Lowes Color Match Guarantee: Things You Need to Know!

Lowes Color Match Guarantee

Lowe’s specializes in many types of home improvement products with paint being one of them.

The store offers several types of paint for both interior and exterior use. The paint comes in many different colors and shades.

But what happens when you purchase the paint and are not satisfied? Can you return the paint to Lowe’s?

If you have Lowe’s Paint Color Guarantee, then you can return most types of paint within the specified time limit.

But what is the Guarantee all about, and what are the things you need to remember.

Let’s cover all of these in the post below…

What is the Paint Guarantee from Lowe’s?

Put simply, this allows you to return most types of paint purchased from Lowe’s within 30 days.

This means that you must have a valid receipt as proof of purchase.

Plus, the purchase of the paint was no more than 30 days from when you want the refund.

The paint guarantee covers most interior and exterior paints, including resurfacing paint and stains.

In addition to getting a refund, you may also obtain a paint exchange.

If the paint you originally purchased was not the right color for your needs, you can exchange it for a paint that is more compatible.


If there are errors in the application or the surface was not properly prepared, then the paint guarantee from Lowe’s will most likely not apply.

The guarantee does not cover items, not in stock, tinted items, or paint color samples.

And Lowe’s reserves the right to refuse any paint return if it suspects that fraud was involved in terms of obtaining the paint in the first place.

How to Return Paint to Lowe’s

How to Return Paint to Lowe’s – The Right Way

You can either return the paint in person to the Lowe’s store from which it was purchased.

Or you could return the paint by mail if you purchased it online.

To return the paint, you will need the receipt, the original method of payment, and a photo ID.

Put all the information in a letter which you can mail to Lowe’s with the paint.

If you want to return the paint in person, then you will need the paint and the receipt.

Just take it all to the customer service desk at Lowe’s from which you purchased the paint.

You would need some form of proper identification, especially if you purchased the paint with a debit or credit card.

Once your ID and proof of purchase have been demonstrated, you can now have the paint exchanged or refunded.

To return an online paint purchase, you will need to log into Lowe’s account or use the online returns link on their website.

Make sure you use the original container with all the paint you want to be returned inside.

You’ll want to print two return labels, one for inside the package and one for the outside.

The Lowe’s return website will help you find a local carrier who can return the paint.

If you ordered the paint online, it may be possible to have it returned via the same carrier.  

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