What Color Front Door Brings Me Good Luck?

Front Door Colors to Bring Good Luck

In the Eastern practice of feng shui, the front door is one of the most crucial spaces in the home and is considered to be the “face” that is shown to the world.

Practically speaking, it is simply the way you enter and exit the home, meaning it still serves the purpose of setting a tone for visitors.

Speaking energetically, feng shui elements can represent the way opportunities and various energies come into your life. Feng shui also states that you can paint your door certain colors to attract luck, growth, and joy.

While there is no “bad” color based on feng shui principles, fiery red is considered to be the luckiest you can use on your front door. To make it work better and bring fortune to those who enter your house, you can also consider hanging charms such as horseshoes, wind chimes, white lights, etc.

Feng Shui Front Door Color Ideas

One of the simplest ways to incorporate feng shui into your home is by painting the doors.

Read on to learn in detail about the different lucky colors you could potentially paint your front door for different reasons according to the practice of feng shui.

1- Red – Gets You Noticed

Red is the most noticeable and commonly used color in feng shui. In the energy map of feng shui, red is related to the Recognition, or Li, area.

The color red is also thought to be connected to the element of fire, which represents inspiration, passion, and warmth. It’s a powerful color that is thought to transform negative energy and offer protection from the same.

If you hope for your front door to be visible from the street to allow opportunities and luck to find their way to you, using red paint is an easy way to accomplish this.

2- Brown – It’s Supportive

In feng shui, brown and similar neutral, earthy hues are connected to the element of earth. They are used to nurture, stabilize, and balance those who inhabit the home.

So, the shades of brown on the front door of your home are a good option for those who want to feel closer to the stability offered by Mother Earth and nature.

Some of my favorite options for this purpose are dark brown, sand-colored beige, and coffee-brown. But you pick any other earthy shade that speaks to your heart.

3- Yellow – It’s Brightening

Yellow is a sunny bright color to add to a front door. In feng shui, it’s connected to the element of earth and earth represents grounding and stability.

For this reason, it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to draw in more of these things while making the home look brighter.

There are many different shades of yellow that you can choose from. Some of the happier options for the front door include golden, buttery yellow, mustard, and lemon.

4- Green – Inspires Growth

Green is connected to the element of wood in terms of feng shui, and this is related to growth and new beginnings.

If you’d like to bring in new chances for you to expand and grow as a person, painting your door with gorgeous green is a good option.

Confused between tons of green shades? Some of my favorite options include olive, sage, dark green, teal, and seafoam.

5- Blue – It is Knowledgeable

In feng shui, the color blue is closely related to the element of water and is therefore associated with emotions, communication, and intuition. It is also said that when used on the entrance door of a home, blue brings in knowledge and wisdom – excellent for those who like to educate themselves on a daily basis.

Light blues like sky blue and powder blue, as well as deeper shades such as navy and teal, are all great colors to choose from for a calming and serene touch to the front of your home.

But darker shades of blue are thought to connect to the Gen section of a feng shui map and represent both self-cultivation and knowledge, meaning that dark blue like navy and midnight blue is a good choice for anyone hoping to increase their level of knowledge and skill.

6- Black – Attracts Good Vibes

Contrary to many beliefs that think black brings bad luck, black is a color that attracts, absorbs, and pulls in positive energy, making it a popular feng shui color.

A black door is traditionally seen as an invitation to bad luck in Chinese Feng Shui; however, if your door faces north, that’s not the case.

It is connected to the element of water, which is representative of depth and wisdom. Tied to the water element is also the North direction.

This element, and therefore the color, is believed to be a connection to your social network, meaning that black is a good color for those who want to build relationships and friendships.

7- White – It is Joyous

White is connected to the element of metal in feng shui and is representative of purity and cleanliness as well as the direction of the West.

This element and direction are related to joy, communication, precision, and openness towards new things so painting your door white may invite more of these things into your life.

The color white is also related to the number nine, which is believed to be a lucky number in Chinese culture. The shades such as cream, ivory, and snow white are all great color options to choose from if you want to paint your front door white and bring more luck and fortune into your home.

8- Gray – It is the Sign of Being Helpful

Gray is a mix of white and black, and it’s another color that is representative of the element metal. This means it may invite more of the metal element qualities mentioned above into your life.

It is also associated with the Qian potion of the feng shui map. Qian focuses on travel and helpfulness, so having a gray front door may promote helpful people appearing in your life or even help you travel more.

Some of my favorite grays for the front door are charcoal gray, slate gray, ash gray, and driftwood gray.

Choosing the Right Paint Color for the Front Door

Not only feng shui elements and principles but there are also various other things you might need to consider if you want to pick the lucky colors for your front doors.

Here are a few of them you should keep in mind…

1. Main Door Facing

Having a front door that opens to the south is considered lucky due to its association with the fire element. Not only is it believed to attract positive energy and light, but it also adds a touch of vibrancy to your home if you ensure that the path leading up to your door is free from any obstacles, allowing for a smooth and inviting entrance.

To create a fire-inspired look, you may consider using front door colors in shades of red, orange, solid yellow, pink, or even wood tones. When renovating your home, also make sure to choose a pleasant view that greets you as you open the front door.

Front Door FacingElementLucky Colors
NorthWaterBlack, purple, light blue, deep blue, and lavender.
Northeast and SouthwestEarthEarthy colors like yellow, beige, clay, and brown.
East and SoutheastWoodBrown, green, blue, and purple
West and NorthwestMetalMetallic colors like gold, silver, bronze, or iron, in addition to yellow and beige

2. Work with Your Surroundings

If you don’t know where to begin when deciding on a paint color for your front door, take a look at the home’s natural environment to pull in some inspiration that can offer curb appeal while still looking great with the house’s surroundings.

Any natural lighting around the front door may also be an excellent place to start when thinking about the best paint color that doesn’t bring misfortune.

Additionally, a darker porch space will look better with a bright or light color, while well-lit porches tend to look better with a darker hue.

3. Adhere to Your Style

When choosing a new color for your front door, it’s important to consider the structure and exterior design of your home as well. The overall style of the house will guide your color choice so look for a color that complements the accessories in your home, such as the garage door.

To create visual interest, you may consider selecting a contrasting color for the entryway door. For example, if your home has a neutral exterior, a bolder front door color can elevate the overall aesthetic of the space.

4. Pick a Front Door Color While Outside

Because the front door will be facing the outside of the house, you should be choosing the color while outdoors and not indoors because interior light can differ strongly from natural light.

Look at various paint swatches to determine how they will look in different outdoor natural light settings which will give you a more accurate understanding of how the light will make the color of the door look.

You could tape some samples of paint onto the front door and then look at it throughout the course of the day to see if you like the changes they go through. Alternatively, you could also paint small areas with different colors to represent them more accurately.

5. Consider Monochrome

When it comes to a small house, embracing monochrome colors can work wonders for the entryway. By painting the window frames, front door, exterior, and trim in a single color, you’ll create an illusion of spaciousness that defies reality.

This clever color scheme sets the stage for a neutral backdrop, allowing your accessories to burst to life and steal the spotlight. You can strategically introduce pops of color to accentuate specific areas of your home, adding an element of surprise and personality.

6. Think About the Classics and Use Stain

It is impossible to go wrong with a neutral hue for your entryway, such as black, brown, or gray. These are timeless hues that will never look outdated, as are deeper shades of red and navy blue.

If you would rather go super minimalistic, you are free to stain the front door instead of applying paint to it. Using a wood stain on this door will highlight the grain pattern and natural material in a beautiful way.

7. Take Advantage of the Color Wheel

Even people who haven’t ever studied design or art are likely to be familiar with the color wheel. This reference shows the relationship between various shades and organizes them into a neat little circle that you can use to tell tertiary, secondary, and primary colors apart from each other. It will also show which colors clash with one another and which ones will complement which.

When you’re comparing the color wheel to the colors of your home’s exterior, think first about whether you want to choose a monochromatic color scheme or not. If you do, you can pick lighter and darker shades within the same family color.

8. Don’t Forget the Trim

Besides the door itself, the trim of the front door is also a good candidate for a new paint job.

Generally speaking – you should avoid painting the door and its trim with identical colors. Instead, use the trim to create an accent area that will make the rest of the home’s exterior come together.

While white is a reliable and popular color for front door trim, having a contrasting shade can make the area stand out in a way white can’t.

Dark-colored trim can stop a light-colored door from getting lost in its surroundings, while lighter trim can brighten up a dark door.

9. Exercise Some Creativity

While a bright color on the entry door might sound a little intimidating at first, it is not as big of a commitment as it may seem. In fact, it is much less of a commitment than painting the house or even a whole room in that color would.

You can experiment with creative, bold colors to see your thoughts. And while creative, remember to paint the screen door as well. This means if you have a screen door installed beside the main door, think about buying a new one in a contrasting color or painting it as well.

Should the Front Door Be the Same Color Inside and Out?

You don’t have to use the same color on both sides of your front door to make your home look consistent. The reason is you’ll likely never see both sides at the same time for very long.

However, using two colors that go well together will create a harmonious feel and, therefore, should be chosen wisely based on your overall house colors and interiors.

The most complicated areas to paint are the door borders when you want the interior and exterior of your door in different colors.

Generally, the inside border should be painted the same color as the interior to look good when you open the door and the outside borders, where the hinges are usually attached on the side, should be colored like the exterior.

Selecting the Proper Type of Paint for Your Front Gate

Since your front door faces the outside and all of nature’s elements daily, you must also use the correct paint for the job. This will stop you from having to deal with fading and peeling paint again in the near future.

In general, latex-based exterior paints will usually do the trick for wooden front doors as they are flexible and offer weather resistance in various conditions. But if you have a metal front door, a high-quality water-based acrylic or an oil-based metal paint can be used.

No matter the kind of paint you choose, you’ll need to first apply a layer of exterior primer. From there, you can pick a front door paint with the finish you prefer, from high-gloss to glossy to semi-gloss to matte.

Keep in mind that a high gloss finish will draw more attention to blemishes, so it is generally recommended that you avoid this unless you have a high-quality door.

The Bottom Line

Once you have picked a color for the front door based on the feng shui principles and the tips outlined above, you are ready to commit and apply it to the entryway door.

Having this bolder front door is sure to make your home stand out on the street, bring good luck, and enhance its curb appeal on top of it.

By choosing the ideal paint for the entryway that reflects who you are, your style, and your personality, you will be surprised just how much it adds to your home’s exterior. Just be sure to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best for decades.

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