Can You Spray Paint Your Artificial Lawn Grass Green?

can you paint artificial grass

At first, the thought of spray painting your grass may seem out of the ordinary to say the least.

However, the use of spray paint has been a common technique in sports stadiums, golf courses, and movies for many decades.

Although your property may not be the setting for a major Hollywood production, you can use spray paint to brighten up the artificial grass on your lawn.

Spray paint also works best as a temporary solution for green lawn grass that has been damaged by drought.

This means that you can paint the grass green which is still intact but is discolored because of the weather to enhance its curb appeal.

In times of drought when homeowners are faced with restrictions on the use of water, spray painting the lawn turf may be the quickest, easiest solution.

Choose the Right Lawn Paint

When planning to paint your garden grass, it’s important to know that you should not use regular spray paint on it.

There are specific paint products designed to be used on the lawn grass to make it look greener.

These products are made from biodegradable, non-toxic materials that will cling to the blades of grass on your lawn.

The most common product is Kaolin, which is made from stone combined with dead plants that are crushed.

It will stick to your lawn and not harm the soil or present any environmental hazard.

Kaolin is safe for humans and pets. Once it dries, the colorfast elements will stick even when it rains.

You can expect it to last from eight to twelve weeks depending on how fast the grass grows and how often it is mowed during that time.

Lawnlift grass paint is another best-selling product that can be used for repainting brown grass & mulch.

You can use it to cover small pet urine spots or for making entire dormant or dead lawns look alive.  

Since it uses all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable true color pigments these paints are completely safe for your pets and kids.

The good thing about this grass paint is it does not run off after the rain or after watering.

Also, it does not affect the future growth of the grass and can last for up to 90 days without any maintenance required.

If you want to buy, these Lawnlift grass paints are easily available online at stores like Amazon and

Few Things to Know

Keep in mind that the product itself works best on grass that is dormant, not dead.

Dead grass is quite brittle and will snap away fairly quickly if painted.

If you want you can also combine fertilizer, Epsom salt, and food coloring (that is green) to create your own Eco-friendly grass paint.

Homemade grass dye and paint are best for the fall and winter months as the fertilizer will stress the grass during the spring and summer.

The only downside to making lawn paint this way is that Epsom salt contains magnesium and if your lawn already has enough then it is not wise to add more.

grass line marking paint

What Type of Paint Do You Use on Synthetic Turf?

You can use the same process for painting the fake grass if you have one in your backyard garden, balcony, or porch.

It’s just the paint you will need for artificial turf will be different.

For artificial synthetic grass, it’s best to use specialized acrylic paint.

If you want you can use removable chalk paint which is also a good alternative for painting your turf.

These are water-based paints that are most suitable for synthetic turf surfaces, car parks, tennis courts, and others.

Few other benefits offered by these synthetic grass paints are:

  • Can be easily applied through spray markers
  • Neither permanent nor can easily be removed
  • Extremely vivid and durable – lasts for several months

Available in more than one color (like white, red, blue, or yellow) you can also use these turf paints and dyes for painting mark lines on your artificial grass.

Remember that you should not use any regular spray paint on grass as it can contain harmful ingredients that can kill your green grass forever.

Steps to DIY Applying the Green Grass Paint On Your Lawn

For getting started with spray painting artificial turf, you’ll need one or two bottles of grass paint depending on the turf you want to cover.

You will also need a garden sprayer. A single 16 oz bottle will cover roughly 300 square feet of lawn.

Start by mowing the lawn and letting it fully dry for the best results.

Then you’ll need to apply the paint on a day that is sunny and as windless as possible.

  • Cover driveways, sidewalks, fences, garden mulch, and anything else you do not want to be painted
  • Wear a mask, gloves, goggles, and old or protective clothing
  • Mix water with the paint according to the instructions
  • Set the spray on the fine mist setting
  • Spray a small spot first to test it out.
  • Add water to lighten the color if needed
  • Spray the paint in a circular pattern
  • Add a second coat if you want a richer, deeper color

In case you happen to get any overspray, remove the paint cautiously using an ammonia-based window spray and a brush.

Unless you have a huge lawn, it’s easy to apply the lawn paint using a hand sprayer that comes with a fine spray nozzle.

If you have a larger plentiful lawn, commercial landscape, artificial grass on a fence, football field, or a golf course to paint, you may need to get a pump sprayer system along with a professional that can help.

Regardless of the size of your lawn you still need to water them at least once a week to keep the grass alive.

How Can You Remove the Paint from Grass?

It’s not much of a problem if you accidentally spill some paint on real natural grass while painting a lawn, as you can cut it down after it has grown out.

But if it’s an artificial turf you have overspray on (or worse if spilled a can filled with paint) that does not match with your synthetic turf color, it’s essential to remove it to avoid the dull stains and awkward patches.

Depending on the type of paint (latex-based or oil-based) you have used, you can either use soapy hot water or some chemical-based paint removers for cleaning up the artificial grass.

If the paint on the grass is already dry, you can also try removing it by using a paint scraper that can be easily purchased at your nearby home improvement store.

Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the blades of artificial grass as it can make them break off from the lawn.

The Bottom Line

Painted lawn grass and artificial turf look awesome as it gives your place an evergreen fresher feel with deep green color.  

Although you can hire a professional to do it, you can do the job yourself fairly easily if you have the right tools and patience.

This is not only fun but can save a good amount of money as well.

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