Does Tractor Supply Carry Paints?

does tractor supply sell spray paint

Home improvement and farm projects can feel impossible unless you have the proper tools and supplies at hand.

If you love DIYing and your project involves painting – say, your old garage tools, walls, flooring, or an old tractor at your farm – you may be wondering if Tractor Supply near you sells the paint you require.

Fortunately, the answer is Yes. Tractor Supply carries a variety of paint options, including interior and exterior paints and also paints for tractors and automobiles.

Besides its popular range of wall paints, spray paints, and automotive paints, the store also has a range of primers, glosses, and painting tools such as paint rollers, brushes, sprayers, drop cloths, respirators, work boots, goggles, ladders, and more.

If you plan to shop at Tractor Supply for your materials and supplies, you should know further about the company, what type of products they specialize in, what their policies are for complaints and returns, and whether it’s worth buying paints at Tractor Supply.

So, if you are interested, let’s dive into further details without delay…

What is Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply Company is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. The company started as a mail-order business in 1938 and now runs more than 2,000 stores across the United States.

It’s an American retail chain that specializes in selling products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn, and garden maintenance, along with supplies related to livestock, equine, and pet care.

At present, it’s one of the largest rural lifestyle retailers in the United States that’s passionate about serving its unique, niche customer base that includes recreational farmers, ranchers, and all those who enjoy living the rural lifestyle.

What Products Do They Carry?

As I mentioned, Tractor Supply is known for its wide range of products, including:

a) Agriculture: If you’re looking for all the gear to run a farm or ranch, Tractor Supply is your destination. You can choose from an array of materials like fencing, water pumps, cattle feeders, and more. But despite their name, one thing they don’t carry are tractors – if that’s what you need head over to their competitor Rural King where they offer their line of tractors.

b) Livestock, Equine, and Pet Care: At Tractor Supply, you can also find everything from cattle feed to chicken coops and horse tack for all your livestock needs. They also carry a large selection of items specifically tailored to the equestrian enthusiast – saddles, horseshoes, and bridles included.

Not only that but they have an extensive range of pet supplies as well – food, beds, crates, and toys are just some examples. And on top of it all is their comprehensive suite of services such as dog grooming or even horse boarding.

c) Lawn, Garden, and Home Improvement: From mowers and trimmers to fertilizers and mulch, Tractor Supply has everything you need for a lush garden.

Plus, it’s the perfect place to shop for all of your home renovation projects needs – from doors and windows to flooring, insulation, electrical supplies, plumbing materials…you name it.

Now that you know about the company and its specialized niche products, let’s talk about the paints…

What Kind of Paints Does Tractor Supply Sell?

Tractor Supply carries a wide variety of paints, including interior and exterior wall paints, primers, wood stains, spray paints, and automotive paints for tractors, trucks, or buses.

At Tractor Supply, you will also find a good variety of protective spray paints and enamels for farm implements, chain link fences, garages, barns, masonry, and concrete surfaces along with a wide selection of paint supplies, such as paint thinners, brushes, drop cloths, and many other tools, you might need for your project.

Regarding the paint brand Tractor Supply carries, they mostly have products from Rust-Oleum and Majic, both of which are known for their premium quality and affordable pricing range. If you want, you can also find some good products from FLEX SEAL, Gardner-Gibson, Herculiner, and Lexington.

All the paint varieties that Tractor Supply carries can be bought in-store or picked up curbside. But it cannot be shipped to your home via standard delivery as they do not have this facility for paints.

All that said, the biggest downside of shopping for paints at Tractor Supply is you won’t find a huge variety of premium paints, primers, and varnishes if you want to pick the products for your complete home improvement project.

Since their main focus is on farm uses and exteriors, you will be slightly off if you want to get popular paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Behr from Tractor Supply. They do not have such brands available in their store, and you will need to get them from big box retailers like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Using Tractor Supply Paint for Your Tractors

If you are working on a project where you need to mix and use paint for your tractors – Tractor Supply has a range of different products for you to get the job done.

Especially their Majic Paints, which are formulated for farm implements and tractors such as Ford Red or Kubota Orange, are available in a variety of colors to choose from. To use the paint correctly, you would require some specific steps that are as follows:

  • Mix hardener to the paint to help increase the hardness and glossiness and reduce its drying time.
  • Then let the mixture sit for about 20-25 minutes and use within 8 hours.
  • Ensure that you work in a well-ventilated area and wear proper gloves, respirators, and protective clothing, as the fumes can be harmful.
does tractor supply carry house paint

How to Pay Your Tractor Supply Bills – Is PayPal Acceptable?

When shopping online, one of the most frequently asked questions is what payments can be used when purchasing and whether the site accepts one of the most popular PayPal methods or not.

The simple answer is that Tractor Supply accepts PayPal as a mode of payment along with other common ones like cash, credit cards, debit cards, bank checks, gift cards, etc.

But for PayPal, you cannot make payments in installments or set up recurring payments for Tractor Supply bills. Also, you will be unable to use PayPal in-store at Tractor Supply.

That said, Tractor Supply accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay which can be conveniently used to pay your bills via their mobile app or online website account.

Furthermore, Tractor Supply also has a relationship with Citi Retail Services, which is the issuing bank for Tractor Supply Personal and Business Credit Cards. This is good news for those who often use this payment method as it gives them another option when shopping for their products.

How and Where Can You Make a Complaint at Tractor Supply?

As a Tractor Supply customer (or even when you plan to shop there for the first time) there can be times when you need help or want to complain about something to the company.

For such instances, Tractor Supply has a few different channels through which you can reach out.

The first and most convenient option is to call their customer service phone number at 877-718-6750 or speak with their sales associates present in the store.

However, if you don’t want to or can’t call them you can put your complaint down on paper and mail them to their official address at Brentwood, TN 37027.

Alternatively, you can reach them via their social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Or you can fill out the form on their website under the contact us page and submit it.

Tractor Supply Customer Solutions page also has answers to many frequently asked questions that might already address your issue. So, before you reach out to them – you can check that as well.

The bottom line

Tractor Supply does sell paints, but they may not have the specific type or color that you are looking to decorate your home with.

If you need a particular color scheme or kind of paint for redoing your home, it’s best to call or visit your local store to see whether they have it in stock or not. However, if you are just looking for general-purpose paint or some specific paints for automotive and farm equipment, Tractor Supply likely has what you need.

Tractor Supply also takes its customer service seriously and will try to resolve any issue that you might have as soon as possible. So, you may rest assured knowing that you will be taken care of if you have any problems with their products or services.

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