The Best Scaffolding for Exterior Painting and Home Use?

best scaffolding for exterior painting

Having a beautiful home means more than having a great interior. In fact, for most people, the outside of your house will be their first impression of it—and it will speak strongly toward their image of you.

Just think about it—how many people see the outside of your home daily?

Neighbors, friends, pedestrians, and even those simply driving by?

What impression do you want them to have of you?

That’s why maintaining a beautiful interior simply isn’t enough.

In fact, if you’re dealing with any peeling or dirty paint on the outside of your home, you may want to consider resolving these issues first.

And in the process, using the best scaffolding for exterior painting can be most helpful.

This way, you not only make your exterior painting task easier but also can showcase a beautiful home to everyone passing by.

What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding (also called scaffold or staging) has been used for decades and can be defined as a temporary structure to provide a platform for a worker where they can work and place their construction materials.

These are among the most common construction tools for contractors and painters in the home building and renovation field.

The good thing about using the scaffolding is it allows you (as a single worker or a crew) to work at different heights without taking them off or moving around the structures or buildings.

Not only you can use them for exterior painting or construction but there are some smaller versions out there that can be used while painting stairs, walls, or ceilings at height indoors.  

By providing better stability, safety and efficiency; you are offered an advantage to complete the job with higher accuracy and much superior quality.

4 Best Scaffolding for Exterior Painting

Choosing the best scaffolding system is a key to success when you want to use scaffolding for house improvement, construction, or painting projects (for interiors as well as exteriors).

Believe me, picking the right scaffolding can take your project (no matter how small or big it is) to newer heights.

And for this reason, I have compiled here an article that will help you choose the best one for your painting and construction job.

Also, I have discussed below the various scaffolding benefits, types, and factors you need to look at when picking them online.

So, without any delay let’s check them out right here…

1- Metaltech Job Site Series Scaffold, 4-Feet

MetalTech Jobsite Series 4 Foot Tall Heavy Duty...
  • Make use of a portable scaffolding platform that is perfect for DIY...
  • Also use it as a rolling cart to haul your equipment to and from job...
  • Features an adjustable multi-level working area that can be customized...

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The 4 ft. MetalTech mini folding steel scaffold is a perfect solution to all your indoor as well as outdoor painting needs.

Although this scaffolding equipment is more suitable for painting interiors and staircases you can use it for exteriors if you do not want to get to heights.

This Metaltech Scaffold system is lightweight yet strong to bear loads of up to 500 lbs.

Its lockable 4-inch swivel casters, allows you to move and work with all the stability and safety ensured.

Furthermore, this best painter’s scaffold system comes with two black anti-slip working platforms that allow you to work securely and place your materials (like gallon paint cans, painter’s tools, etc) at different heights.  

And its sturdy steel frame construction makes it highly durable so that you can use it for years for all your home improvement and DIY projects.

• Easy to assemble/install
• Trash holder for garbage
• Shelf for placing all the tools
• Convenient moving around with casters
• Can be folded easily after use for convenient storage
• Not for heavy industrial use

2- Pro-Series GSSI Multi Purpose Scaffolding, 6-Feet

No products found.

The Pro-Series Multipurpose Scaffolding is 6 feet tall premium quality scaffold equipment that makes it easier for you to reach heights on your construction project, no matter indoors or outdoors.

Since it is framed with high-quality steel and a powder-coated finish it offers higher durability along with all the best resistance to harsh weather conditions.

This comes with a 1/2-inch thick wooden/plywood deck that can hold a maximum load capacity of 1000 lbs.

This scaffold system for interior and exterior painting is also equipped with 5-inch swivel locking casters that allow you to move safely and freely around your construction or remodeling project.

The good thing about this 6′ GSSI Scaffold system is it meets OSHA and ANSI standards which means you need not worry about the job site safety if you are working on it for your clients.

Overall, this scaffolding unit is highly versatile as you can not only use it for painting your home but also as a wide working table for a variety of different DIY projects (like woodworking and others).

• Highly versatile
• Moveable and sturdy
• Safety pins for stability
• Fits through standard doorways
• Good for interior and exterior use
• Safety latches to raise or lower the platform
• A bit wobbly

3- Metaltech Multipurpose Baker-Style Scaffold Tower, 12-Feet

No products found.

If you want the best quality scaffolding tower for exterior house painting and construction this heavy-duty MetalTech scaffolding unit is the most appropriate unit for you.

Metaltech Scaffold Tower is a great choice for DIYers as well as professional contractors (who need to work outdoors), due to its ability to withstand up to 1000 lbs of weight capacity.

This 12-feet multipurpose scaffold system comes with a strong steel construction coated with a poly powder finish to make it highly resistant to all the harsh weather conditions outdoor.

The unit also features two fully adjustable plywood platforms that come with steel-reinforced edges for extra safety.

You can adjust the platform heights in 2 inches increments for versatility.

This means you can use it as a platform for standing and painting your house.

And also, as a working table to complete smaller woodworking projects.

• Best for exterior painting
• Safe to use even on stairways
• 2 adjustable plywood platforms
• Allows you to reach as high as 12 feet
• Eight 5-inch double-locking casters for transportation
• A bit of swaying

4- Finether Multi-Purpose Scaffold/ Platform Folding Ladder 15.4-Feet

Finether 15.4ft Telescoping Ladder Multi Purpose...
  • ⚡【Safety First】: The Finether Telescoping Multi Purpose ladder...
  • ⚡【Sturdy and Durable】 This aluminum extension ladder is made...
  • ⚡【Multi-Purpose】: The extension ladder serves as a step ladder...

*Last update on 2023-12-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Finether Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder is aluminum constructed a highly durable system that can work perfectly as scaffolding for painting the exteriors of your house.

Equally useful for DIYers and professional contractors this heavy-duty scaffold system is highly versatile and comes with 330lbs (150 kg) of maximum weight capacity.

The best thing I like about this system is it allows you to use it in 7 different ways so that you can complete all your DIY projects like a pro.

Moreover, you can easily use it in areas with limited space or at places where using the baker-style scaffold is not possible – like while painting the stairs or stairwells.

Folding, storing, and transporting this scaffold system is equally easy.

After completing your paint project just collapse the 15.4 feet unit into as low as 4 feet to easily transport and store at a place safely.

• Multi-purpose
• Lightweight and rust-resistant
• Two scaffold bases for added stability
• Safety locking hinges and 2 panels for free
• Can be used in 8 different ways according to the task
• European safety standard EN131, 12-month warranty
• Not very safe
• Bit expensive

Those of you who are interested in (and have excess time/energy) can check the below video on how to make a simple scaffold system at home using plywood.

Remember it’s not an easy thing to do for all…

Types of Scaffolding

There are seven types of scaffolds used in the construction and home renovation industry.

These are: 

1- Single Scaffolding

Single scaffolding, also called a brick layer’s scaffolding is most of the time used for brick masonry.

It comprises standards (such as bamboo or timber to hold vertically), ledgers (horizontally aligned longitudinal board), putlogs (transverse horizontal board), etc. 

Single scaffolding is securely fixed into the ground in a row parallel to the wall at a distance while maintaining the space between each standard.

Standards are then tied with rope lashing to the ledgers.

Putlogs are then positioned at a distance so that one end is fixed securely within the holes made in the wall and the other end is supported by the ledgers.

2- Double Scaffolding

Double Scaffolding or mason’s scaffolding is used for stone masonry.

Since it is not easy to make holes in the stone wall. So, two rows of staging are done to support putlogs. 

While constructing double scaffoldings, the first row is constructed close to the wall at some distance, while the other row is staged close to the first row.

Unlike the single scaffolding where one end of the putlog is fixed into the holes made on the wall, the putlogs are supported by the frames at both ends. 

Cross braces and raking shores are also provided in order to prevent slipping and to make the scaffolding robust.

This scaffolding is also called independent scaffolding as it doesn’t depend on the wall. 

3- Patented Scaffolding

Patented scaffolding is a kind of ready-made scaffolding made up of steel.

These scaffoldings can be adjusted as per the requirement as they come equipped with special couplings and frames etc.

Moreover, their working platforms are placed on brackets, thereby making it easy for the working crew to adjust the scaffolding’s height according to their needs.

4- Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever Scaffolding, also called single frame type scaffolding is supported on a series of needles.

These scaffoldings are normally used:

  • When you can’t secure the stands into the ground
  • The construction or repair work is to be done in the upper part of a tall building and
  • The construction or repair work is to be carried out on a street that has to be free from traffic.

The standards of this scaffolding are placed on a platform (needle) extending out of the holes in the wall at certain heights above the ground. 

The inner ends of the needles are braced to prevent the needle from moving upwards.

While the other ends are held by an inclined strut and bolted to the needle using dogs.

5- Steel Scaffolding

As the name says, it is made up of steel tubes, thereby making it durable and robust.

Steel tubes are fixed by steel couplers or fittings which make construction and dismantling easy and convenient.

Steel Scaffolding is considered one of the safest scaffolds. 

6- Suspended Scaffolding

In this kind of scaffolding, the working platform is created with the help of bamboo, wire ropes, and chains.

These painter’s scaffolds are mainly used for repair works, cleaning, painting, etc. 

The working platform in this scaffolding system is suspended from the roofs of tall construction buildings, so as to provide ease to adjust it at the required level.

This scaffolding system is used when one cannot create a base or construct scaffolding from the ground to the required level. 

7- Trestle Scaffolding

Trestle Scaffolding, also known as rolling scaffolding, uses movable tripods or ladders that help one to move the base from one point to another.

These scaffoldings are basically meant for work inside the house, like repair, painting, fixing the ceilings, etc. 

This type of scaffolding for home use can go up to the height of 5m and its wheels can be locked to prevent movement and ensure complete safety. 

Benefits of Using Scaffolding

Calling Scaffolding a lifeline of the construction industry won’t be wrong. As it makes the life of the working crew easy and comfortable.

It is a MUST HAVE system for every construction site or building.

Besides providing ease, the painter’s staging system also provides safety and security to the workers.

Here are some of the best benefits of using a proper scaffolding system:  

1) Provides you reach 

The best benefit of constructing scaffolding is – that it provides you the reach above your arm’s length.

Of course, it is not easy to work or paint on higher exterior walls or ceilings without support.

These scaffoldings help workers to have access to those nooks and corners of higher walls to get the paint job done perfectly.

2) Provides you with a perfect balance

Balance is the most important concern when it comes to construction.

Construction works are demanding and the workers have to be at their deftest to perform all the tasks.

However, workers can do things skillfully only when they are provided with a firm platform.

And scaffolding provides workers with sturdy and firm surfaces, thereby allowing them to have complete balance in different positions. 

3) Provides you with complete safety

The safety of workers is as important as the task itself. 

Installing efficient scaffolding structures at the construction sites help workers have complete safety.

Also, it minimizes the loss of life and material to a great extent.

Scaffolding, therefore, provides the workers with a safe working surface no matter whether they are painting the house, cleaning the roof gutters, or installing the siding.

4) Provides you with flexibility

Another key advantage that scaffolding offers when working on a construction site is flexibility.

More often than not, scaffoldings are made up of different parts, each part can be installed and fixed differently.

This allows workers to access specific areas and cover different levels and spots easily and conveniently. 

5) Improves productivity

Believe it or not, scaffoldings also help in having increased productivity, which is the most essential part of construction work.

Of course, it’s natural, when the workers will be provided with sturdy surfaces and complete safety they won’t mind climbing any height.

They would be able to perform better, which ultimately increases their efficiency and results in increased productivity.

6) Acts as a bridge

Gone are the days when painters had to take a long and winding route to access a certain point.

With scaffoldings, you do not have to tire yourself by taking unnecessary routes.

Scaffoldings offer numerous bridging points that ultimately reduce the distance for the workers to cover, thereby making the entire process of construction easier and simpler.

7) Save time and energy

All we want in our lives is time.

Unlike the olden days when there were fewer facilities constructing a building was a task, scaffoldings are easy to assemble and disassemble.

They help people to save a lot of time and energy.

There are readymade scaffolds in the market which help builders and developers to save a lot of time and meet their deadlines. 

8) Have a longer lifespan 

Scaffolds are made up of different materials, like wood, metal, steel, etc.

Steel scaffolds have longer lifespans compared to the ones made up of wood.

Besides having a longer lifespan, scaffoldings also help builders and developers to save a lot of money.

Having sturdy scaffolds in the first place will help them save money that they will otherwise spend on making scaffolds for each new construction site. 

Scaffolds Safety Tips and Instructions

As said earlier safety is the major concern in the construction industry.

Falling from a height could be disastrous for a painter or any other worker working at a high altitude.

It can lead to severe injuries and sometimes even death.

Therefore, it is important to follow safety instructions and guidelines very seriously while using a scaffolding system.

Whether you are a construction worker or a homeowner using a scaffolding system, make sure you strictly adhere to the instructions mentioned below: 

  1. First things first, before using the scaffold read the manufacturer’s instructions, along with any OSHA and ANSI standards carefully.
  2. Then inspect the scaffolding system properly – avoid using it if any of its parts (like hooks or fitting) is worn or damaged.
  3. Support the scaffold system only on stable and firm objects, like flat ground or surface. 
  4. Before you start working on the scaffolding, make sure the working platform is completely planked. 
  5. Always climb the tall scaffolds using a folding ladder. This will help in reducing the risk of accidents while climbing.
  6. Avoid using scaffolds outside during tougher weather conditions like rain, wind, or storm.
  7. Also do not store the scaffold in humid areas or out in the rain. This may cause them to get rust or damages pretty soon.
  8. Don’t try to move your moveable scaffolds when there is any worker working on them.
  9. Don’t miss to lock out the wheels of your scaffold, before mounting
  10. Make sure you use the safety belts or your lanyards, especially when you are working at the heights.
  11. If your scaffold has too sharp edges that may cause injury, consider reducing them by sanding it off using sandpaper or a sander.

Scaffolding vs. Ladder: What to Choose?

Since there are various kinds of ladders for house painting available on the market, DIYers (as well as professional painters) often doubt whether they REALLY need scaffolding!

Well, I have used both of them on different occasions and have seen great success with both of them.

With my own life-long personal experiences, all I can say is both of these tools are highly valuable for construction and painting work. 

The thing you need to know is when to use them, depending on the type of work you have.

When to use scaffold?

Scaffolding for painting projects offers a higher level of comfort and safety.

By creating a well-balanced flat working platform, you can use it for moving or lifting the paint materials even at various different heights.

These are especially useful when you want to paint or work on high exterior walls that may not be very safe to work with ladders.

When to use a ladder?

Ladders can pose a risk of falling or getting injured if you are working on your 2 or 3 story building exterior walls.

However, these are extremely useful, safe, and efficient if you want to work in interiors or on exterior walls that are not too high.

Should I Rent or Buy a Scaffolding System?

Renting a scaffolding system can easily cost you anywhere from $10-$50 a day. This means you should be prepared for paying about $40-$200 a week.

The amount of renting scaffolding for exterior painting will certainly depend on the location, the size, and the type of scaffold you are renting.

The rental charges you need to pay for scaffolding may be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the work you have.

Often this can be a huge amount if your home renovation work lasts for a few weeks or months.  

Investing in a scaffolding unit, on the other hand, can be affordable – especially when you need to use them for a longer period of time.

Also, if you need to renovate, repaint or repair your 3 story house exterior walls once or twice a year buying an affordable unit can be much easier.

Related FAQs

Do I need scaffolding to paint a house?

Scaffolds are great to use when plastering, patching, or painting exteriors.

And that’s why many professional painters and contractors use them for working on exteriors.

Especially when you are planning to get your two or three-story house painted, using a scaffolding structure can be most efficient, safer, and fast.

How high can you go with a scaffold tower?

Depending on the type and size of the scaffold system (or a scaffold tower) it can go as high as 10-12m.

Although it’s good to hire a professional painter if you plan to paint your exterior walls at height, or if you are planning to DIY work your exteriors make sure that you follow all the safety guidelines properly.

Do I need permission to put up the scaffold?

If you or your contractor is putting up the scaffolding within the boundary of your personal property there is no license or permission required.

However, if the part of your scaffold unit needs to go out on the pavement or on the road outside of your property, you are required to get permission from your local council.

In both cases, make sure that the builder or scaffolder working on your property is licensed to do the job.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are planning to renovate your home or you are a builder engaged in the construction business, do not underestimate the importance of a painter’s scaffold for your task.

Scaffoldings for home use are a great way to maximize efficiency, minimize risks, and shorten construction time significantly.

Scaffolding makes any task, from painting to roofing, cleaning to siding, windows to masonry work easier and simpler.

It allows workers to safely reach even the difficult points and corners of the building without much effort. 

Not only for professional home builders and contractors but also scaffoldings can be an important tool for homeowners and DIYers as well.

As it provides ease and comfort to people carrying out construction or performing DIY projects.

The good news is – with these available online at a very low cost you can now opt to have your own mobile scaffolds; as it will help you save a lot of money that you will spend on renting a scaffold otherwise.

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