7 Mudroom Paint Colors that Perfectly Hide the Dirt


A mudroom is an entryway or small room in a house where people can remove their muddy or wet shoes and clothing before entering the main living area.

Mudrooms are often located near the backdoor or garage and generally have a floor that is easy to clean, such as tile or linoleum.

In addition, mudrooms often have storage options, such as hooks or shelves, for storing outdoor gear.

By providing a place for people to leave their dirty shoes and clothes, mudrooms can help to keep the rest of the house clean.

In colder climates, mudrooms can also be used as a transition space for people coming in from the cold, allowing them to warm up before entering the main living area.

Painting a mudroom with the right colors can help to make this space more functional and inviting.

The following are some excellent mudroom paint color ideas that will help to hide the dirt and keep your space looking clean.

Later in this article, I will also discuss a few color options you should avoid in this high-traffic space.

Mudroom Paint Color Ideas

Most mudrooms are either 6′ x 6′ or 8′ x 8′ (at least 5′ wide), although the size varies. To get an idea of how wide yours should be, consider that the average hallway is 3′.

That leaves you with 2′, which should give you enough room for a bench or built-in storage.

Since there is a lot of dirt and traffic in mudrooms, it’s essential to use durable paint colors that can withstand abuse and hide debris.

Often mudrooms are neglected when it comes to design, but here are the best paint colors to help you get started redecorating this space…

1- Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

For a reason, a neutral gray like Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray is a classic option- it works with any style and hides dirt well in any room.

If you layer light grays or whites with this shade, you can create a minimalistic mudroom that will make rain boots pop.

Not only for cabinets, cupboards, cubbies, and walls, but you can also use the gray on furniture like an entryway table to make a chic vignette.

Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday is another excellent gray with blue undertones that can be tried if you don’t like Chelsea Gray. It’s a bit cozier and inviting.

2- Farrow and Ball Cornforth White

If you need an uplifting space, a too-dark mudroom will only worsen your mood.

Farrow & Ball is known for their beautiful, timeless colors, and Cornforth White is one of the best and lightest options for mudrooms.

This warm white has a greige undertone that will make your mudroom feel cozy without being too dark.

Mix Cornforth White with other colors from Farrow & Ball’s Off-White collection, such as Arsenic or Matchstick.

3- Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

If you’re drawn to the look of grey, but want something with more pizazz, consider Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass.

It’s a refreshing watery green with understated gray tones that can turn your dreary mudroom into a winter oasis!

To make the most out of this soft hue, use white beadboard or trim along generous light-colored accents.

4- Sherwin-Williams Anjou Pear

Sherwin-Williams’ Anjou Pear is a contemporary gold tone with fruity undertones that would add warmth to any mudroom.

This color is saturated, bright, and sunny – perfect for boosting your mood on even the dullest days.

With this classic muted yellow color option, you can use black accents to create a timeless mudroom that will make you smile every time you see it.

5- Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige

Beige is a great, universal color for nearly every mudroom, whether small or large.

Maintaining the same range of hues throughout your home and in your mudroom is perfectly fine.

And with beige, you can easily create a calmer, more subtle environment that attracts relatively less dirt.

This Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige is deep enough to disguise dirt and smudges while still being light enough to keep the space from feeling like a garage.

The best part is it pairs handsomely with grays, blues, or whites– making it a versatile color for any size or shape of the mudroom.

6- Behr Waterscape Gorgeous Blue

This gorgeous blue from Behr is perfect for those who want to add a pop of bright color to their mudroom.

The best part is that it’s still a very neutral tone, so you can use it to create any type of mudroom aesthetic you want.

This blue is also perfect for nautical-themed mudrooms or any space near the ocean.

Farrow & Ball pigeon is another deep, inky blue I like most. You can check this out if you want something more appealing.

7- PPG Pittsburgh Paints Warm Up

Warm Up is a rich, subdued orange with a taupe undertone.

This warm sunshine paint color would be perfect for an inviting front door when paired with lighter cream trim to complete the look.

You can use this color as an assent for decorating cubbies and lockers or adding an area rug to your mudroom.

Paint Colors to Avoid in a Mudroom

The colors you should generally avoid in the first room of your home create a dull impression and attract visible dirt.

Glossy white is one such paint color because it reflects every bit of light, making the space feel larger.

While this is good for small mudrooms, the trade-off is that it also reveals every imperfection.

That’s why I don’t recommend using high-gloss paint in a mudroom unless you’re prepared to keep it clean at all times.

Another color to avoid is anything too dark, such as brown, black, or charcoal.

While these colors can make a mudroom feel cozy, they absorb light, making the space smaller.

And if you have a small mudroom, to begin with, you don’t want to make it feel even smaller.

Finally, avoid using bright, vivid colors such as red, mustard yellow, or lime green in a mudroom.

While these colors can add personality to the space, they’re more likely to show dirt and stains.

And let’s be honest, a mudroom is where you’re going to get dirty, so you don’t want to make it harder to keep clean.

The Bottom Line

Mudrooms are gaining popularity as a must-have in modern homes, so your color choices in this space matter greatly.

When choosing paint colors for your mudroom, consider using a light, neutral color.

Light colors like flat white, gray, and beige make the space feel larger and are more forgiving when it comes to dirt and stains.

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