What Colors Coordinate Beautifully with Burgundy?

Burgundy room decor ideas

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to paint all of your walls or add a pop of color with various accessories, finding the right color to go along with your space is important.

But at the same time, it can be difficult to achieve.

Burgundy is one of those colors that seems to go well with everything. It is a deep reddish-brown hue that often shows purple undertones that add warmth and elegance to any space.

If you already have this color in your room (on walls, furniture, or maybe on carpets), you might be looking at the other fresh paint colors you can add to create a pleasing environment.

Below, we’ll look at some of the most beautiful color combinations that go well with burgundy.

So, make sure you check them out before you pick any other colors…

Paint Colors That Match With Burgundy

I believe Burgundy is quite versatile in the numerous ways it can be paired with other colors, which has made it increasingly popular over the years.

So, if you are concerned about what color goes good with burgundy, here are the best options for you to consider.

1. Navy

Burgundy and navy paint colors go hand in hand to create a classy atmosphere.

Even though both are considered to be cool, they can add warmth to any space, offering a perfect contrast for aesthetic diversity and visual intrigue, not to mention a royal touch.

Shades of blue color paint are commonly seen as calm and relaxing, but the darker shade of navy tends to pack a bolder punch.

It is thought to be authoritative in that it signifies importance and power.

It is also a very professional color that you will commonly see in corporate settings and uniforms.

When you pair it with the burgundy paint color, there is a strong color combination there that adds sophistication to any space.

You can balance out the rest of the interior space using a neutral color such as white or cream so as not to make it too overwhelming.

2. Brown

If you want to put a more masculine spin on burgundy, brown color is a good option.

Shades of dark brown with burgundy walls create an earthy combination that is reminiscent of the atmosphere of fall.

You can easily execute this combination also by combining brown leather furniture with velvet burgundy curtains.

Accenting brown furnishings with burgundy accent chairs or pillows will also add some life to the space.

3. Black

Black is another paint color that works well with anything, and burgundy is no exception.

This color signifies sophistication and elegance, making it quite dramatic.

When you pair it with others, it creates a dark, moody, and lavish atmosphere in the room.

The thing you need to remember with dark shades like black is it can make your space look shrank. So use them minimally wherever it actually fits the most.

Besides the black, you can also use Burgundy + White which looks traditional as well as classic.

The burgundy wall color, for example, will provide depth and contrast to the white walls when used in combination.

The same goes for using white and burgundy accents together — it can really make a space pop while still maintaining that sophisticated edge.

4. Charcoal gray

The charcoal gray color in the home has never been trendier than it is today.

This dark shade of gray is great for creating both warm and cool looks, depending on its undertones.

By combining this neutral color with the look of burgundy, you can warm up the room and make it look moodier.

This combination is seen as both masculine and feminine.

5. Green

While red and green are generally thought of as Christmas colors, using this color scheme with burgundy in the mix won’t necessarily give off a holiday look.

This warm combination of dark green and burgundy makes a space look more luxurious, especially when you use lavish fabrics like satin or velvet to compliment the wall colors.

Beige greens, sage greens, and pale yellow-greens (by Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams) can also be a good combination if you want something lighter.

These are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family. Using them together with dark maroon brings about a bold contrast.

Burgundy painted walls in a room

6. Mint

If you don’t want to go with classic green but still see the appeal of burgundy with the hue, you could try something a bit softer and go for a mint.

Mint and burgundy combine to create what is thought to be a more delicate and feminine-looking space when opposed to forest green and burgundy.

When paired, the two bring out a surprisingly sophisticated mood.

The delicate, light pastel shade of green works with the bold and serious hues of burgundy to create a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing contrast.

7. Purple

Purple is yet another color that looks beautiful with burgundy.

It combines the vibrant energy of red with the calming aspects of blue to create its rich, bold hue.

This color is often associated with royalty and is seen as both feminine and masculine depending on the context in which it is applied.

When you put it together with burgundy, it creates an overall look that is both regal and luxurious.

You can experiment with various shades of purple, like mauve or lavender, to locate the combination that works best for you.

8. Teal

The combination of burgundy and teal is quite literally at the extremes of the color spectrum, which is precisely what makes them such a spectacular match.

If you want to use burgundy to create a more creative and vibrant-looking space, you can work with blue-green colors like teal.

These complementary colors bring out the best in one another to make them stand out.

Teal is a dark shade of blue and green, which looks perfect with the deep red hues found in burgundy.

Though both colors are strong, the combination is generally believed to be a more feminine one.

9. Mustard yellow

Mustard and burgundy are yet another classic autumnal color combination.

While it may seem at first that these colors shouldn’t work as well as they do with each another, they are quite the perfect pair.

Both are vibrant and warm and complement each another to make the best of each shine. They are also both earthy, adding a rich elegance to any space.

It is a good idea to get burgundy and mustard yellow in colors that are of the same shade or darkness to create a calming look.

10. Blush

If you want an elegant, feminine, and moody look, opt for blush and burgundy.

This color combination features the bold power of burgundy against the softness of blush pink for a one-of-a-kind effect.

Manic pinks and burgundy may be a delightful romantic color combination that can take your decor to the level of perfectly dreamy.

You should generally avoid pinks that are too bright.

If you choose to use a darker pink in your decorating plan, it will also go well with burgundy – it is just that the look may be more dramatic and less romantic for people who are more passionate.

The dusty pink drapes, throw pillow, and ottoman in this example are all beautiful colors that balance the burgundy nicely.

11. Cream

Because burgundy is so rich, it’s always a good idea to pair it with something a little more toned down.

Neutral colors such as cream or ivory help to balance out some of the boldness of burgundy so as not to make the space look too overwhelming.

The cream is especially good as it is a relaxing hue that is closer to being yellow than it is white.

12. Peach

Peach is a color that sits somewhere between blush pink and cream. It stands out because of its orange undertones and its softness.

The pair might initially seem like an unusual one, but as soon as you look at them side by side, the appeal is evident.

The cheerfulness and warmth of peach come to life against the bold, deep look of burgundy.

Much like mint, the playful nature of peach can help calm down burgundy’s bold and powerful look, creating a more balanced space.

13. Gold

Burgundy isn’t limited to using with some standard, flat colors. It is also especially beautiful with metallics such as gold.

This color combination creates an elegant, lavish and regal appearance that is classic, timeless, and always trendy.

The warmth of both of these colors can be a bit overwhelming if you overdo it, however.

It’s best to balance out any gold and burgundy color palette with some lighter colors like ivory or white or even some dark woods for a rounded-out look.

14. Bronze

Bronze is another metallic color that looks exceptional with burgundy. It has a warm feel with red undertones and a copper hue.

These undertones bring out the best in dark shades of burgundy and are commonly used in home decor, light fixtures, and other accessories, making them easy to incorporate into a burgundy-themed room.

With burgundy and bronze color combinations, I believe you can quickly get the space that will look even more astounding and Eclectic!

15. Beige

Burgundy + beige, when used in combination, helps to liven up your room by adding more depth to it.

Like if you already have burgundy painted on your walls, you can try adding some beige-colored accessories such as a throw pillow or smaller accent furniture to contrast.

16. Orange

A lot of individuals may not think about burgundy and orange when they hear the words “color combination.”

But these two bright hues go wonderfully together, at least for me.

If you’re not bold enough for orange walls, take a more subtle approach and still create a lovely balance with these soothing colors.

17. Cyan

Cyan is undoubtedly another hue you can get away with within your home.

It’s a brilliant hue that goes well with burgundy and adds a unique feel to your space!

Yes, it’s a bright and stark tone of blue-green, so make sure the accents don’t have too much of it.

You may use this color palette in a variety of ways, but you’ll want to make the most of it by utilizing two accents, such as burgundy red and cyan.

A cyan-printed accent chair or candles, for example, wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Is Burgundy Color Interiors Outdated?

No, I think the burgundy color is classic, and it never goes out of style. You can use it in modern or traditional ways.

For living rooms or bedrooms, you can use burgundy as an accent color, or you can paint all the walls burgundy.

If you have a small room, I would recommend using it as an accent color. You can add burgundy throw pillows, a rug, or curtains.

If you have a large room, you can paint all the walls burgundy or use it as an accent color on one wall. You can also use burgundy furniture or accessories.

Although the burgundy in the space should be used minimally, if you want something more overt, add more burgundy to the space — a rug, drapes, or even paint the walls a shade of burgundy for a unique atmosphere.

Best Burgundy Paint Colors for Your Home

Burgundy color palettes look gorgeous in any space.

If you plan to put burgundy into your rooms, here are the best burgundy paint colors for your home to choose from…

  1. Classic Burgundy 09YR 05/305 by PPG
  2. SW 6300 Burgundy by Sherwin-Williams
  3. SW 0072 Deep Maroon by Sherwin-Williams
  4. Classic Burgundy HC-182 by Benjamin Moore
  5. Dark Burgundy 2075-10 by Benjamin Moore

How Can You Make Burgundy Paint Color at Home?

Burgundy is made by mixing red and blue paint in a ratio of 3:1. This will give you a purple hue.

To make the color more burgundy, add a touch of brown or black paint until you achieve the desired shade.

To make a more purple-toned burgundy, use a higher ratio of blue paint to red paint.

To make a more red-toned burgundy, use a higher ratio of red paint to the blue paint.

Add black or brown paint to darken the color as desired.

Remember – do not confuse it with “maroon.”

Maroon and burgundy are not the same color, but they are two distinct hues, despite their similar names.

Maroon is a dark red, while burgundy is a darker shade of red with purple undertones.

Maroon has brown undertones and a brick-red tone, whereas burgundy is a mix of red, blue, and purple that produces a berry-hued tone.

While they are similar colors and exist in the red family, they are not identical.

Things To Consider When Combining Burgundy With Other Colors

When you pair burgundy with another color, you should consider the following:

Burgundy shades can look different in different lighting.

You should therefore test out the burgundy paint color combinations that you want to use on a smaller area before committing to it.

If you’re painting, you can do this with swatches or even paint a small section of a wall to see how it reacts throughout the day.

Burgundy can work both as a base color and as an accent color.

It depends on your preferences and how much of this hue you want in your space.

Be sure to work with analogous, complementary, or triadic color schemes in order to get the best results from the color.

Consider, for example, that it can be a challenge if you want to decorate burgundy walls.

But with bright curtains of colors like turquoise, teal, gold, brown, purple, and navy blue, you can easily achieve a stylish and unique look.

You can also find a variety of these colors in different materials, like velvet, brocade, and satin.

The Bottom Line

The color burgundy gets its name from the Burgundy wine of Burgundy, France.

You won’t believe the color burgundy became the most popular color of women’s lipstick in the 1990s.

And today it’s a color that is getting more popular in the home decor space. If you are passionate about adding some burgundy colors try the different combinations I have listed above. I bet you will love them!

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