What is Cone Sanding – How it Works?

How does cone sanding work

Cone sanding is one of the best ways of sanding those tiny, detailed, and hard-to-reach areas on your project.

It’s a process that uses a small cone-shaped piece of sandpaper (detail sanding cones) to smooth out the surface.

If you have ever tried to work on small irregular surfaces of softwood furniture, you know how complicated it is to sand those areas.

Especially for carvers and woodturners, getting into small spaces can be a real challenge.

But with detail cone sanders, now there’s an easy way to get into all those tiny, hard-to-reach areas.

You can use them for a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to wood carving, making walking canes, sculptures, pyrography, etc.

The video by TreelineUSA tells you more about these detail sanding cones, how to attach them to the mandrels, and how to carefully sand the surfaces using them.

So, check out these small yet highly functional devices – if you plan to work on a small surface with intricate details and carvings.

Sanding Cones Sizes and Grits

The TreelineUSA website offers two sizes of sanding cones – small and large.

The small ones are great for getting into tight spaces, while the large ones are perfect for working on larger surfaces. Both sizes come in a variety of grits, such as 200, 250, 300, and 350.

200 is a medium-grit sander designed for light sanding, whereas 350 is a fine-grit sander that’s ideal for sanding jobs that involve very fine details.

So, depending on your project requirements, you can choose the right sanding cone size and grit.

How to Use the Detail Sanding Cones?

To use your sanding cones, first, attach them to the mandrel by simply slipping the cone onto the mandrel and tightening the set screw.

Once the cone is attached to the mandrel, you can start sanding the surface of your project.

Remember to use light pressure and move the sander in a circular motion to avoid any damage on the surface.

Also, make sure you always sand with the grains of the wood to get a smooth, desirable finish.

Detail Sanding Cones Other Uses and Buying Tips

Although detail sanding cones are mainly used in polishing furniture and products made of wood (like sanding the grooves in your antique chair or table), you can also use them for grinding and buffing artificial stone, glass, plastic, and several other hard or soft surfaces.

If you are wondering where to purchase these devices, TreelineUSA is one of the best online tools and woodworking stores out there.

Treeline was founded in late 1997 and operated out of a small Provo, Utah building until moving to a new 8000-square-foot location west of the original in 2004.

Their primary focus is wood carving tools and materials, walking stick/cane supplies, pyrography equipment, and other hard-to-find tools while maintaining excellent customer service and product quality.

For more information and tips on cone sanding, you can check on the official website of TreelineUSA.com, where these tapered cone sanders are available at a very reasonable cost.

Detail sanding cones by Dremel and a few other brands are also available online. So, if you want, you can compare the prices before buying them, especially if you need to purchase them in bulk.

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