10+ Exciting Gaming Room Color Schemes & Ideas

paint color ideas for gaming room

Online video games are getting extremely popular these days, with people of all ages playing them. If you’re also a passionate gamer, chances are you have a gaming room in your home (or want to build one) where you enjoy playing your favorite games without the need to go out visiting the gaming pubs.

While constructing and designing a gaming room in your home is not so tough, deciding on the color scheme can be a bit tricky. You might not want to go for the traditional colors and combinations that make the room feel cramped and uninviting.

Instead, pick the gaming room paint colors and ideas that will enrich the overall mood and atmosphere of the space. This means selecting a palette for your gaming room walls and decor that will help create the vibe you’re going for.

Gaming Room Paint Color Ideas

When deciding on the right color scheme and decorations for a gamer room, think about its purpose.

For example, if you are playing competitive video games with friends, consider using an aggressive and brighter color scheme (such as yellows and oranges) to get you in the right mindset.

However, if the room is for leisurely gaming or hanging out, choosing a calmer palette (like earth tones) that won’t be too stimulating is better. For a unique customized gaming room experience, you may also consider using a combination of energetic and relaxed hues.

5 Earthy Tones for Gamers’ Room Decor

Earth tones, in general, are colors that are found in nature. They are usually more subdued and can create a calming effect. Some of the best natural and earthy shades for a gaming room include:

1- Khaki

While some may argue that gray or black is the go-to color for a gaming room, I’m here to make a bold statement: khaki is the way to go. You may be thinking, “Khaki? That’s the color of my dad’s cargo shorts.” But before you write it off, hear me out.

Khaki is a versatile shade that can set the mood for any game genre. Feeling adventurous and ready to tackle some Fallout 4? Khaki will give you that desert wasteland vibe. Looking for a calmer experience while playing The Sims?

Khaki will provide a warm and cozy atmosphere. Plus, it’s a color that won’t clash with any neon gaming accessories and won’t make your gaming space feel like a dark dungeon. So, why not ditch the cliché dark walls and embrace the unique but totally underrated khaki paint color? Your inner gamer (and your dad’s wardrobe) will thank you.

2- Taupe

Taupe may seem bland, but it’s the perfect backdrop for an immersive experience. Think of it as a blank canvas just waiting for your electronic entertainment to bring the room to life.

Plus, with this neutral color scheme, you can easily switch up the decor and add pops of color with gaming posters and accessories without clashing with the walls. It’s the perfect balance between boring office beige and edgy neon brights. Trust us on this one; your avatar will thank you for it.

3- Beige

If you love playing video games like “Overwatch” or “Final Fantasy” in your downtime, beige can be a stunning option to enjoy your gaming session.

It’s perfect for a leisurely gaming room where you want to relax and unwind with your family and friend after a long hectic week. Plus, it also helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone.

4- Brown

Love playing games like “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield” with your buddies? Just try to add some brown to your atmosphere. It’s an excellent earthy shade that works well in any kind of gaming room.

Some of the best shades of brown for your room include chocolate brown, cognac brown, and mahogany brown. No matter what you pick, they are sure to give a rich, luxurious feel making it perfect for creating an upscale space.

5- Cream and Off-whites

If you don’t want to settle for boring old white walls or traditional beige and browns, opt for a palette of creamy shades, from off-white to ivory and tan.

These hues will give your space a sophisticated touch while still offering the ideal backdrop for those intense gaming sessions. Plus, if you ever spill your soda or drop a handful of chips (we’ve all been there), those stains will blend right in.

how to choose best paint color for gaming room

5 Brighter Colors for Energetic Gaming Nerds

For gamers who are into high-tech gaming gear like Xbox, VR headset, racing wheel, motion controller, and gaming chair, earthy tones might not be a good option.

And also, if you don’t want to settle for the usual dark blues and blacks, here are a few ideal shades to make your gaming room look ultra-cool and refreshing:

1- Yellow

Yellow is a perfect option for creating an energetic and stimulating space that can up your gaming room’s style quotient. When used correctly and in the right places, this shade creates a high-end gaming room that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Within this color scheme, you can use the shades like lemon yellow, dandelion yellow, and goldenrod yellow. These are all excellent options for my fellow gamers who want to create a happy and cheerful gaming room with glowing walls.

2- Orange

Orange is another great option for those marathon gaming sessions and gamers who desire to create an exciting, stimulating space with vibrant walls.

Some of the best shades of orange you can use in your gaming room walls include tangerine, apricot, and peach. These will offer your gaming setup a bit of an edge and be truly unique.

3- Red

Red shades like scarlet, cherry, and maroon are on the more intense side of the spectrum, with some heat and fire inside. But it’s still an excellent option for teenagers who want their gaming room to be full of energy, vibrancy, and excitement.

This red-shade gaming space theme is good enough to enjoy your favorite games with friends and beat the highest score.

4- Purple

Purple shades like lavender, eggplant, and plum create a gaming room full of excitement and mystery. Not only will these bold hues add some much-needed pizzazz to your gaming room, but they may also give you an edge during those intense battles.

From walls to furniture, a coat of purple paint will transform your room into a vibrant and energizing space worthy of any gaming marathon. So why settle for a bland and monochromatic game room when you can be the envy of all your friends with a bold and stylish purple paradise?

5- Blue

Tired of your drab and uninspiring gaming room? Fear not, my friend. With the shades of blue like navy, royal blue, and sky blue, you can always bring some life and energy into your gaming area.

Shades of blue are not only regal and majestic, but they also happen to be the perfect hues to give your gaming space a much-needed facelift to play games like Overwatch, Halo 5, Gears of War, etc.

6- Pink

Pink is a bit girlish but can be used to create a gaming room for girls who love playing games with their friends in a stimulating and calming atmosphere.

With shades like fuchsia, blush, and rose, you can create a PC gaming room perfect for playing games like Hello Kitty, Exotic Princess, and Barbie. So, if pink is your daughter’s favorite color, make sure to include it in her gaming room decor.

7- Green

Let’s face it – gaming is all about the experience, so why not fully immerse yourself in a space that reflects your passion?

From deep emeralds to bright limes, olive, forest, and mint, there’s a green out there for every gamer for playing games like Minecraft, The Sims, and Animal Crossing.

So, go ahead and channel your inner Yoshi or Luigi and get ready to level up your natural gaming room with an epic paint job. You can use them on walls, furniture, pillows, or gaming accessories like consoles to create a warm, inviting space with energetic vibes.

Mix and Match the Colors for a Unique Gaming Experience

When you’re surrounded by screens, controllers, and virtual worlds, the color of your gaming room walls and furniture might seem like an afterthought. But don’t be fooled – the right shades can make all the difference.

I understand all the above shades might look great on paper, but testing them out in your space before making a final decision is essential. The best way to do this is by painting a large swatch of each color on the wall and seeing how it looks in your space.

You can also buy small tester pots of each color and paint them on a white canvas or poster board to better understand how they’ll look in your gaming room.

If you want to get creative, you can also mix and match different colors to create your custom palette. Some of these shades that work well together include:

  1. Pink and purple
  2. Yellow and green
  3. Orange and red
  4. Blue and green
  5. Classic black and white

And besides colors, there are a few other awesome things to consider when setting up an ultimate gaming room area. Here are a few ideas and tips that can help make a difference:

  • Gaming chair – for those long and intense gaming sessions
  • Gaming desk – to keep all your gaming gear organized on the gaming station
  • Console stand – to keep your consoles organized and dust-free
  • Bookshelf – to store all your gaming books, manuals, and guides
  • Wall art – to add a bit of personality and style to the room
  • Area rug – to add a bit of warmth and comfort
  • Ceiling fan – a must-have to keep the room cool and comfortable

Paint the walls in your favorite colors, add some cool wall art, and throw in a comfortable area rug. And don’t forget an essential element – the soundproof walls.

Soundproofing is essential for any gaming room because it lets you focus on the game and tune out all the outside noise. When you do it correctly using soundproofing panels it also prevents your gaming sessions from disturbing other people in the house.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing quite like designing your own gaming room. From an astronomical night sky to a full-on game floating in outer space, the possibilities for color schemes are infinite and you can really make your game space one of a kind.

Color not only adds to the aesthetic of your game room, but it also has a great influence on your mood as you enter the space. Whether you go for a style that screams out modern or something more traditional and rustic, selecting the perfect color scheme for gaming is a fun – and really rewarding – a task that will bring together all the elements that make up your area into one cohesive look.

So now that you’ve got some great ideas, let your creativity flow and design the most awesome gaming room ever.

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