The 4 Best Spray Paint Shelter Booth [Portable + Inflatable]

spray booth shelter

Using a sprayer to spray paint your next furniture project could help you take your design to the next level.

Spray painting, in general, enables individuals to get a professional-grade finish with little hard work.

Despite this, the process can be messy, with much of the sprayed paint landing on undesired surfaces.

For this reason, it’s best that you invest in a spray paint booth that pops up much like a tent. This is a must-have if you’re looking for a high-quality finish that doesn’t do harm to your surroundings.

This guide will go over my favorite four of the best spray booths (both portable and inflatable types) to help you find the one that’s right for you.

What’s more, we’ll go over some of the dos and don’ts of spray paint shelters or booths.

Keep reading to find out which device is right for you!


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The 4 Best Spray Paint Booths

With the right pop-up spray booth, you can make sure you are painting only the surface you want to paint.

What’s more, you can also protect your work surface from collecting dust and other unwanted particles.

The best spray tent or booths even come with filters that help lessen the toxicity of the work environment for added safety.

So, without any delay, let’s go over four of the best portable spray tent for painting currently on the market. They are:

1- HomeRight Large Paint Spray Shelter

Wagner Spraytech C900038.M Large Spray Shelter with...
  • PAINT SPRAY SHELTER: The Wagner Large Spray Shelter offers a...
  • TENT DESIGN WITH BUILT IN FLOOR: The curved spray paint tent features...
  • EASY TO SET UP: Two-pole design allows for simplified set-up in your...

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HomeRight spray shelter is one of the best hobby spray booths you will ever find online.

It’s an ideal tool for professional painters as well as DIYers who want to paint different household objects and furniture items without creating any mess.

Portability & Design

Wagner And HomeRight Spray Shelter is portable enough and at the same time bigger than you think.

All it provides you with a large, safe area to spray paint or stain without worrying about the overspray drift.

Equally useful with aerosol cans or Wagner and HomeRight airless or HVLP paint sprayers, this tent-like shelter booth comes with a curved three-sided shelter design that enables you in directing the paint spray airflow towards the ground.

And its super lightweight design is what makes this portable spray shelter very easy to position all around your painting or staining project.

Efficiency & Construction

Perfect for medium to large projects this temporary shelter for painting comes with a dimension of 9 ft W x 6 ft D x 5.5 ft H.

As it provides you with plenty of space you can use it for accomplishing a variety of different paint projects you have in mind.

There is a protective mesh screen that has been provided in the tent to help protect your freshly painted object from wind, leaves, and bugs.

Additionally, the exhaust vents are also provided along the bottom perimeter of the spray shelter. This lets the excess airflow freely escape away from your paint project.

The good thing about using this HomeRight spray paint tent for your paint project is it’s straightforward to set up and take down.

This means you can conveniently set this up in your yard, garage, or shed within minutes.

And then after completing the task, just take it down and pack it up into the provided small bag for easy storage.

2- Nordstrand Portable Spray Paint Booth

Portable Spray Paint Booth - Airbrush Spray Paint...
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: The portable paint booth tent is suitable...
  • EFFICIENT AND TIME-SAVING: With the spray paint tent, you can cut your...
  • SAFE AND CLEAN: The spray paint tent provides a safe and clean...

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If you’re looking for something that’s practical and easy to use at home, the Nordstrand Portable Spray Paint Booth is a quality option.

Though it does not come with filters for fume extraction, it is among the most portable models and is surprisingly durable for its nature.

What makes the Nordstrand Portable Spray Paint Booth such a good option? It has something to do with:

Portability & Design

The Nordstrand Portable Spray Paint Booth utilizes a tent-like set-up that allows you to work wherever you go.

No matter whether you want to spray paint some old cabinets, furniture, or some outdoor garden gnomes, it can make your task completely mess-free.

Perfect for those who are on the go, this spray paint shelter/booth can be set up and dismantled in a matter of minutes.

Efficiency & Construction

Just as important, it’s built of durable plastic that is tear and weather-resistant.

This means that you can take it just about anywhere without having to worry about damage from the external environment.

The one downside to this option is that it does not come with a filter. This means that it is not suitable for heavy-duty work.

Still, if you’re looking to get something painted in a pinch, there’s little better than the Nordstrand Portable Spray Paint Booth!

3- Master Airbrush Spray Booth

Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Airbrush...
  • Master Airbrush Brand-Powerful: 25 Watts with a 4 Cubic Meters/Minute...
  • Portable and Compact : Easily Folds into a Suitcase Shape w/Handle for...
  • Booth Filter: 2 Layer High Density Fiberglass Booth Filter...

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Looking to paint knick-knacks and other small objects?

The Master Airbrush Portable Hobby Sprayer is the perfect option for hobbyists who love spraying small objects using an airbrush!

This highly-ranked item comes with LED lights and a 7.5” rotating turntable to help you get the job done right every time.

What’s more, the Master Airbrush system is designed with high-powered filters that will help protect you from toxic paint fumes.

Knowing this let’s examine a few of the system’s best features:

Portability & Design

What’s not to love about the design of this piece?

Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect portable option. The device stands 13.5 inches tall and spans 16.5 inches in width.

Combined with this, the Master Airbrush Portable Hobby Airbrush Sprayer comes with an amazing 19 inches in depth, allowing it to fit anything you’re looking to paint, from small miniatures to model cars.

Efficiency & Construction

Just as impressive as the design, however, is the efficiency of the device.

With a 12-volt DC motor, the Master Airbrush withdraws four cubic meters of air every minute, keeping you safe from those toxic paint fumes.

The 67-inch hose allows you to extract the air to any location you wish, and the high-density fiberglass booth filter, constructed in two layers, helps trap air and eliminate it from your workspace for the ultimate on-the-spot cleaning.

4- LuckyWe Inflatable Spraybooth

No products found.

Need a heavy-duty option that can even paint your cars? The LuckyWe Inflatable Spraybooth is as good as it gets.

This high-powered model fits up to two of your cars at the same time and is easy to set up.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of this best inflatable paint booth model:

Portability & Design

Without a doubt, this is one of the most durable options on the market. Crafted from an exquisite PV-coated 210D silver oxford fabric, the LuckyWe Inflatable Spraybooth is 100% tear-resistant.

The base is made from reliable PVC to make it even better for use.

Efficiency & Construction

Not only does this model fit up to two cars, but it also has an unbelievably powerful filter. With a 750W extractor, you can count on this inflatable model to get the job done.

What’s more, despite the fact that it is inflatable, it’s completely stable so that you never have to worry about durability!

What is a Spray Shelter Tent?

A spray shelter or a spray tent is a tent-like structure that provides you with a larger safe area to spray paint or stain without worrying about overspray drift.

You can use them while spraying with your aerosol cans or with your airless or HVLP paint sprayers.

Using these protective shelters is recommended when you are spraying your furniture, car, or even decorative small objects with an airbrush.

This will allow you to spray paint without getting the paint everywhere.

Choosing the right size spray tent is highly important.

Or else you will be either buying a smaller one that does not fit your object or will most probably end up buying a larger expensive one that you do not require.

What to Look For When Buying One?

Still, want to find one on your own? Make sure to take the following factors into consideration.

In this section, we’ll tell you exactly what you should look out for so that you get the spray booth you need for the job (no matter whether you are a DIY hobbyist painter or a professional).

1- Size

It almost goes without saying that size should be your biggest concern when picking a DIY spray paint shelter.

If you’re working on a big project, you want a collapsible spray booth that can handle the job.

However, if you only plan on tackling small jobs, you don’t want to spend needless money buying a larger model.

A small-sized bench-top spray booth can suffice your need.

For this reason, be sure to take into account the size and overall weight of your desired model before you begin.

2- Type

No two jobs are the same. For this reason, you’ll want to consider the type of airbrush spray booth before you make a purchase.

Are you, for example, working on a job that will require a lot of paint?

If so, you’ll want a device that has ample filtration so that you don’t have to surround yourself with not-safe-to-breathe paint fumes.

Also, if you are working outdoors choose a kind of inflatable for spraying paint that is waterproof and rain-resistance.

3- Price

Just as no two jobs are the same, no two spray booths will be evenly priced. This means that you’ll want to find one that’s within your budget.

Depending on what your budget is, this could mean a high-powered device with tons of add-ons (more about this later) or one that gets the job done without much flair.

When you choose your spray booth, be sure to find one that gives you the best value in terms of technology, add-ons, convenience, and functionality.

Few Other Features

There are a few additional features such as:

  • LED lights,
  • Blowers,
  • Colors,
  • Extra filtration systems,
  • Mixing-booth extensions,
  • Drive-thru doors

These may help you complete more complicated projects.

While these additions certainly come with a heftier price tag, it’s worth knowing which models are out there so that you can find one that gives you the best chance of successfully completing the job at hand.

Rent or Buy an Inflatable Paint Booth: What’s Better?

While renting may seem to be an affordable option for many, investing in an inflatable paint booth and owning one can be a better option.

We know how a good paint spray booth can provide you with a safe environment to paint in.

But at the same time, you may need to invest a good deal of time in cleaning them after you have finished with your project.

When you rent, the hassle can be more as you need to clean them right away so that it does not get any damage. This can be sometimes a complete headache.

Another good advantage of buying an inflatable paint spray booth is it provides you a larger space to paint the furniture or vehicles without worrying about paying the rent every month.

This can be extremely helpful for those considering starting their paint business but do not have any extra space.

Just in case you do not have the budget for buying, you can consider building a paint booth in a DIY way.

The process of making an inflatable for spraying paint won’t be tough if you are a passionate DIYer.

With a good spray paint booth, you also need NOT lease a large space to paint.

You can set up your booth shelter anywhere you want and can pack it away as soon as you are done.   

Operating a Paint Spray Tent: Safety Tips to Remember

Operating a DIY spray paint booth is easy, but that doesn’t mean you should simply rush into it.

Rather, there are a number of factors that you’ll want to keep in mind when operating your spray booth so that you can maximize your safety and the safety of those around you.

Let’s go over a few common protocols so that you can be sure you are getting the job done right:

a) Keep Flammable Substances Away

This may seem like common sense, but it shouldn’t go unstated.

Because spray booths often come with lights and other sources of heat, they are particularly dangerous when combined with flammable substances.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you’re not getting anything combustible too close to your spray booth.

Following this bit of common sense can help you avoid a costly accident.

b) Store Your Paints in a Different Location

Not only is storing your paints in your spray booth a great way to make a mess of things, but it also poses other problems.

For starters, the extra fumes can make it harder and less safe to breathe.

What’s more, it increases the likelihood of spills and other accidents, as well as contamination, which can make both this paint job and subsequent ones much more difficult.

c) Always Wear Safety Equipment

You wouldn’t go into a boxing match without wearing gloves and a mouthguard. Similarly, you shouldn’t use a spray booth without donning the proper equipment.

While it may seem like no big deal, paint smells or fumes can and will make you sick if you are around them long enough.

This means that you should always start by wearing a mask that can block out any excess fumes.

You should also make sure that all the ventilators in the spray booth are functional and operating as you paint.

This will reduce the likelihood of inhalation, which in turn reduces the chance that you catch serious diseases such as cancer or asthma.

Of course, you’ll also want to wear gloves and perhaps even a full-body suit if you wish to maximize your safety (and cut down on mess).

How Do You Fold a Spray Shelter?

Assembling as well as folding up your spray shelter (for easy storage) is very easy — you can do it without any help within a few seconds.

If you are using a HomeRight large paint spray shelter you may get the help of a family member to get it folded.

Below is a video that can help you further in knowing the right steps to fold your spray tent.

Types of Spray Booth Ventilation Systems: You Should Consider Adding

With all this information in mind, it’s time to take a look at the different spray booth ventilation systems you can buy.

As you’ll see, there are four primary types of systems on the market.

Use the information below to find the one that’s best for you:

  • Vertical Airflow

Vertical airflow is one of the main methods of airbrush painting. This system sucks in the air around the target being painted and pulls it underneath the flow.

This means that contaminants are not able to reach either the surface being painted or the painter, resulting in a cleaner finish for the object and a safer job for the person who is painting.

Vertical airflow moves from the filter ceiling to the grating.

  • Horizontal Airflow

Horizontal airflow systems suck the air out of a supply cabinet and move it toward the wall.

The airflow in this type of system moves horizontally across the surface.

Because pits are not required for horizontal airflow systems, they are generally cheaper and more accessible.

What’s more, as they pull air away from the target surface, they result in clean and uniform finishes at a fraction of the cost of vertical airflow systems.

  • Diagonal Airflow

Diagonal airflow systems follow the same movement process as horizontal airflow systems, except they move in a diagonal fashion.

Specifically, the air is moved from a ceiling filter to a partial grating or suction wall.

Like the horizontal airflow systems described above, these systems result in cheap, uniform finishes that do not require expensive pits to be dug.

  • Cross Airflow

Cross airflow systems are the most popular model on the market today.

The most cost-effective system out there, the cross airflow system pulls in air from the model’s main doors and draws it through the exhaust shafts in the rear wall.

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The Bottom Line

The right inflatable spray booth can make your paint job safer and of a higher quality.

If you’re looking to find the right device but not sure which one is good for your particular job, make sure to reference this guide before making your decision.

In this piece, we have already covered everything you need to know (from practical tips to the best models out there) about spray booths so that you can find the one that’s right for your project.

So don’t wait! It’s time to buy your personal paint sprayer tent today!

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