13+ Iconic Shades That Matches Well with Aqua (with Pictures)

Paint colors that matches with aqua colored walls

Aqua or aquamarine is a hue that rests on the color wheel somewhere between green and blue and involves a huge number of shades, ranging from calm and peaceful to bright and vibrant.

There are many different shades of aqua, ranging from light to dark. Common light aqua shades include baby blue and turquoise.

Common dark aqua shades include navy and teal. In between these two extremes, there are a variety of shades of aqua that can be used to create different looks.

The colors you choose to add to aqua decor can make a big difference in the type of atmosphere you create.

Below, we’ll look at different colors you can pair with aqua to achieve a beautiful interior.

Paint Colors That Will Contrast Aqua

Since aqua is a mix of green and blue, the colors opposite of aqua on the color wheel would be orange and yellow.

This is also the opposite of blue and red-pink, which are in turn the opposite of green.

This indicates that colors that are anywhere with the pink, yellow, orange, and red color schemes will contrast well with aqua.

Contrasting colors are also called complementary colors since they are able to accent the best in each other, so they both appear to be more vivid.

If you want to contrast aqua with other shades, consider the following shades of yellow, orange, and red:

 Aqua painted walls and room decor

1- Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow is a cheerful and vibrant shade of yellow that, when paired with pale aqua, can do wonders in creating a traditional cottage atmosphere.

Pick delicate floral patterns that include both colors, lemon accessories, and aqua walls to accomplish this look.

This works especially well in bedrooms thanks to the quaint mood that it brings.

You could also use a bolder shade of aqua with lemon yellow and achieve a Scandinavian look.

Paint any old wooden chairs in a glossy yellow hue and then use bright splashes of aqua on wall signs or curtains to pull it all together.

2- Pumpkin Spice Orange

Aqua and orange work especially well together in their infinite number of shades.

Bright aqua and bright orange look nice when paired with colors such as pale gray or white as the dominant hue, but you can use the color combination on a larger scale, such as bold aqua with pale peach and pale aqua with pumpkin spice orange.

This shade of orange is a warm hue that can contrast against the coolness of aqua.

It has undertones of brown and tan that warm it up and contrast beautifully against a cooler aqua tone.

It is a color that works especially well with gray tones or blue aqua.

You can paint the walls in a pumpkin spice orange and then accent the room with wood furniture that is painted in soft blue aqua.

3- Cherry Red

A bright aqua paired with a vivid cherry red is perfect for creating a retro appearance.

Painting walls in aqua and using red accessories can accomplish this easily.

You can also use these hues along with rustic wood furniture for a more eclectic look.

For instance, you can use muted aqua on the walls with cherry red accessories like cushion covers and hardwood floors in a chestnut or tan finish.

4- Mustard Yellow

This deep shade of yellow has brown undertones that offer a warm look.

If your aqua space needs more warmth, mustard yellow is a good option.

This pairing works well in both vintage and modern coastal styles.

The comforting appeal that mustard adds can be achieved when paired against pale and bright aqua all the same.

They are especially well suited for bathrooms or in fabrics that have a geometric pattern.

5- Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a darker shade of orange that almost looks brown.

The earthy, rich color makes an aqua room look more sophisticated and warmer.

You can use burnt orange in fabrics to add some glamor to the space or for accessories such as knit throw blankets to make the space look comfortable and cozy.

It contrasts well with aqua that has a green or blue cast, and it looks remarkably chic when paired with gray-toned aqua.

6- Coral Red

Coral is a soft color that can range from peachy-orange pink to pale red.

Both contrast well with vivid and pale shades of aqua alike.

This is a contemporary color pairing that looks splendid both in Scandinavian style and contemporary decor.

Coral and aqua furnishings against a white backdrop will make them pop to life.

7- Salmon Pink

Salmon is a pale shade of pink with a bit of an orange tinge.

It is capable of working well with any shade of aqua but is especially nice with those that are softer or have a mint hue.

Using this combination of colors in a child’s room offers a playful, sweet look while incorporating it into a kitchen will give it a French Riviera appearance.

Aqua and salmon pink are commonly used together to represent the colors of the Mediterranean region; the combination looks refreshing in a living room or dining room to bring out a summery, cheerful look.

8- Flamingo Pink

Flamingo pink is a darker, dustier color that has tan undertones and a warmer look than other shades of pink.

As a darker color, it looks stellar with bolder and brighter shades of aqua and is good for balancing out the cool colors.

For a stylish and warm room, you can paint the walls flamingo pink and create aqua accents using accessories.

It is advised to use a neutral shade to break these two colors up, as they can be a bit overwhelming on the eyes at times in different light settings.

A light beige, off-white or pale gray are good options to break up any too intense application at any given time of day.

9- Fuchsia Pink

Fuchsia pink is a hot pink shade that works with a bold shade of aqua to create a tropical, playful look.

This combination looks superb both in common areas like a living room or in a bedroom.

You can use the colors to create an accent wall and then paint the other walls white.

Continue to bring the color throughout the room using a blue sofa, a pink rug, and pink photo frames.

10- Blush Pink

This color is a popular choice in modern interior design. It is used both as an accent color and a base shade.

It can be combined with soft aqua to make a comforting color palette that looks especially pleasant in a bathroom or bedroom.

Mint green aqua and blue-gray aqua are perfect with blush pink.

11- Blood Red

A deep red (like blood-red) creates a contemporary, coastal look.

When paired with navy or white, the coastal look is even more apparent.

Just check out the below picture of how the shades of Deep Garnet Red curtains and Aqua Blue sofa are matched in a room with a similar color combination of wallpaper.

It simply looks awesome – isn’t it!

Paint Colors That Will Soften Down Aqua

Contrasting colors will accentuate one another to make the other look brighter, but there are some other hues that will soften aqua.

You may often need them when you want to tone down the paint that is too bright.

These include:

12- White

If you have a pale shade of aqua, white will create a more casual and calmer vibe.

Off-whites such as ivory work well for this.

13- Beige

Different shades of beige pair well with aqua, such as tan, almond, and biscuit.

These hues balance the cool tones found in aqua.

14- Grayish Aqua

Aqua shades with gray undertones look stunning when paired with dark gray as an accent color.

This gives off a moody and modern vibe and opens up the opportunity to create a layered look in the space.

Minty aqua shades also look particularly good with dark gray accents.

What is a Good Accent Color for Aquamarine?

Aqua is a beautiful color, and it can be difficult to choose the perfect accent color.

There are many different shades of aqua, so it is important to consider what you want your overall look to be before choosing an accent color.

If you want a bolder look, try pairing aqua with a bright color like orange or yellow. If you want a more subtle look, try pairing aqua with a softer color like pink or lavender.

Generally, the best accent colors for aqua include natural colors like white and cream with some shades of red and orange.

What Colors Go Well With the Aqua Walls in My Living Room?

Aqua is a versatile color that can be paired with a variety of other colors in your living room.

In fact, aqua is a color that can be emboldened or muted according to your preferences by choosing from the above colors to offset or accent it.

Some great options to consider include green, blue, and purple. You could also go for a more neutral palette and pair aqua with white or cream.

Any shade of aqua will create a fresh, airy atmosphere like you are staring up at the sky on a clear, pleasant day.

The Bottom Line

Aqua is simply a mix of blue and green. To make aqua, you can use any shade of blue and green. But for light aqua, mix light blue and light green. For dark aqua, mix dark blue and dark green.

When it comes to matching colors with aqua shades, any color can work depending on the look and feel you want to achieve.

You could play off of the cool tones in the aqua by using blues and greens or warm it up with yellows and oranges.

Whatever you choose, make sure to test out the colors together before making any final decisions.

Have fun experimenting until you find a color scheme that makes you happy.

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