Superpaint vs. Duration Sherwin Williams – What’s Better?

Superpaint vs. Duration

If you’re getting ready to complete an exterior painting project in the near future, you’re likely looking at paint options.

Sherwin Williams is a popular choice and offers a wide selection of products, including Duration and SuperPaint.

Below, we’ll take a look at the two and outline a few reasons to consider one or the other for your next paint job.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint

SuperPaint is the standard exterior paint offered by Sherwin Williams. It has a mid-range price and a performance that matches the price.

There is certain technology in it that lets you paint in cool temperatures with a promise that it will last between five and seven years before needing to be touched up.

That said, the amount of time that any kind of paint will last is dependent upon many different things, including weather conditions and climate.

SuperPaint is perfect for older homes that are more than 40 years old. If the home has any bare wood or peeling areas, you’ll need to apply a primer before applying SuperPaint.

On cedar and other such substrates, SuperPaint is a better choice over Duration since it lets the wood breathe with ease and won’t trap as much moisture beneath the paint.

For this reason, SuperPaint is better for older homes, since this kind of home is likely to already have several layers of paint applied; you want it to be able to ‘breathe’ more freely.

SuperPaint also boasts resistance to dirt and is safe for vinyl while also offering block resistance, meaning that door jams and window frames shouldn’t get stuck.


SuperPaint has a unique formula consisting of acrylic latex, bringing with it a thick, rich consistency no matter what kind of surface it is applied to.

This type of paint offers four finishes, so you can find just the right amount of gloss for your taste:

  • Semi-gloss. This type of finish has the most gloss and is best for those places that require more frequent cleaning.
  • Flat. This is a matte finish that helps to hide away imperfections on the surface while bringing about a classic look.
  • Satin. A satin finish features a slightly higher level of gloss and is easy to clean.
  • Velvet. A velvet finish is also easy to clean and has a bit of gloss to it.

The Cost

SuperPaint is thought to be a mid-range product, making it reasonably priced for its quality.

They often run sales on SuperPaint, but when it isn’t on sale, you can expect to pay around $60.

You will need around 0.1 gallons of paint for every square foot of paintable surface you want to apply it to.

Whether or not you will need to apply more than one coat depends on different factors, including the style of finish you want.


SuperPaint is good for giving you a professional-looking finish with minimal time and effort required. It will last for up to seven years without needing to be repainted as well.

As we also mentioned, it is good for cooler climates and is particularly beneficial for homes older than 40 years.

Even so, any existing peeling or bare wood will need a primer to be applied beforehand. 

On cedar substrate, you don’t have to worry about it holding any moisture beneath the paint so it can breathe.

Sherwin Williams Duration

Duration has the same kind of cool-temperature technology but tends to be a little pricier than SuperPaint.

The reason for this is Duration’s ability to be applied on more surfaces and materials than SuperPaint, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, trim, and wood siding.

It lasts a little longer than SuperPaint, with an expected lifespan between eight and 10 years.

This type of paint is ideal for those who want self-priming paint that only needs one coat. It is best used on homes that are 30 to 40 years old at most.

Should you apply Duration to cedar or any material with moisture issues, using the thicker Duration will prevent the home from being able to breathe and stop moisture from evaporating, which can lead to peeling paint and blistering.


You can find Duration in the following finishes:

  • Matte. This is a flat finish that is good for concealing any imperfections on the surface while its angular shine gives a smooth and washable finish.
  • Flat. This is a finish similar to the matte version and has practically zero reflection.
  • Semi-gloss. As its name suggests, it has a bit of glossiness to it and is quite radiant, ideal for anywhere that is cleaned frequently.
  • Satin. This finish offers a slight sheen.

The Cost

Duration is a high-end paint made by Sherwin Williams, and its price reflects this.

If you buy outside of a sale, it will cost around $75 per gallon, which is a drawback for some people.

If you need 10 gallons for your exterior paint job, you’ll end up with a bill of around $800.

Fortunately, you can find this type of paint on sale frequently throughout the year where you can get anywhere between 30 and 40 percent off the price.

While Sherwin Williams has yet to release a new paint line lately, Duration is still believed to be a high-quality paint option from them.

Its quality also makes the paint worth the cost for those who want paint with a long lifespan and one that is remarkably durable.


Generally speaking, if you want exterior paint that will last for years with great coverage and self-priming, Duration is the way to go.

Sherwin Williams Duration Vs. SuperPaint – Final Thoughts

With both paints offering excellent coverage, long life, and beautiful finishes to choose from, both are good choices.

However in my opinion, if you intend to live in your home for a while, spending a little extra on Duration paint is a good option; its longevity ad strength certainly outperforms that of SuperPaint.

That said, if you want durable paint that doesn’t cost quite as much, SuperPaint may be a better deal for your needs.

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