The 5 Best Work Pants for Painters

Painters work pants

For painters, the type of work pants to wear is important so that they can complete the task better and faster.

While as a painter you may not undergo the same type of work as a construction worker, mechanic, or carpenter, you still put a considerable amount of stress on the pants in terms of bending, stretching, climbing, and walking along with getting drips of paint on them.

Finding the right type of work pants therefore means more than simply purchasing the cheapest on the market.

What follows is a list of the best painter’s pants, just in case you are interested in buying one. We will also look at some of the most common types, factors, tips, and criteria for picking the right pair that can provide comfort while holding up to the rigors of each workday.

Best Work Pants for Painters

No matter whether you are a professional painter or a DIYer, if you are looking to purchase a new pair of work pants for your job, here are a few best options to consider. Just make sure that you do not compromise quality for cost when selecting the right pair of jeans.

1- Dickies Utility Pant

Dickies mens Relaxed-fit Painter's work utility pants,...
  • CLASSIC WORKWEAR: The standard in painter's pants, these machine...
  • STURDY FUNCTIONALITY: These pants feature a deep rule pocket on right...
  • QUALITY & COMFORT: Our pants are made with quality, comfort & value in...

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As a professional painter for more than a decade now, I have already tried more than a dozen work pants for my job.

All I can say is – that nothing feels better than DICKIES! Dickies Men’s Relaxed-Fit Utility Pant offers great convenience with its multiple tool pockets.

I know the fact that it’s quite frustrating when you are not able to find the right tools for yourself, especially when you just climbed up the ladder for painting. Well, you do not have to go through all such stressful moments with the pants like Dickies.

This Relaxed-Fit Utility Pant from Dickies is made from 100% cotton and can be easily washed in your machine at home.

One best thing that I like most about these Dickies work pants is they offer you premium quality triple-stitched seaming for better fitting, reinforcement, and durability.

Also, these premium painters’ pants feature a hammer loop along with extra-large back pockets to keep your cell phone and essential painting tools (small as well as big) with you all the time.

When buying at stores like Amazon just make sure that you refer to the Dickies Men’s size chart to choose the right fit. If possible, go for one size bigger as they can shrink a bit after one wash.  

• Durable drill fabric
• Zip fly with button
• Extra-large back pockets
• Double tool pocket on the left leg
• Hammer loops on both the legs
• Machine washable 100% cotton fabric
• Stiff and can shrink after a wash

2- Lee Dungarees Carpenter Jeans

Lee Men's Loose-Fit Straight Leg Carpenter Jean,...
  • LOOSE FIT. Designed with a loose fit through the seat and thigh, these...
  • UTILITY STYLING. This jean features five pockets and an extra side...
  • GET TO WORK. Designed to withstand the grind, this Poly blend jean...

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Designed for the hard-working man, the LEE men’s work jean is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Although named “Carpenter Jean” this can be used for a variety of different tasks like house painting, plastering, construction, electrician, and much more.

It’s made up of 75% cotton and 25% polyester with loose-fit design to provide you best fitting along with added comfort and style – it provides you more room to move in which also makes it extra comfortable through the seat and thigh.

This means you can wear them on your job site even for long hours without any trouble.  

• Lightweight, poly blend
• Zip-Fly with button closure
• Six pockets and a hammer loop
• Machine wash with quick-drying
• Resists abrasion, wrinkles, and stretching
• Loose fit
• Thin material

3- Wrangler Riggs Workwear Jean

Wrangler Riggs Workwear mens Relaxed Fit Five Pocket...
  • ROOM2MOVE FIT. For long days on the job, you want a work jean that...
  • DURABLE MATERIALS. Unmatched durability, comfort and dependability....
  • CLASSIC STYLING. A workwear staple - this relaxed fit jean is made for...

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For your extra-long working hours on the job, you need work jeans that can keep you comfortable and sweat-free.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Jean for men is built with 100% cotton and can help you deliver the comfort you are seeking.

More accurately, these Riggs cargo work pants are constructed using a Durashield denim fabric that is made up of fibers. This kind of fabric makes the move easier during wear and also protects the denim color.

This Wrangler work jeans also carries a classic five-pocket style (Reinforced with 1000 Denier Cordura lined pockets and leather tape measure clip) to make it more functional and to improve your efficiency at the worksite.

Furthermore, I am also fond of its Relaxed Fit comfortable design that carries a gusseted crotch and improved fit in the seat, thigh, and knee to provide you with a greater range of motion and all-day comfort on your worksite.

• Zipper closure
• Easy machine wash
• Utility storage five pockets
• Room to move fit comfortably
• Unmatched durable & comfy denim material
• Thin material
• Slightly skinny and tight

4- Dickies Men’s Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant

Dickies Men's Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant, Khaki, 30W x...
  • Sits at waist; roomier in seat and thigh; straight leg
  • 8.5 oz. Twill; 100% Cotton
  • Flat front

*Last update on 2024-05-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Dickies’ Loose Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pants are roomy enough making them most comfortable to wear for long work hours. It features wider bottom leg openings for boots so that you can fit in any kind of work boots with these pants according to your liking.

Furthermore, these industrial cargo work pants are crafted with high-quality cotton material that not only makes them breathable and comfortable but also highly durable.

Like other pants in our list above, this also comes with additional conveniently placed pockets so that storing your tools and tapes won’t be trouble while you are painting the walls or even high ceilings.

What I like most in these relaxed fit cargo working trousers is their sturdy construction along with casual waistband & flat-front styling that offers you a great stylish look.

At last, these Dickies pants come in a wide range of colors to choose from, and these are a great value for you as you can truly enjoy wearing these rigorous pants for years to come without any damage.

• 100% cotton twill fabric
• Washed for Softness
• Pleated Cargo Pockets
• Sits at waist; straight leg
• Roomier in seat and thigh
• Baggy
• Get wrinkled fast

5- 5.11 Tactical Men’s Pro Work Pants

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro Lightweight Performance...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Constructed using premium polyester and cotton...
  • TEFLON-TREATED FABRIC - Coated with Teflon, these pants have a...
  • FULLY GUSSETED CONSTRUCTION - Featuring a gusseted inseam and a fitted...

*Last update on 2024-05-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro Work Pants, are highly versatile, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Specially designed for tactical use (hunting, hiking, and outdoor activities), these are also a great option for construction workers and painters who need good heavy-duty jeans for their worksite.

These 5.11 tactical pants are built with high-quality Teflon-treated fabric that makes them stain, soil, and spill-resistant. In addition, this work trouser also features an action waistband and 8 pockets (including strap-and-slash seat pockets) which makes them highly functional.

Also, there are straps and loops built into these working pants that are extremely useful at times when your pockets are filled with other tools and small items.

• Stretch Waistband
• Multi-Use Extra Pockets
• Double-reinforced seat and knees
• Teflon finish with YKK zippers and Prym snaps
• Gussetted construction for flexibility and strength
• Tight belt loop
• Back pockets can be painful
white painters jeans

Types of Work Pants Available in the Market

There are several different types of pants designed for work, although all of them focus on being tough, durable, and resistant to wear.

1- Dungarees

Many people associate dungarees with denim jeans probably because it is a common color. But dungarees (or overalls) are well-suited to be work pants thanks to their durable construction.

The basic difference between dungarees and jeans is that of “cut”. While dungarees are cut to fall straight down off your hips, and abdomen, jeans are cut in such a way that they conform to the shape of your body.

Do not confuse them with ordinary blue jeans as they are tougher, more durable, and built with wide openings at the legs so that you can wear safety boots or galoshes depending on your needs.

2- Cargo Pants

You’ll often see colored cargo pants at worksites because they offer one advantage over traditional work pants, they have more pockets.

The pockets of cargo pants allow you to carry different tools conveniently which works especially well on ladders when you need a scraper or other tool to complete a job without going back down. They are also loose-fitting and quite comfortable.

3- Carpenter Pants

These pants are most noted for their flexibility as you might expect being designed for carpenters to hold various tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, etc.

As a painter if you buy them you’ll find plenty of pockets, tabs, and loops to hang a paintbrush or other tools you need to complete a job.

4- Work Shorts

Painter’s work shorts are not pants, they are like your regular shorts but designed for construction work including painting, and carpentry. The basic difference lies in its length, design, and comfort factor.

The work shorts are comfortable and convenient to wear and are usually considered due to their versatility. When choosing one, you can either pick the relaxed fit (recommended) or a regular fit based on your working environment.

The only downside of work shorts is they come with limited pockets. So, you cannot hold lots of tools while working. Also, since it does not cover your body completely these are not very safe to work in and can cause injury to your legs while working.

5- Painters Trousers

As you might suspect, these are designed primarily for painters – durable materials, loops for tools, and extra pockets make them well-suited for painting.

The main difference between painter and carpenter pants is in bright colors, particularly white help identify them with paint. However, just because they are designated as painter pants, that does not mean they are the best for your needs. You should check the fabric, features they offer and much more before you pick them for your job.

A few other types

Other than the above common pants, there are also double-knee pants that are reinforced (with extra fabric) at the knees since they tend to wear out quicker than other areas.

Double-knee work pants are more expensive than other types, but if you are constantly wearing out your jeans at the knees, they are probably worth the extra expense.

Then there are canvas pants that come with stain & wrinkle-resistant fabric. These are great for those who do not want to wash their pants every working day.

And also there are Cordura Pants (made from Cordura material). These are the toughest materials, difficult to tear apart and hence very durable.

Ladies who want to DIY paint can even try wearing leggings, yoga pants or disposable jeans. Just make sure that it’s not too tight.

Factors to Consider when Buying Work Pants for Painters

Confused about which work-wear brand to pick? You can check my favorite Dickies Utility Pant that’s best designed for painters. I am not saying that all the others I mentioned above are not good, but it’s more about personal preference.

Since it comes in pure white color which makes me look professional, I am really impressed with Dickies. You can of course pick from the others based on the color and style you like. Just ensure to consider all the factors needed when getting your fit.

1- Materials

Arguably the most important consideration is the materials from which the work pants for women and men are made. For painters, you will need pants that are strong, durable, and comfortable, allowing you to stretch without putting too much pressure on your waist, hips, and knees.

The main types of materials available are cotton duck and denim.

Cotton duck is also known as canvas – it’s heavy-duty material offers smooth sides to make them more durable and less prone to catching objects that might cause a tear. One of its strongest advantages is holding up to wind which is something painters often experience outdoors. However, they are not totally resistant to fire.

Denim is the more common material used for work pants because it is quite comfortable, stylish, and is perfect for cooler climates. You will need to break them in, but once that happens you will have a comfortable pair of work pants in all weather conditions.

2- Weight

You may not consider weight to be all that important, but there are times depending on the conditions when you want pants that have heft.

This means that pants that are thick and heavy-duty are perfect for cooler conditions when you want to keep warm. But, thinner, lighter pants are better when working in warmer conditions. The added adavnatgae is that many types of light work pants are reinforced at the knees for better durability.

3- The Fitting

There are three main types of fit for work pants (Classic, Slim, Relaxed), the better it fits, the more comfortable you will be when painting…

  • Classic is really standard, an average fit for everyone which works pretty well for work.
  • If you like slim-fitting pants, then you might choose this style as it hugs the legs tighter, so they are less likely to catch. But keep in mind, although slim-fit work pants offer wide-leg openings to allow for boots, they are not for everyone.
  • A relaxed fit offers more room in the seat and thighs which is great for the bending and stretching associated with painting.

4- Seams, Zippers, Loops, & Waterproofing

Seams need to be well stitched or they fall apart quickly. So, look for seams that have reinforcements such as bartacks or rivets.

Zippers need to be properly fashioned (need to be covered in some fashion) to withstand the paint, dirt, grime, and other contaminants to keep them working.

Wide belt loops are not only easy to use, but you can also hang an extra tool off them. Be sure that the loops are fortified for extra strength.

Some work pants will also comprise of few extra pockets where you can hold all your painting tools easily. So, it’s good to choose cargo that comes with loops to hold your hammer, and extra pockets for tools like paintbrushes, 3M painters’ tape, pens, etc.

Weatherproof pants has obvious benefits for painters and most of them are designed with materials that are waterproof. However, some of them can become hot under warm weather conditions, so choose this feature carefully.

5- Do Not Pick the Cheapest

Good quality always pays off! So don’t rely on the cheap.

Since you will need them for a long, you should not look for the cheapest work pants on the market. Instead, try purchasing the best work pants at the lowest price (maybe when they are offered for sale).

By emphasizing quality over cost, you can get a pair of work pants that are durable, comfortable, and with a little care may last a long time. The same cannot be said about cheap or poor-quality work pants which will cost you more in the long run.

6- Maintainance Required

Just because you purchased the best does not mean that you have done enough to protect them.

According to the leaders in work pants like Carhartt, Stan Ray, Sherwin Williams, and many others, cleaning your trousers regularly is essential to ensure that they remain durable. The longer that paint, dirt, and other contaminants remain on them, the more damage they may do to the material. However, you do not want to use harsh detergents regularly. Occasional uses of bleach are perfect for white pants.

Also, remember, that some fabrics can be hand-washed, some can be machine-washed while there are others that can only be dry-cleaned. If you wash them otherwise the quality of the material can be damaged sooner.

7- Consider Kneepads and Bibs

If possible, get work pant that comes with a built-in knee pad. The knee pads for painters not only work great when bending low to paint near the floor, but they also protect the fabric of your work pants in their most vulnerable area thus increasing the life of your work trousers.

Similarly, there are paints that come with built-in painters’ bibs and brace (like in Dickies Painters Bib Overalls & Coveralls Trousers). Since the pants with bibs provide better protective coverage to your entire clothing it helps in keeping you neat and clean when working.

Wrapping up

Finding the perfect work pants for painters takes a little research, but the results will be well worth the effort.

When in the market to buy the best painter’s pants you can check at sites like Sherwin Williams, Walmart, eBay, or Amazon. Amazon is my most preferred due to its fast customer service and affordable pricing.

No matter where you shop, just keep in mind that the pants you choose should not only work today but for a long time to come – unless you are planning to pick a disposable one.

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