How to Use Stak Rack When Painting?

Stak Rack

One of the bigger issues with painting doors and trim and then stacking them until they dry is the lack of space and the big mess that might be created.

For contractors looking for a professional tool that allows them to paint and stack doors and trim easily or, for homeowners who are engaged in a remodeling effort involving doors and trim, the Stak Rack may be your best option.

The Stak Rack is a simple yet revolutionary tool designed to save time and effort when painting and stacking doors, windows, and trim.

For professionals, it’s a tool that can be used daily in your construction or renovation efforts. And for DIYers or homeowners, it’s an inexpensive tool that can save valuable time and effort when remodeling the home.

How Does Stak Rack Work?

Stak Rack is basically a series of plastic-made triangular racks that can be stacked one atop the other, as the name implies.

They are simple to use, easy to maintain, and can be a part of your construction or renovation business.

Because they take up little space and are designed for holding doors, trim, and even cabinets, you can use them to keep the items in place when painting, refinishing, or repairing.

The design allows you to easily flip the door, trim, or cabinet after one side is complete. This simply means that it’s a tool that can help you paint a series of items quickly and efficiently without having to move them from one spot to another.

using stak rack

What are the Benefits of Using Stak Racks?

As you can imagine, the greatest benefit of using Stak Rack is its time savings.

It saves you valuable time in terms of having a place to paint and hold a series of doors, trim, or cabinets. You can also easily remove the top one or flip over one item to paint the other side.

All in all, compared to other available options on the market, Stak Racks is much more effective as it can save you a good amount of time which means you keep more money in your pocket every week on the job you do.

Here are a few other reasons why I think every painter should consider using this tool for their next project.

1- Uses Less Space

Perhaps the other most noticeable advantage is that Stak Rack can save valuable working space inside a home or commercial property.

Instead of spreading out the doors, cabinets, and trim, you can keep them all in one place. This means that you have more room to move around and work while still ensuring that the items are secured in place.

This can be particularly beneficial for those who have pets or children running around who may knock into the items when they’re stacked loosely.

2- Versatile

Because you can use them with different sizes of items, you can take advantage of the time and space being saved by employing multiple Stak Racks.

One set for doors, another for trim, and yet another for cabinets means using a fraction of the space and completing everything at once without waiting for long.

You can also use Stak Racks to repair multiple items of the same size and shape. For example, if you are repairing imperfections in identical sheets of plywood, you can use Stak Racks to hold them all in one place.

3- Better Organization & Handling

Another benefit is how Stak Racks keeps things organized with minimal effort.

Because you can stack doors, trim, and cabinets with minimal effort, you can quickly account for all the items you are currently painting or letting dry.

This means that you can do inventory faster and move items with greater ease. When you stack them in a way that they won’t move or slide while you transport them, you are guaranteeing safe arrival and eliminating any potential damage.

How to Use Stak Racks for Doors, Trim, and Cabinets?

The first step after you acquire a set of Stak Racks is to set them up in the desired location. This is usually in a work area but out of the way so you can paint or repair identical items.

Next, set up the first door, trim, or cabinet on a Stak Rack. This one should be nearest to the floor or a large surface.

Now you set up the next Stak Rack set on top of the previous one. It will fit right into place, allowing you to lay another identical item on top, such as a cabinet, trim, or door.

You can stack as many of them as you desire, although there are obvious size and weight restrictions. For example, you wouldn’t want to stack too many heavy doors or cabinets on top of one another. If you do, there are chances for them to become unstable and potentially cause damage.

Once all of them are set up and ready, you can begin painting or repairing each item without moving them from one spot to the other.

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