21 Paint Colors for a Small Powder Room With No Windows


A powder room is a small bathroom that typically only has a toilet and sink. 

It got its name in the 1920s when it was considered improper for women to use the restroom for bodily functions, so they would say they were going to use the powder room instead.

The term “powder room” is no longer as widespread as it was in the past, although it is still employed today.

A powder room is generally found on the first floor of a multi-story building, making it easily accessible to guests and family members who do not want to trek up several flights of stairs.

If you still have one of these small rooms in your home with no windows (or any bathroom, for that matter), it can be tough to decide the colors when it comes to painting and redoing them.

Many people go for light and airy colors like white, thinking that it will make the room appear larger than it is.

However, if not done correctly, all that light can make the room feel sterile and uninviting.

The fact is you don’t necessarily have to paint them with a really light neutral color unless you do want it to look like that.

There are dozens of other paint color schemes and ideas that would look great in a small powder room with no windows.

So, if you’re looking for the best colors to use in your small restroom, this is the post for you to stay back relaxed and check some stunning options.

I am sure you will love the ideas I have for you to share…

Best Paint Colors for Windowless Restroom

The greatest bathroom paint colors for rooms without natural light are those that reflect as much light as possible and retain their brightness.

White, off-white, ivory, pale yellow, or even gray would suffice.

If you feel crisp white is a bit too stark, try adding a touch of gentle color to it.

For this, you can use colors like off-white and ivory or try something unique such as light pink or even lavender.

While it may appear to be the case that dark hues have a significant influence in a powder room and can even aid in the creation of depth, this is not always the case. 

When done correctly, dark color or even black may make a smaller area appear larger.

Of course, while you can paint a bathroom black, you’ll want to think about whether it’s the right choice for your space and whether it will aid in achieving your desired effect.

All that said, let’s get into some of the greatest windowless bathroom color alternatives and how they might be used creatively in this particular space.

1. Moody Blue

Moody and blue sound like a contradiction, but they can work in certain rooms.

A powder room can be the perfect space to experiment with a dark and moody color like blue.

It can be used to create an elegant and luxurious space or a fun and quirky one, depending on the tones you choose.

For those who want to create a spa-like atmosphere (with a fresh airy look) somewhat lighter tones of blue are an excellent choice.

But don’t be afraid to try the dark blue moody shades despite the small area.

Decorate them with some artwork, hanging wooden shelves on walls, plants, and accessories like baskets, and see how marvelous it goes.

2. Seafoam Green 

Like moody blue, seafoam green is another natural color that can be used to create a variety of looks.

It can be used to create an elegant space, a fun and quirky one, or even a beach-themed powder room.

Pale seafoam green or vintage minty tones, when mixed with your bathroom tiles, lights, picture frame, and mirror, create a very relaxing atmosphere while maintaining a minimalistic look.

To make use of the extra space in the corner, you can even add some baskets and potted plants that can create an illusion of a window.

For those cottages and farmhouses with windowless bathrooms, this is definitely an option not to miss out.

3. Neutral Beige

Want to maintain a neutral look while also creating a warmer feel? Beige is the perfect color.

It can act as a backdrop that adds depth to a small space and can be dressed up any way you like.

Walls painted in neutral beige, when combined with matching powder room accessories like bath mats, rugs, mirrors, wall light fixtures, decorative gold jars, plants, etc . can create an inviting and warm space.

You can even try a beige wallpaper with a geometric or floral design to add some visual interest to the room if you want.

4. Warm Taupe

Traditional powder rooms have some wall space that can be painted in a dark color.

If you want to try something different, then go for a warm taupe.

This rich color can instantly transform the look of any powder room and make it appear more inviting.

Warm taupe can be used in a variety of ways to create different looks.

For a more traditional space, pair it with white or ivory walls and matching powder room antique accessories.

For a contemporary space, use it as an accent color and pair it with gray or even black walls.

And for a rustic space, try using it with wood floors or even brown tiled floors. Do not forget to add some extra lights if your restroom is too tiny.

5. Calming Light Gray

Want to give your small bathroom makeover colors a big impact? See how a great designer tied down the grays into a shiplap wall color.

Bathrooms, especially light gray, are frequently painted in shades of gray.

It’s a great neutral paint color that adds depth and interest while still allowing you to create a clean and airy atmosphere.

but when you pair them up with some gleaming whites, light browns, and shades of black, it can create a very modern, calming space that can leave a bigger impact on your guests when they visit this powder room.

6. Elegant Greige

Desire to achieve that pure vintage farmhouse look, go for elegant greige. It is a perfect mix of gray and beige that can bring out the best of both colors.

if you have a bit bigger restroom with some cabinets, this color can go very well to make your space look even bigger.

Pair them with some white tiles and glass shower doors and see how they can make a bold statement.

7. Bright Purple

Well, this is not for everyone. But bright purples are for those who want to leave a stronger impression for a bit long.

This is perfect for a small powder room that gets a lot of traffic, like one near the front door or in a high-traffic area of your home.

If you are looking for that whimsical touch to add to your vintage-style old traditional powder room, this is the perfect color to try.

8. Slate Teal

For the dramatic yet functional powder rooms that can impress your visitors, slate teal is your color palette option.

This is not only unique modern color that is filled with energy but also vibrant and comes with the ability to add character to small spaces.

This should definitely be in your color scheme when you want the modern colors to give your home that extra POP! 

9. Eclectic Peacock Blue

For a small space in your powder room that looks big in style, adding a stylish touch of bright peacock blue color can be an excellent idea.

This electrifying blue color can make any old traditional powder room come to life with its vibrancy and boldness.

Plus, it can also help reflect light and make the space appear bigger than it actually is.

Add some off-white, along with bright lights, mirrors, and accessories like an aroma diffuser to create that warm aromatic ambiance in your restroom for your guests.

10. Contrasting Lobster Red

Stop hunting for any more colors if you love something super hot, trendy, and fascinating.

Lobster red can be a good choice for that glamorous look in your small powder room, even when it feels somewhat dark and contrasting.

Check here to get some inspiration on how a designer paired this color with other light shades of white with a small black granite sink top, cabinets, and wall hangings.

11. Clean Warm White

Need some refreshment and don’t want those dark bright colors, clean and clear warm white tones are for you.

But do not just add the white paint to the walls; instead, try decorating the shades of Benjamin Moore white with some wall artwork, decorative glass jars, plants, marble shelves, molding (or trims), and floral wallpaper on the ceiling.

These will definitely give your restroom a very classic and timeless feeling that can make anyone feel at home.

12. Modern Navy

A small bathroom with navy paint colors can get mesmerized when used accents like gold, like here in this picture.

For that more modern and sophisticated look, you can amp things up by adding the gold framed mirror, wall light fixtures in gold, jewel box, gold wallpaper on the ceiling, and a few scented plants.

A granite top on the sink with some royal accessories can add a glam factor too.

13. Olive Green

This lovely arrangement is a step above basic.

What’s the trick? Opt for a green with undertones that are similar to your other accessories’ color to get the most accurate match.

Have a look at the image of how the light green shades blend in with the white trim and wooden flooring perfectly.

And how beautifully the accessories like towels and mirrors are matched with olive green.

14. Pastel Pink

A small space like an antique powder room or your modern restroom can be styled with girly shades very well.

Using a light pastel pink gives the room a sense of romance while still being appropriate for any age group.

Add some lights, mirrors, plants, and cabinets creatively (as done in the image), and you can easily feel a sense of a large restroom even when it does not contain any window.

15. Rustic Orange 

Bored of those traditional-looking dull and bright modern ideas, why not try something rustic?

See how the touch of orange shades is beautifully used in combination with blues, back, and yellows.

This is definitely a powder room color that makes a statement and adds personality.

16. Sunshine Yellow

A buttery sunshine yellow is a rich color that can brighten up your small bathroom without any windows.

It’s the perfect color punch for those who want to create a cheery space without overpowering the space with bold dark colors.

You can add just a small amount of it (like a half-tiled wall) or in excess, like in the image below where the sunshine yellow looks stunning along with tones of gold, white, and summer flowers.

17. Steel Blue and Gold

Do you prefer a blue paint color but find it to be just too bright?

Blue-gold and gray-blue are less vibrant alternatives to pure blue or navy paint colors, taking the edge off of the brightness factor.

You can use them as paint or as beautiful wallpaper in your restroom, as seen in the image below.

18. A Touch of Black

I agree with most of us; black is a color that’s not an ideal piece for small spaces.

But as I said before, if used correctly, dark color or even black may make a smaller area appear larger.

You can use them sparingly or even in excess, and they will look stunningly well when combined with some rich colors like gold.

Add some pendant lights, a mirror, and accessories like a basket under the sink (as you see in the picture below) and it works like a charm, making you feel cash rich and affluent.

19. Chocolate Brown

Want to give your powder bath a quick makeover without thinking much?

Chocolate brown is another excellent color for creating depth in a small room without windows.

It’s a great way to add a bit of warmth and make the space feel more inviting.

You can use it as an accent color or even paint the entire room in it if you want to create a more dramatic look.

Chocolate brown looks great with most other colors and paintings (as you can see below), so you can’t really go wrong with it.

20. Bold and Bodacious Wallpapers

Wallpapers are great alternatives to paints and varnishes and they look gorgeous if used creatively even in small spaces like powder rooms without any windows.

In the image below you can find how the designers used and created a stunning piece of art on the small areas of walls to offer an illusion of a larger space.

21. Delightful Brown and Black Faux Brick

Browns are all-time favorites for many. So I feel this list isn’t complete if I do not mention them.

But if you do not want to go that old traditional route by simply painting your powder room walls with shades of brown, you can try something different by creating faux wooden and brick looks in your space.

Because using the real wooden boards in the restroom would not be a good idea (you know a lot of moisture) what you do is try the porcelain tiles with wooden and brick looks.

They will offer the same warmth and texture as the real thing but are way more durable and easy to maintain in a powder room (or any other room with high moisture).

Tips to Brighten a Dark Powder Room With No Windows

The greatest approach to do that is to use the same tone throughout and make use of mirrors and light fixtures liberally.

When it comes to color selection for such a tiny area, I suggest that your bathroom walls are at least three tones brighter than the door or flooring.

To give your doors and trim a more sleek appearance, paint them the same color as the walls rather than paint your trims darker.

Bright colors tend to be more eye-catching and popular for smaller bathroom designs.

A creative idea is painting the ceiling, trims, and moldings white so that the dark hue can stand out against this light backdrop, or vice versa.

This is especially applicable if you want darker shades to dominate your space.

If you intend to paint your doors vibrant colors that don’t match with any of the other room’s decor, be sure they coordinate with one of the room’s accent hues.

For those who want your bathroom to look inviting but don’t know where to start, consider using earth tones.

These colors include a variety of hues like light beiges and browns, dark greens and reds, and rich browns.

Using these will make the space feel warm instead of sterile or boring.

When choosing paints, use a specialized bathroom paint if you have had mold or mildew problems in the past.

The small tiles make the room look bigger and more open if you do not want to go with too much paint and solve the moisture problems.

The Bottom Line

A window (even a small one) is able to provide good natural light and ventilation to the bathroom while preventing the growth of molds due to condensation.

But if you do not have one, no worries, as you can still create a bright, airy, and delightful space in your powder room without any windows.

Just be creative with your light fixtures, color choices, and wallpapers or tiles. And don’t forget to use mirrors to reflect the light around the room.

With the right approach, your powder room will be one of the best places in your home despite the lack of airy windows!

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