5 Best Drywall Stilts – For Painting and Plastering

best stilts for drywall painting and plastering

If you’re looking to install, repair, plaster, or paint the drywall yourself, you should know that this isn’t really an easy task.

They’re heavy, and when you have walls that are taller than you, it gets pretty difficult to get them where they need to be.

That’s why so many people think of using ladders to help.

What’s actually better, though you might not have thought about it, are stilts.

Yes, stilts like you used to play with when you were a kid can actually come in handy when it comes to putting up drywall and painting them.

Except these stilts are going to be much easier to use.

Is Stilt for Painting Drywall Safe?

Drywall stilts are invented (by Alexander Boeck) to bring you a number of benefits to your project!

The very first is they are much more convenient than paint ladders, platforms, and other tools used to reach high places.

But one of the first things most people worry about is whether or not drywall stilts are actually safe.

To be frank, they are – as long as you know how to use them correctly. This means you’ll need to practice a bit with your stilts before you go on and try to work on them.

Also, ensure that you start with something no more than 1 foot off the ground.

Then you can work your way up to larger stilts and even to the ones that are 40” off the ground as you go pro in using them.

5 Best Stilts for Drywall Painters & Plasterers

Stilts for painting contractors can be easy, but it’s hard to use for DIYers.

Especially if you happen to choose the wrong product, it can be dangerous to use on your own.

Hence it is important that you pick the right stilt set best suited for your specific needs.

Below are a few good options you may consider…

1- GypTool Pro Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 15" - 23" Drywall Stilts - Silver
  • Suitable for drywall, painting, wiring, & much more
  • Crafted from high-grade, light-weight aluminum
  • No tools required to adjust height

*Last update on 2023-12-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

GypTool Pro painters’ stilts are good to choose from if you need to reach a certain height during plastering or painting.

In fact, this is the #1 best drywall stilts pair I could find based on pricing, features, and overall customer reviews.

If you are in need of something basic and not too high, you can just go for it without reading further product reviews.

Not just for installing the sheets of drywall or painting but also for wiring, kids and fun – this is something you can rely on.

Crafted impressively using a high-grade and lightweight aluminum material, it weighs only 13.8 pounds per pair.

The weight capacity that the manufacturer rates are 225 pounds which means that a normal male or female can easily use it without any problem.

Few other features that I like in this number one stilts pair include:

  • A working height that can range from 15″ to 23″
  • Easy to adjust height without the need for any tools
  • High-quality rubber feet that are non-marring to protect floors
  • Completely adjustable extra-wide padded calf braces for extra support and comfort

Above all, the price of the set is just right to suit every pocket. Although it costs low, the quality does not come cheap, as you may find in some Chinese private-labeled units.

2- Yescom Stilts for Painting

Yescom Drywall Stilts 24"-40" Adjustable Aluminum Tool...
  • [Upgarded Pads]: Upgarded Drywall Stilts with Protective Leg...
  • [Aluminum Alloy Construction]: Light weight, strong supporting and...
  • [Dual Springs & Safe Use]: Dual action springs for flexible movement;...

*Last update on 2023-12-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With brand new Yescom Drywall Painters Stilts for leg extension, you can feel like you are moving naturally due to its better balance control, less fatigue, and more stability.

Designed lightweight with strong aluminum alloy, the sturdy construction of this 227 lbs load capacity tool offers you easy motion with increased durability.

No matter what applications will you need a leg extension tool (personal or commercial), this pair can solve all your purposes very conveniently and safely.

The fun part is that you can also use it for parades, Halloween, or cosplay assistants in addition to construction or painting work.

Some of the good features that I like in this tool are:

  • Can be adjusted from 24″ to 40″ for different working heights
  • Features metal buckle straps and 3-position heel bracket to accommodate varied foot sizes
  • Comes with dual action springs for flexibility and premium rubber soles to prevent skidding
  • Comes with reliable lock nuts installed at all crucial pivots, requires very minor assembly to use

Above all, these Yescom stilts pair come in an eye-catching color with replaceable parts so that you can continuously use them safely for years to come.

3- Pentagon Tool Drywall Stilts

No products found.

Pentagon Tool is a name that is reliable enough when it comes to drywall supplies and accessories.

And with Pentagon Tool drywall stilts 1120 “Tall Guyz,” you can never be wrong.

In fact, cleaning and painting your sheetrock with stilts offered by Pentagon is really convenient and safe, especially when you want a bit of a height boost during the job.

Constructed using premium-grade aluminum alloy and with 228 lb. of load capacity, it is extremely light and easy to use.

If you are into jobs like construction, you will never feel sluggish carrying it for your daily jobs.

These are not only for finishing the unfinished walls and drop-ceiling at height but are also convenient for completing other tasks such as electrical related or cleaning.

The key features that come with this premium-grade professional stilt are:

  • Adjustable height ranges from 18″ to 30″
  • Premium quality rubber soles to prevent any slippage
  • Self-locking metal buckles with adjustable heel plates and foot straps
  • Dual spring action to enable flexibility and to prevent the legs from sliding

Furthermore, these are available in exciting colors (like silver, black, blue, and red) so that you can choose your matching companion that matches your mood perfectly.

Remember that these stilts are pretty safe to use on a construction site with flat flooring.

However, it’s not recommended to use on a broken floor or with stones, gravel, mud, or anything similar.

You may easily lose your balance on them while walking to cause great damage.

4- Olenyer Adjustable Stilts for Plastering

Olenyer 18"-30" Drywall Stilts for Adults Height...
  • HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM ALLOY STILTS: The drywall stilts 18''-30'' are...
  • STURDY METAL BUCKLE: The whole stilts drywall has three fixed designs...
  • DOUBLE SPRING & RUBBER SOLE: The drywall stilt have a double-spring...

*Last update on 2023-12-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The second last on our list is Olenyer stilts that are easy to wear, learn to walk, carry and store.

Olenyer drywall stilts for construction and renovation work are designed using high-density aluminum material that makes them super lightweight (only 14.15 lbs) and sturdy enough to carry up to 227 lbs of person weight.

Ideal for quick drywall finishing, electrical, and drop ceilings, it’s also a good buy for other uses like acrobatics, stage performance, and many others.

This makes the tool easier and safer for people to walk freely on them.

Key features that are included in this pair are:

  • Adjustable height from 18 inches to 30 inches
  • Premium quality rubber soles to offer slip-resistant design
  • Adjustable heel plates, foot straps and self-locking metal buckles for easy wearing

Above all, the product is manufactured keeping in mind the principles of human bionics that emulate the characteristics of the body movement, especially of the lower limb body, making it completely safe for users with different requirements.

5- SUPERFASTRACING Stilts for Drywall

SUPERFASTRACING 24-40 inch Drywall Stilts Aluminum Tool...
  • Adjustable from 24" to 40" to accommodate different heights, 225lbs...
  • Anti Skid with premium rubber soles. Added safety with metal buckle...
  • Lightweight & strong aluminum alloy construction for easy motion &...

*Last update on 2023-12-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Although more expensive than other models, the SUPERFASTRACING Drywall Stilts are highly popular and are designed for varied applications.

First, since they are made up of aluminum alloy, these are comparatively lighter than other slits versions.

Secondly, this extension leg pair comes with Quad-Lock Technology with a Double Wingbolt design that provides them with added security, improved stability, and increased force resistance.

The 225lbs load limit is more than enough to accommodate a normal person easily. Also, it features a 3-position oversized heel bracket and inter-looping straps that provide the user with better safety and ease of use.

Few additional unique features that are included in the pair are:

  • Adjustable height from 24 inches to 40 inches
  • Wrap-around leg band and wider foot plate to provide superior comfort and stability
  • Interlok side pole bracket, a must-have safety feature to lock the pole securely to the frame
  • Exclusive wing bolt design that offers flexibility and versatility to adjust the height without any tools

In my opinion, SUPERFASTRACING Drywall Stilts offer you the lightest, safest, and most durable set of drywall stilts on the market.

Since it has a full 1-year warranty, your investment is pretty safe with this tool. You wont be disappointed with your purchase, especially when you want to invest in something professional and long-lasting.

With all the above options in mind, if you want to take a quick look at a video that demonstrates this construction tool in action (how to walk on drywall stilts), you can check the below video.

How to Put On and Use Drywall Stilts?

Drywall stilts give you the added height you need to get the job done. But before you can put them to work for you, you’ll need to know how to use them and a bit of practice.

You don’t want to just hop on your stilts pair and get to work—as doing so can be dangerous. Instead, you’ll need to get a feel for moving around on your stilts so that you can work efficiently and safely.

Though this may seem difficult, it comes more easily than you think!

So, first things first, you’ll want to find the right fit.

If you’re not wearing stilts that fit, you may find it even more difficult to move around. And that just makes learning to use your stilts even harder.

So what can you do? For starters, try different stilts until you’ve got a comfortable one.

Once you’ve done that,

  • Securely bolt the stilts so that you can maintain your good fit to help ensure your safety while you’re using them.
  • When you’re first starting to walk with stilts, you may choose to invest in some that aren’t quite as high and progress upwards. This will help you get used to navigating while at an increased height.
  • As you get better, you’ll eventually be comfortable enough to work on other higher stilts for your project!

Walk only on even ground – when you’re first using your drywall painting stilts.

Adjusting to your stilts can be challenging at first, and if you’re moving on uneven terrains—such as a staircase—you may lose your balance and fall.

For this reason, be sure that you’re only moving around on flat, even surfaces. This makes it easier for you to move around safely and helps you finish your project.

Although I have only used this tool for painting drywall once or twice in my career, I can tell that it can work pretty well and easily, provided you know the right steps and procedure.

best stilts for painting

Considerations When Buying Stilts for Drywall

Before you buy your drywall legs or the paintwork stilts, let’s look at the buyer’s guide with all the information you need to know when buying.

These will help you with some of the more basic aspects…

1- The Height of The Stilts

If you’re a professional, you may need to opt for something tall.

But if you are a beginner, make sure you have something short enough to learn, how to use, and maybe something that will extend as you get more used to them.

2- How Comfortable Are They?

Adjustable heel brackets and definitely self-locking straps are always going to be a great idea because they keep your feet where they need to be at all times.

Wider plates for your feet and pads for the leg’s straps will make it more comfortable for you to use the stilts, too (and a bit easier). Your feet don’t slide, which will keep you safer all around.

Also, you’re going to want to choose the construction stilts that have a comfortable and adjustable heel plate as well as a wide calf strap and maybe even padded straps.

These will help you stay comfortable even for extended periods of time on your stilts.

3- How Durable Are They?

You definitely want a pair of drywall stilts that are going to last and that are going to help you get your jobs done for a long.

Look for something made with aluminum or magnesium, which provides a durable, strong surface that’s also super lightweight.

Stilts for painting ceilings and walls can be expensive if you’re looking for something really high quality, but the cost will be worth it because you get what you pay for.

4- Is It Legal to Use – At Your Place?

Although painting and drywall plastering contractors have been using stilts for a decade, these are legally banned in many places (like California, Ontario, etc.)

It is, therefore, good to check whether it’s allowed to be used before you buy them for DIY use.

5- How Much Will The Stilts Cost For You?

In the end, when finding a good stilt for plastering, you should consider your budget.

In general, when you plan to buy drywall stilts, you should be ready to spend between $100 to $175. You can find cheaper ones, but they’re usually not the ones you want to use.

If you have a small use and want to fix some errors on your walls or ceilings only once, you may consider renting it or buying a cheaper one.

But if you want something more durable and can be used more than once or twice, you should always go for a reliable brand that comes at a fair price.

Are There Any Dangers in Using Drywall Stilts for Painting?

As mentioned, stilts are a typical way for people to paint/plaster walls or hang drywall – the added height makes them handier to use compared to ladders.

However, using stilts requires a little practice and considerable care as your center of gravity changes. This change of gravity means you need to work on your balance and restrict your movement so you do not tip over.

In addition, the use of stilts means using your leg muscles in a different way which can put stress on the joints. You are at greater risk of injury, especially when using stilts for several hours at a time.

Bending and twisting, which you might not be able to do with stilts, become far more challenging. This means you must pay attention and learn how to stand, walk, and bend with stilts.

Safety Tips when Using Stilts

First, you’ll want to keep your back straight when wearing stilts.

A straight back allows you to balance yourself better while adjusting to the higher center of gravity.

A little practice when walking along walls for support will help you get used to wearing stilts, but there is more you need to know.

1- Slips:

Arguably the biggest issue facing those who wear stilts is the slipping hazards found on the floor.

In addition to slick floors, there are spills that can cause your stilts to slip out from under you.

Substances such as joint compound and caulking, along with simple water and ice, can make a floor dangerous for wearing stilts.

You will need to be extra careful when walking amid slipping hazards.

2- Trips:

Conduit, rolling stock, and metal pipes are common items in construction sites that may cause you to trip and fall.

This, along with debris and materials that are stored on the site, will need to be marked, cordoned off, or removed before you put it on the stilts.

3- Inspect:

Before putting on the stilts, give them a once-over to find any loose connections in the straps, shoes, springs, flexible joints, and bushings.

Be sure that all the components of the stilts are in good shape. Replace any worn components before you put them on the stilts.

Otherwise, the added pressure may cause them to snap or break.

Pay particular attention to the work shoes as they can wear unevenly and cause you to lose balance.

4- Level:

Go over the floors before putting the stilts on. You’ll want to level the surface as much as possible.

And mark off areas with uneven footing that cannot be removed.

In addition, be mindful of doorways that are now too low for you to walk through safely.

Plus, if you can put guardrails high enough to use, they should be installed as well. Give the area a once-over to see if there are any potential hazards on the walls or ceiling, too.

5- Train:

You’ll need to go through a short training session that includes understanding the hazards, knowing how to inspect the stilts, and safely using the equipment before gaining some practice wearing them.

The more you know beforehand, the less likely you are to slip when wearing stilts.  

Related FAQs

How tall do stilts make you?

Stilt walkers generally use the stilts for working (like for house painting, drywall plastering, etc.).

Many of the stilts are also used by theatrical performers and clowns for entertainment.

Depending on the kind and height of the stilts, they can go as tall as 4m or 13 ft under feet.

Can you make the stilts at home?

Yes, you can make homemade stilts that are easy to use. Just gather the right materials (like paint cans, crutches, etc.) and follow the tips you will find online.

These can be good for some extra fun. However, we recommend buying a high-quality stilt from the market if you need to use it for work.

Is drywall painting stilts OSHA-approved?

The Occupational Safety and Health Rules and Regulations for Construction do not actually ban the use of stilts.

However, they caution the user to use it safely as these can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Especially when walking on rough surfaces with stilts, you need to be extra careful.

Why using construction stilts is more beneficial compared to ladders?

Construction stilts are much more space-efficient (they don’t take up as much space) and aren’t as difficult to move. That’s because they are much lighter and thinner.

And also, because they are easier to handle, you don’t have to worry about lugging around difficult equipment while working. This just makes an already difficult process even harder!

Not only that, but they can save you a great deal of energy (like for loft flooring). Because the work is easier, you won’t have to spend as much time climbing up and down ladders and on and off platforms.

This means that you can work more quickly and efficiently without wasting time or energy, which maximizes productivity so that you can save time—and even make more money!

Your Project Is Waiting – As you work with the adjustable drywall stilts, keep the above information in mind to get your work done in no time!

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