Goes With Oak Flooring?

Furniture Color that Matches with Oak Flooring

Light hardwood floors like oak bring with them plenty of beautiful pairing options to choose from, so there is no shortage of what you can do. Still, many people when working with oak flooring, have a hard time figuring out which colors they should use to decorate the walls and the remainder of the room.

The fact is there is no one color scheme that goes with this color floor; what is most important here is what route you want to go through for decorating. For instance, if you’d like to have a green sofa, you should think about yellow throw pillows or lampshades to match it, bringing a unified look to your space.

Your goal should be to accent the floor using the furniture you have and love, not necessarily to match the furniture with the floor. Below, you can see a few beautiful furniture color schemes that look particularly nice with golden, orange, and reddish hues of oak hardwood floors.

1. Classic colors

If you are interested in a timeless appearance in your home, classic colors such as ivory, beige, and light gray are good go-to’s.

These hues are forever trendy and relevant, and they look excellent when paired with light hardwood floors. To create an added visual interest, you can choose a beige carpet and an ivory couch finished with some gray throw pillows.

2. Farmhouse colors

Looking to give your space a charming rustic look? Consider pairing your oak floors with farmhouse hues like navy blue, deep red, and mustard yellow. The combination of these colors with the floors will instantly bring a cozy vibe to your home.

To complete the look and make your space truly captivating, add navy blue sofas with vibrant yellow throw pillows, complemented by dark wood furniture and a deep red rug.

3. Modern shades

If modern is more of your thing, pick bold colors like burgundy, emerald green, silver, and many more. These colors come together to accent each other beautifully while still standing out against the oak flooring.

Think about adding an emerald green sofa and white showy chairs to make a statement. You can also consider bringing in a few gray elements such as pillows and curtains.

4. Contemporary colors

Another way to go for the modern look is to use what is known as contemporary colors, such as deep red, dark gray, and black.

Such hues will offer a bold contrast against the light hardwood of your flooring, giving your home an updated look. To accomplish this, you might consider a deep red sofa with gray accents and black throw pillows.

Oak flooring and furniture color ideas

5. Classic White

There’s just something about a white-on-white living space with pops of color that looks absolutely stunning. It’s a timeless and forever trendy look, especially when you’re decorating around light hardwood floors.

Feel free to try a white sofa with white accents and pillows and then add some color through the use of accessories like paintings, throw rugs, and vases in various colors that can help pull the look together.

You could also use a white-on-white color scheme and only add a bit of color in the form of plants if you want to keep it really stripped down.

6. Try neutral hues

Light hardwood floors also look grand with neutral colors. These hues are all-purpose and never lose their trendiness.

So, you can incorporate a tan couch into the space with light brown accents, a cream-colored rug, and some green plants to pull the neutral look together.

The best part is if you get tired of the neutral look, you can just throw in some accents to spruce it back up, like painting a cabinet red or adding a yellow accent chair.

7. Coastal colors

Coastal styles usually are light, airy, and plain. Your oak floors will accent the well-painted and varnished furniture if you choose a neutral sofa color like Beechnut brown.

Top it off with striped brown and black throw pillows and some cream-colored rugs to pull it all together. If you add some wall art in a bright but calm green or blue, this can really evoke the feeling of relaxing by the sea.

8. Choose bold hues

When it comes to oak floors, they provide an excellent canvas for incorporating vibrant colors. However, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming the space with too many colors. Instead, consider adding a dark green couch with some pink throw pillows or an orange rug paired with yellow vases as accents.

By using colors sparingly and ensuring they belong to the same family, you can achieve the desired look without creating chaos or detracting from the overall attractiveness.

To bring harmony to the boldness, incorporating neutral accents will also be a great idea. For example, painting the walls in a rich hue like red, royal blue, or yellow and complementing it with a dark sofa featuring brown and black accents can create a well-rounded aesthetic.

9. Ivory and ebony

Combining off-white and black hues brings about a timeless and classic appearance to the space. So, you can work on a black couch in a space with off-white walls as well as white rugs and black flower vases to bring this color scheme all around.

You could also use an ivory couch complemented by a large fuzzy ebony black carpet and throw cushions that match.

Should you have an open floor plan, you can even incorporate a dark black kitchen table complete with off-dining chairs to finish it off.

Keep in mind that black and white can quickly take a turn for the normal, which might not be something you’re aiming for in your casual sitting areas. So, include some natural materials like wool, plants, or wood to keep it from becoming this way.

10. Bare style furniture

Keeping the room bare means limiting the amount of furniture you bring into the room.

Many people take this to mean only having a couch and a coffee table with no rugs or other furniture to be seen. This creates a crisp, clean, minimalist look while also putting emphasis on the floor to show it off.

Picking this style also helps avoid cluttered spaces since there is very little to worry about caring for in the room at all.

Oak floor and furniture combination

Tips to Consider When Buying Furniture With Oak Flooring

It seems like oak wood is making a grand comeback in real estate these days. So, investing in this flooring is like hitting the jackpot. Not only does red oak wood have a timeless look, but it also impresses home buyers of all ages.

Why? Firstly, its warmer color adds a touch of beauty, while its stronger grain pattern enhances its overall appeal. Additionally, it is more readily available, making it easier to find. Moreover, it boasts high durability and toughness, ensuring longevity.

Talking about versatility – you can decorate oak flooring with any color palette or aesthetic. However, when you are trying to decide the colors of furniture that work best with the oak wood floors you have in your home, keep the following main points in mind:

a) Consider the tone of your flooring:

Oak floors come in different shades, ranging from light to dark. So, you need to consider the color tone of your oak flooring when selecting furniture. For instance, if you have a light beige shade of flooring, then it would be best to pair it with lighter colors like cream or white. On the other hand, for darker tones of oak floors, you could go with bolder colors like black or navy blue.

b) Choose furniture that is easy to maintain:

Oak flooring requires regular maintenance since it can get scratched and damaged over time. Therefore, when choosing furniture for your home, make sure to pick pieces that are easy to clean and maintain. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping your furniture in perfect condition all the time.

c) Neutral hues look more beautiful

Neutral hues like white, black, and beige effortlessly complement each other, allowing you to create a simple yet harmonious space. When selecting furniture to pair with your light hardwood floors, take a moment to consider the desired ambiance. Opting for darker-colored furniture will lend a touch of drama, creating a striking contrast against the light flooring. Conversely, lighter-colored furniture will impart a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

d) Experiment freely, but be mindful when going bold

Don’t hesitate to explore different color options until you discover what suits you best. You might initially lean towards bold and daring choices, only to realize that your true style is more minimalist. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect color combination that matches your unique preferences.

That said, if you’re aiming for a striking color scheme, it’s advisable to blend colors within the same family. This approach will bring harmony to your space and create an exciting atmosphere. Opting for contemporary hues like deep red and dark gray can lend a modern and sophisticated touch to your surroundings.

The Bottom Line

Oak flooring is a warm material that comes in many different tones, so depending on the tone you choose you may want to opt for complementary colors that will bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

For lighter-toned wood, consider pops of color such as reds and oranges while for darker-toned woods, earthy green or black furniture works well. However, if you’re going for a classic look similar to a mid-century design trend, cool blues, and blues pair wonderfully with an oak finish.

As important as aesthetics are, don’t forget functionality when choosing the perfect furniture pieces for your space. Choose pieces that fit both the size of your home as well as the tasks they should complete – whatever feel or design you are going for.

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