Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples?

Home Depot Free Paint Samples

Home Depot offers a wide array of items from home decoration, renovation, and upgrading.

Its combination of low prices and a vast line of home improvement items has made the chain one of the most popular of its type in the country.

The paint department at Home Depot has also been celebrated for its wide variety of colors, brands, and finishes.

Of course, with all that Home Depot has to offer you may wonder if they also provide free samples to help with your painting project.

The answer is yes, Home Depot does offer free paint samples, most often in the form of swatches.

If you want a small container of paint to take home, that will come with a cost. This includes major paint brands.

The added benefit is, that you could also use the digital paint sampler through Home Depot’s website or smartphone app when dealing with them your house paint requirements.

Getting a Paint Sample at Home Depot

All Home Depot locations that have a paint department will also have free swatches available.

Simply drop by the paint department and ask to look at their swatches to take home the ones you want to try out.

Another option is the peel-and-stick paint swatch kits. Such kits are normally $2 and many Home Depot locations will carry them.

Alternatively, you can pay for an 8-ounce can of paint which provides just enough of a sample for you to test out in your home.

You can also go online and choose from the different paint colors and types along with brands that have 8-ounce sample sizes available.

Keep in mind that such samples come with a fee which is normally $3. But you can have them shipped either to the nearest Home Depot store or to your home.

Are Paint Samples Free at Home Depot

What Paint Samples You Can Get at Home Depot?

You’ll find a wide variety of brands, colors, and types of paint at your local Home Depot.

While most brands offer free swatches, there are some that do not such as Behr and Glidden.

Those brands may only be sampled from 8-ounce cans which can be purchased online.

You can use the color match portal on Home Depot’s website or purchase the stick-and-peel swatch kits.

The brands that include free sample swatches include but are not necessarily limited to Diamond Brite Paint, PPG, and Harris Titanium.

You can always take advantage of Home Depot’s paint color sampling whether you are in the store or online.

You can also use the resources available at Home Depot to help you choose the right paint for your home.

Home Depot has trained associates who can help you select from the paint swatches available.

Plus, you can purchase the 8-ounce cans of paint that provide just enough product to test out on a wall.

Or you can use the peel-and-stick paint sample kits that can be applied and reapplied without doing any damage to the paint underneath.

If you prefer to keep your search online, you can visit Home Depot’s website and look at the wide variety of colors and sub-hues that are available.

For those with Android or iOS smartphones, you can upload the colors on your phone and choose from the many that are available all without having to obtain paint swatches or samples.

So yes, Home Depot does offer free paint sample options that you can either get at their locations or order online.

You can even access their website and use a color match system that keeps it all in the digital world.

You will need to purchase the 8-ounce paint samples, but they are just $3 each. Or if you prefer the peel and stick paint swatch kits, then they are just $2 each.

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