Should You Paint Master Bedroom and Bathroom Same Color?

should master bedroom and bathroom paint match

When painting and decorating a house, it is generally recommended that the colors should match one another somewhat, at the very least.

In other words, a house with matching colors creates a more unified look that offers a streamlined and satisfying appearance. Painting rooms in a way that make them too different from one another may instead create a disjointed appearance that can make the rooms in the house seem as if they don’t belong together.

Many people are curious if that is true for the paint colors of the bathroom and master bedroom as well.

Below, I will try answering a few common questions about painting the master bedroom and bathroom the same color so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

Should the Master Bedroom and Bathroom Paint Match?

You can paint both rooms the same shade, but it’s not necessary.

If your master bedroom is larger than your bathroom, the bedroom will usually have more furniture and linens and decorative touches – which the bathroom usually does not. For this reason, most people tend to focus on the colors in the master bedroom before the bathroom.

You can paint the room the same color as the bathroom, but it can create a sort of monotonous look. Instead, it’s recommended that you use complementary colors that are similar but not identical.

In terms of actual paint, you should be using different paint styles for each room. The glare and low sheen of bathroom paint can be avoided in your bedroom if you keep it to just the bathroom since the rather aggressive look doesn’t matter in there the way it does in a bathroom.

The paint that is commonly used in bathrooms isn’t usually the best for larger rooms since they are usually pretty thin and difficult to spread evenly. For bedroom paint, on the other hand, it is usually recommended that you use matte paint instead.

Since bedrooms are a place where you spend time relaxing and going to sleep, you don’t want anything blinding or glaring in there. Matte paint reduces shine and instead creates a flat finish that is cozier and more comfortable on the eyes.

When to Match Master Bedroom and Bathroom Paint Colors?

Some master bedrooms and en-suite spaces are better suited for matching paint colors than others.

Below are some instances where matching the color is a good idea:

When your whole house or the two rooms have matching decor.

If the decor and general style of the house is similar and streamlined, it will make sense to ensure that your bathroom and bedroom do as well.

When you want to break up the monotony.

If the idea of walking into a room after room in the same color makes your eyes glaze over, it is a good idea to coordinate a bathroom and bedroom that have similar colors but are not identical.

Choose different shades of one color or choose a complementary color for both.

Match Bedroom and Bathroom Paint Colors

When Not to Match Your Master Bedroom and Bathroom Paint Colors?

There are a few instances where the matching bathroom and bedroom paint colors are not the best choices.

These include:

When the decor doesn’t match the two rooms.

If your bedroom has one style or color of decor and your bathroom has another, you should avoid using the same shade of paint in both.

What looks good in one decor setting could look gaudy or even clash harshly in the other.

If you want to keep the bathroom simple.

Some people treat the bathroom as a place to go in and out of as quickly as possible, often used for getting ready for work and grooming.

If you don’t care what your bathroom looks like, taking the time to plan the bathroom and bedroom paints and being sure that they coordinate can be expensive and unnecessarily time-consuming, and tedious.

Best Paint Shades for Your Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Color indeed affects a person’s mood, so choosing the right hues is essential, especially for the bedroom.

Below are a few colors that are considered well-suited for bedrooms. From there, you can complement that color in the bathroom or choose an entirely different one.

a) Blue

Blue is a calming color that is inviting and peaceful. This can help you relax in the room and get a better night’s sleep.

If you want something exciting, add lighter shades of violet to your room, making the space feel calmer and more relaxing in the way that blue also does, making it a good choice.

b) Chocolate brown

Choosing a chocolate brown wall color can make the bedroom feel warm and cozy. It’s a perfect choice given the nature of the bedroom and the kinds of vibes that it needs.

c) Yellow

A pale yellow can give the bathroom a coastal look and one that is brighter and airier. This makes a beautiful compliment to light blue bedrooms.

d) Dark gray

A dark-gray color can offset the vibrancy of a violet bedroom and ground it a bit. The vibe becomes more modern with a gray bathroom which usually creates a clean, sanitary look.

e) Warm shades

Choosing burnt orange or a rich burgundy is excellent if you have gone with a toned-down chocolate brown for the bedroom, as it adds plenty of personality between the two rooms.

Can bathroom paint be used in a bedroom or vice versa?

The main difference between bathroom and bedroom paint is that the former typically contains mold-inhibiting properties. So, you definitely can use the bathroom paint in the bedroom, but vice versa is not just a good option.

When deciding whether to use bathroom paint in your bedroom, also consider the finish it will create.

Bathroom paints that have flat or matte finishes can be used on your bedroom walls and ceiling because they don’t shine or glare as much.

But the fact is most bathroom paints come with a soft, mid-level, or high sheen that’s usually best for smaller areas like woodwork instead of large wall surfaces or ceilings in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to paint the bedroom and bathroom the same color is ultimately a personal choice. There are a few factors to take into account before you decide one way or the other if this is the right choice for your home.

Above, we have explored different aspects of matching paint colors in the bathroom and bedroom that you should consider before committing. This includes some specific instances where it is both a good and a bad idea if you are still unsure.

Revisit this article as you plan the colors you intend to paint your home’s interior to help you make your decisions.

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