FrogTape vs. 3M ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape: Which is Better?

FrogTape vs 3M ScotchBlue

Painter’s tape is one crucial thing you will need when you don’t want to mess up with your paint project.

In fact, I always use one for protecting the surfaces and also because I don’t think I have the excellent skills to cut in a straight line.

Besides protecting the trim or baseboard from paint bleeding, it helps me in achieving sharper and crispier paint lines.

However, the problem steps in when it’s about choosing the right painter’s tape for the job.

With such a huge variety of tapes (that come in different colors and sizes), it’s really confusing to select the one right product that can take care of your project.

From my personal experiences, the two products that I found promising include FrogTape and 3M ScotchBlue painter’s tape.

In my guide below, I will try to demystify all the details about them.

Also, by comparing the two we will try to figure out which one is better than the others, why and in what aspects…

FrogTape vs. 3M ScotchBlue

FrogTape is a well-known painter’s tape that comes from a renowned brand and it stands in clear contrast to 3M ScotchBlue.

However, when it comes to masking up before a paint project you will need to choose the right tape that can protect the areas (like door frames, light sockets, baseboards, pipework, etc.) from getting overspray without fail.

Since a single product cannot suit all purposes it really comes down to what kind of paint you are using and on what surfaces.

FrogTape Masking Tape

The most popular FrogTape Multi-Surface Tape comes in 24mm width, convenient to use 50-meter roll. Though there are other sizes like 36mm, and 48mm also available to choose from.

The tape also comes with patented Paintblock technology which is ideally designed for working with emulsion paints.

Although there are a few other FrogTape options (like gloss and satin paints), FrogTape multi-surface tape is what I most commonly use.  

The thing which I like most is it comes with a storage container that helps you to store the tape without affecting its adhesive qualities.

Unless you are working on the surfaces with direct sunlight, the Frog Tape can be kept intact for about 21 days (before painting).

However, you should remove the tape once you are done with the painting, ideally when the paint is still wet.

3M Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape

The 3M Scotch Blue tape is also of 24mm width and comes with a multi-use roll.

The tape is made up of blue crepe paper which can securely stick to curved or uneven surfaces as well.

Compared to what Frog Tape provides, this comes with medium adhesion and is suitable for a wide variety of DIY paint projects around your home such as walls, trim, woodwork, metal, or even glass.

The paint can last for 14 days once applied but should be removed once the painting is carried out and it is still wet.

It’s resistant to sunlight and you can keep the tape for as long as 14 days once applied to the surface.

Once you are done with painting and the paint is still wet, just remove it effortlessly.

FrogTape vs Scotchblue

FrogTape vs Scotchblue: Testing & the Result

Well, this was the trickiest part for me!

What I did was, used both these painter’s tapes on the surfaces side-by-side for a quick comparison.

Since I was painting my wooden door frame (using latex paint) in my living room, I taped around it using both these tapes.

One side with 3M Scotch Blue and the other with Frog Tape.

The door frame I painted for testing, was painted about six years ago.

So, I sanded the bits of peeling paint, cleaned the surface, applied the wood primer, and then painted.

After having applied the paint evenly and waiting for about six to seven minutes, I removed the tapes from both sides.

And guess what…

While both the tapes were quick and easy to remove, the surface that I taped with Frog Tape was much cleaner than 3M.

To my surprise, the 3M Scotch Blue tape removed a bit of wet paint with it and needed a bit of touch-up.

But that was not the case with Frog Tape.

Although it was not significant, I must say the frog tape delivered a cleaner and sharper straight line with nearly no signs of paint removal or bleed through.

So, for me, the clear winner was FrogTape Multi-Surface

With that said, it may not be the case with you.

Maybe you can get cleaner results with a 3M tape and I really can’t say much about it.

So, if you want to try both, just go with them and compare the results by trying on the small surface first.  

But if you don’t want to think much and want to pick only one, I must say try using Frog Tape.

Related FAQs

Is Frog tape toxic?

Frog tape and 3M tapes used for painting are both considered to be non-toxic. This means they are generally safe if they are mistakenly put on the skin.

However, for some people that are prone to allergic reactions, the adhesive used in these painter’s tapes can cause problems.

You should generally avoid using them near to such people and kids to avoid direct contact that can irritate their skin or eyes.   

Also, remember that although these tapes are non-toxic, they are not eatable. If your pets or kids eat the tape by mistake it can cause digestive issues.

Is Blue painters tape heat-resistant?

No matter if it’s a Frog or a Scotch Blue, most painters’ tapes are resistant to flame and are not easily flammable – thanks to their high heat resistance properties.

With that said, if you burn Scotch tape or other masking tapes over a direct flame it does catch fire and can potentially give off noxious fumes that can be toxic if inhaled.

Just in case you are looking for a scotch tape that is microwave safe (that can go in the oven), you should choose Scotch Freezer Tape rather than painter’s tape.

It’s completely safe to use in freezers and microwave ovens.

The Bottom Line

Using the right masking tape will surely save you time and energy.

Plus, if you choose the right product it will also eliminate the need to touch up due to paint-bleeds and all those sticky residues.

Frog Tape is comparatively expensive but it worked great for me.

It worked exactly the same as they stated on their package.

Kept the paint lines straight, didn’t bleed through, and got removed with far better results.

And for this, I would hardly suggest any other product when it comes to choosing the right painter’s tape for a DIY paint project.

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