15+ Best Black & White Colors (by Sherwin-Williams)

Best Black & White Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Black and white is a color scheme that has always held some measure of popularity but has gained traction in recent years.

While once used to create quirky retro looks, it has been transformed into a key color combination in many modern spaces.

There are many ways to incorporate black and white color schemes into your space through a mix of interior walls and furniture paint.

Before you do, you’ll first need to determine which shades of both are right for you.

White vs. Black Paint Colors

Shades of white paint can give rooms an airy, bright feel.

Though white paint tends to lean toward cooler tones or warmer tones, sometimes, you will find a white that is truly neutral.

A cooler white will make spaces feel bigger, while warmer whites create a cozier feel.

Whatever you’re going for, whether cool, warm, or neutral, you may be struggling to figure out which white is best for you.

This can also be said about black.

While some believe that black is only one exact shade and type of color and nothing else, there is quite the variety.

Certain black paints are navy-black or charcoal gray while others have a warm brownish tone.

If you’re looking to add black paint to trims, shutters, interiors, or front doors, narrowing down the different options in these subtle shades of black can feel difficult.

Below, we have put together a list of the best white and black paint colors offered by Sherwin Williams for your consideration.

With this article, you can figure out which paints go best together in your specific project to leave you with a finished product you are satisfied with.

Best White Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Top White Colors by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams offers a wide variety of whites to suit any space.

From cool neutrals to warmer shades, there’s a white for every taste. Here are some of my favorites…

1- Alabaster, SW 7008

(R: 237 G: 234 B: 224 LRV: 82)

Alabaster is a popular shade of white.

It is known for its warm appearance, which is quite neutral and sometimes referred to as off-white.

2- Pure White, SW 7005

(R: 237 G: 236 B: 230 LRV: 84)

Much like its name suggests, Pure White is just that. This is the color of white for anyone who wants a white that is totally neutral.

It is neither overly cool nor warm and therefore looks great in any room.

3- Dover White, SW 6385

(R: 240 G: 234 B: 220 LRV: 83)

Lovers of creamy white hues will enjoy Dover White.

This smooth color is particularly popular for use in kitchens, especially on cabinets.

4- Snowbound, SW 7004

(R: 237 G: 234 B: 229 LRV: 83)

The name Snowbound gives you a good idea of what it will look like.

This is a white cool color that has hints of some greige, making it on the warmer side.

5- Eider White, SW 7014

(R: 226 G: 222 B: 216 LRV: 73)

Elder White is a nice choice for anyone who wants something a little darker than typical white.

Its gray gives it a grayish-pink color depending on the light in the room at any given time.

6- Aesthetic White, SW 7035

(R: 227 G: 221 B: 211 LRV: 73)

This color of paint tends to look off-white on walls. It has a small touch of gray and a hint of warmth that makes it a comforting color.

This paint color has hints of gray, which makes it a good choice for any room with white trim. It looks especially nice in the bedrooms.

7- Marshmallow, SW 7001

(R: 238 G: 233 B: 224 LRV: 82)

Marshmallow white is a warmish white hue that has a slightly red tone.

Its dash of red means it gives off a pinkish-white hue in some types of lighting.

8- Spare White, SW 6203

(R: 228 G: 228 B: 221 LRV: 77)

With its cool tones and super light gray undertones, Spare White is a fairly neutral white.

It looks great in bedrooms or in spaces that need a slightly cozier appearance.

9- White Flour, SW 7102

(R: 244 G: 239 B: 229 LRV: 87)

With this color of paint, you can expect a warm white shade with a twist.

At the foundation of this paint color, there are yellow undertones that make it stand out.

10- Pearly White, SW 7009

(R: 232 G: 227 B: 217 LRV: 77)

Pearly White is a creamy white hue with a solid look.

It looks especially beautiful with wood furniture, no matter what type of wood you have.

Best Black Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Top Black Colors by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams has many different blacks to choose from, each with its own unique tone and mood.

Whether you’re going for a sleek, modern look or a more traditional feel, there’s sure to be a black color that’s perfect for your project.

So, without keeping you waiting, let’s start browsing through our selection of top black colors today.

1- Iron Ore, SW 7069

(R: 67 G: 67 B: 65 LRV: 6)

Iron Ore is a very popular dark gray hue that is likened to that of charcoal.

This color is most commonly used on doors, but you will also see it on accent walls, furniture, and even exterior spaces.

Iron Ore is thought to be a lighter shade of black than some of Sherwin Williams’ other black paints like Caviar, Black Magic, and Tricorn black.

2- Black Fox, SW 7020

(R: 79 G: 72 B: 66 LRV: 7)

Black Fox finds itself on a different swatch than many other black paints by Sherwin Williams.

It instead sits with Mindful Gray, Repose Gray, and Dorian Gray and has a rich chocolatey color blended in with the black.

It looks great on entryway doors, trim, and garage doors.

3- Tricorn Black, SW 6258

(R: 47 G: 47 B: 48 LRV: 3)

This color of black is a part of the neutral paint family and shows itself as a darker shade of black than Black Fox and Iron Ore.

This is a true black hue that has no obvious undertones, making it especially good for use on black shutters.

It is also a good choice for furniture, window trim, exterior doors, and statement walls.

4- Black Magic, SW 6991

(R: 50 G: 49 B: 50 LRV: 3)

Black Magic has a similar LRV score as Caviar and Tricorn black, meaning that it, too, is a true dark black.

It has a tiny bit more red to it than Tricorn Black, which in turn makes it feel a little warmer than that paint color.

5- Caviar, SW 6990

(R: 49 G: 48 B: 49 LRV:3)

As elegant and rich as its name suggests, this is an inky dark black that falls into the neutral paint family as well.

It is a bit like Tricorn black but has more of a brown base than Tricorn Black. It can be compared to both Caviar and Black Magic.

6- Greenblack, SW 6994

(R:55 G: 58 B: 58 LRV: 4)

Much like the name might indicate, Greenblack is a color that is a mix of black and green.

It is slightly lighter in tone than Tricorn Black, Black Magic, and Caviar and shows off that subtle dark green hue.

7- Inkwell, SW 6992

(R: 49 G: 54 B: 58 LRV: 4)

Inkwell is a black color that contains more of the shade blue than it does green and red.

This makes it a cooler black paint color than some others. This color could look like dark navy black in some light settings.

This makes it a great choice for any room you want to have a dark or moody feel, such as a bedroom, living room, library, or even dining room.

Are Black and White Paint Colors Stylish?

Are Black and White Paint Colors Still in Style?

With all of these various black and white paints for you to consider, you may be wondering if it is worth it to go through with the paint job and bring your vision to life.

Fortunately, you will be happy to know that black and white are most certainly still in style.

They provide a rather high-end look if done correctly, and it is a timeless and classic color combination that you can implement in various rooms of any house.

When you do, it adds a more sophisticated feel to the room.

If you want to bring black and white into your space but want to keep it more subtle, you can choose to incorporate them by using them for carpeting or throw rugs.

Adding a patterned black and white rug can add plenty of visual intrigue to the space.

You could also take the plunge and use the paint on the walls and furnishings.

White walls with black shelves are a common choice. You will also frequently see black trim around windows with white walls surrounding them, as it adds bold contrast.

Using black and white paint provides you with unmatched versatility and allows you to do practically anything you want with the art and other decors in the space in terms of color.

This alone makes the combination a popular choice for homeowners, especially those who like to change the little details of a room rather frequently.

The Bottom Line

Black and white is a timeless color combination that never loses its appeal. When combined wisely, it creates an eye-catching atmosphere that is visually appealing, especially if you use them both in big ways.

In this article, we outlined some of the most popular white and black paint colors from Sherwin-Williams to consider. We also explored the false rumor that black and white colors may no longer be in style.

When you’re setting out to plan your new black and white room and are looking for the right place to start, return to this article to get refreshed on the many Sherwin-Williams paint options available for you.

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