Benefits of Using Mohair Paint Roller for Painting Cabinets

mohair paint rollers

Roller covers hold paint and help you get the painting job done with ease.

For this reason, the type of roller cover that you use is important and should be determined on a job-by-job basis.

With a wide range of options now available, one of the best products that you can rely on is the mohair paint roller.

Mohair Paint rollers are getting one of the most popular choices for painting professionals, and believe me there are some really good reasons why it’s so.

Here I will be discussing the benefits you will get while using these rollers for your wood cabinets and other furniture items.

But before we proceed let’s understand what exactly the product is.

What is Mohair?

Simply put, Mohair is a kind of fabric (or yarn) that is made from the hair of the Angora goat.

Remember – you should not confuse Angora goats with Angora rabbits, which are known for producing Angora wool.

Mohair fabric is popular because of its impressive luster and sheen.

It’s shed resistant and comes with a plastic or phenolic core which is solvent resistant.

Plus, the material is strong as well as highly durable because of which it is also used as a fiber blend to add these characters to textiles and clothing items like sweaters.

Mohair is not only natural but also very absorbent which makes it an exceptional material to use in designing paint rollers.   

Benefits of Mohair Blend Paint Roller

One of the best things about the Mohair roller sleeve is it can be used on a variety of different surfaces with varied length naps.

A few other benefits of using Mohair paint roller cover for your paint project are…

1- Versatile

Professionals, as well as DIYers, need to choose different tools when working with different paint products and finishes.

The problem arises when you do not have the budget or space required to manage these different tools.

Choosing a mohair paint roller helps you solve this issue as it’s among the most versatile rollers you can use for a variety of different projects.

This also means that you can use a mohair roller for paint applications such as:

  • Water-based latex paints
  • Oil-based paints and enamels
  • Polyurethane and urethane finishes
  • Epoxies, lacquer, and many other gloss varnishes

No matter what paint, varnish or finish you want to use for painting cabinets, mohair rollers can do the job for you.

2- Highly Absorbent

Mohair roller sleeves are designed with excellent quality synthetic material which also makes them highly absorbent.

This means they can easily soak up and absorb enough paint in one go to help you apply the paint without wasting time.

Also, with these high-capacity rollers, you will not need to waste your energy and paint in reapplying the paint.

With just one or two coats you are good to go and can complete your project within a strict deadline.

3- Smoother Application

One reason why many professional painters like using the best quality Mohair roller cover is its natural material used which makes the paint application easy, even as well as smooth.

When you are working with these rollers the paint can be applied very smoothly regardless of the surface you are painting on.

Just pre-wet your paint roller, get some paint on it and start with the application process.

This also helps you in getting a professional-looking finish without actually spending too much time on a specific paint job.

4- Easy and Fast to Clean

Mohair blend roller covers and sleeves are easy to clean as well.

After you are done with your paint project you can simply start by rinsing the mohair roller cover with warm water and soap.

Use a putty knife or a 5-in-1 tool to remove the excess stuck-on paint and repeat the rinsing process until all of the paint is removed.

Best Mohair Paint Roller Covers and Sleeves

Mohair Paint rollers are available in a variety of cover sizes and nap lengths.

You can choose a mini-sized for painting window trims and corners or a bigger one for furniture items like wardrobes or cabinets in your home.

Some of the most popular brands that are known to provide these high-density rollers include:

  • Wooster
  • Redtree Industries
  • KingOrigin
Mohair Roller vs Microfiber Roller

Mohair vs. Microfiber Roller: What’s Better For Smooth Finish?

Besides mohair rollers, which are highly versatile, the other varieties of roller covers that are getting popular on the market include woven and microfiber roller covers.

While woven paint roller covers are very similar to microfiber roller covers, the basic difference is that microfiber rollers are made up of microfiber fabric.

Also, when we compare mohair rollers vs. microfiber rollers for cabinets there is a significant difference you should know about.

Unlike mohair roller covers, the fabric of microfiber covers consists of fibers that are very small – much like a silk thread with 1/5th diameter of human hairs.

These fibers are usually made by using one (or a combination of) synthetic materials that include: nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, Kevlar, Nomex, and Trogamide.

Plus, these fibers are usually attached to the roller with epoxy, which makes the microfiber rollers extraordinarily strong.

This also means that when applying the paint on the wooden furniture or cabinet surfaces, the fibers of the microfiber rollers will remain in place and does not cause any flaws that are sore to the eyes.

Few other features of microfiber rollers that makes them unique include:

  • Are not very hard
  • Does not scratch or damage the surfaces
  • Good at absorbing water-based paints like latex and acrylics
  • Ideal for achieving desired smoothness on the surface with minimal texture

As a result of all these great features, these rollers are highly efficient in delivering very smooth glossier finishing – no matter what surface or project you are working on.

The Bottom Line

Other than conventional foam rollers, mohair paint rollers and microfiber rollers are both getting highly popular due to the benefits they offer to the painters.

Also, there are lambswool roller, microlon roller, and a few others that are sprouting over.

These come with a range of different unique features, in wide color options, and with different brand names.

If you haven’t tried these naturally designed rollers for your paint project yet, give them a try.

I believe you will love them, especially if it’s a small DIY cabinet painting project where you need to achieve a smoother finish without applying lots of effort.

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