What is a Painter’s Mitt – How to Use it Correctly?

painter's mitt

Applying paint with traditional paintbrushes is not very easy and safe on uneven surfaces.

However, with a painter’s mitt, not only does it saves your time, but also it helps to get a quick, even coat that looks nice and is long-lasting.

In simple terms, a painter’s mitt is a kind of protective glove to provide protection while applying paint or stain.

Much like an oven mitt (that’s used in the kitchen to hold hot utensils), a painter’s mitt is stitched in multiple layers and is made from materials such as lambswool or fur.

How does it benefit?

These mittens are used to protect the hands when painting hard-to-reach areas or surfaces that are unsymmetrical or oddly shaped.  

It even protects your skin when staining rough surfaces like coarse wood with splinters.

Besides protection, a painter’s mitt can also be used as a quick paint applicator tool – where it’s difficult to paint with a brush or a roller.

For example, you can use them for painting metal railings, staircase spindles, wood fences, posts, trims, sidings, screens, pipes, ornamental baseboards, and much more.  

how to use painter's mitt

How to Use a Painter’s Mitt?

A painter’s mitt is easy and quick to use as a paint applicator.

The good thing is you can use it for applying a variety of different coatings like latex paint, oil-based paint, and outdoor stain for garden furniture or deck.

To get the best finish with a mitt, follow these steps…

Step 1 – Prepare

Start by thinning the stain, latex paint, or oil-based paint in a bucket.

And with a tack cloth, wipe the surface clean to remove dust or debris.

Step 2 – Put on the mitt

Next, open your mitt package, dust away any loose particles, and wear it over your hand.

Most painter’s mitts and gloves are designed to fit on both left and right hand, so you can use it even if you are left-handed.

Step 3 – Apply the paint

Dip the painting mitt into the paint.

Make sure you do not dip the mitt deeper than the cuff.

Once the mitt is loaded with the paint, you can now start painting over the surface.

Reload the mitt as the paint begins to thin, and repeat the process until you get the paint job done completely.

Step 4 – Clean the mitt for reuse

A high-quality painter’s mitt can be used more than once.

So, if you desire to reuse the glove again in the near future, rinse the water-based latex paint out of the mitt with warm water and let it dry completely.


Getting oil-based stains or paints out of these gloves can be tricky and not so effective. So don’t waste your time and energy removing them.

Instead, buy a new one again whenever you need them in the future.

What’s the Best Painter’s Mitt on the Market?

Work mitts for painting are great to use, but unfortunately, there are not many stores and manufacturers that sell these products online.

Trimaco Paint Mitt (Pro and SuperTuff) are among the best products I could find, specifically for painters’ jobs.

Trimaco SuperTuff Paint Mitt is what impressed me most when I tried it recently for painting the stair spindles at my home. It worked great and super-fast!

Besides the speed, a few other reasons why I liked this product are:

  • It’s one size that will fit most hands
  • Three-layer construction for added protection
  • Thick, absorbent, lint-free, and scratch-free fabric
  • Double-lined helps to keep the hands clean and dry
  • It can be used for painting, cleaning, and faux finishing, as well as to create texture and depth

It’s available at a very low cost on Amazon. You can check it here (affiliate link).

Gloves for painting

Mitt vs. Disposable Gloves for Painting – What’s the Difference?

Painters’ mitts and spray-painting gloves, although serve similar purposes they, are different in the application and benefits they offer.

While disposable gloves for painting are just for protecting the hands and skin, mitts can also be used as a paint applicator tool.

Mitts are often simple cotton gloves for DIY painting and decorating.

But if you’re a professional automotive sprayer, paint shop technician, or decorator, it’s essential for you to wear the right disposable gloves, such as thin nitrile gloves.

These will offer you a better grip and protection against sharp or coarse objects such as tools. 

Choosing the right painter’s gloves is essential for different jobs as you may need different levels of protection depending on the surfaces or chemicals you may be dealing with.

The bottom line

A soft double-lined mitt is not only an excellent applicator tool for paint and stain application but also for other household jobs like cleaning, dusting, and washing cars.

Replacing the traditional brushes and rollers (with a mitt) can get into hard-to-reach places to help you paint the surfaces in a fraction of the time.

Although the mitt is easy to clean and dry, a low-quality product can easily create a mess if not used properly.

So, make sure you choose premium quality and follow the proper steps to get the best finish that lasts.

Below you will find a quick video on Trimaco ProPaint Mitt; check out if you plan to buy and use the stuff for your next DIY paint project.

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