Can You Return the Tinted Paint to Home Depot?

How to return tinted paint to home depot?

Home Depot is a Global Leader that offers more than paint. They can help you create your perfect shade with the interior, exterior, or other types of paints and coatings – whatever the project may require.

But what if you’re not happy with your purchase?

No problem! Home Depot’s Paint Satisfaction Guarantee means that you can bring back any unopened, unused paint within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Even if the tinted paint can is opened and you aren’t satisfied with the color, Home Depot will try to get it right for you by either correcting the shade in their store as per your requirements or by giving you a comparable can of paint with a closer shade.

Remember that since Home Depot cannot resell the opened can of tinted paint to their customers, they will mostly attempt to correct the shade rather than return or refund. And this will be upon the judgment of the store manager.

What If You are Given the Wrong Type of Paint?

Home Depot acknowledges that sometimes you may end up with the incorrect color or finish of the paint or stain. For example, if you are given an off-white instead of white or a low-gloss finish when you had requested a high-gloss one.

In such cases, you can bring the product back to the store, and they will gladly exchange it or refund your money – whichever you prefer.

Since this is the staff’s mistake and not yours, you will not be required to show a receipt or anything else. They would only ask that you return the product to its original container. If you don’t have the original container, the store might be able to mix/tint the paint again for free – if it’s a common color.

But wait, there’s something to know about mixing vs tinting paints.

Mixing paint refers to blending two or more colors of paint together to create a new color. This is typically done with two separate cans of paint and is used to create custom colors to match existing décor or achieve a certain look.

Tinting paint refers to adding white pigment to a base color in order to create lighter versions of that color. This is typically done with one can of paint and a tinting agent, such as a white base, which is then mixed in to achieve the desired color. This method is often used when painting large areas that need to be uniform in color, such as walls.

So, if the wrong type of paint is given to you after mixing or tinting and it’s the mistake of the Home Depot staff, you can return it to the store for an exchange, refund, or correction of the shade for free.

A Few Exceptions to the Home Depot Paint Return Policy

You know – to every rule, there is an exception. And the same goes for Home Depot’s return policy on paint.

Paint that has been mixed to your custom color or the paint samples you got from Home Depot cannot be returned or refunded. The same goes for special order products. So, if you have to wait a while for your purchase, make sure that you are satisfied with it before taking it home.

Another exception is when you purchase paint during a promotional sale – such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Fourth of July. In such cases, the store might have a different return policy that is applicable for those specific products and dates. So, it’s always best to check with a store associate or the customer service desk before making your purchase.

Also, it’s crucial for you to know the brands that Home Depot sells in its stores. Home Depot deals in Glidden and Behr products. They do not carry Benjamin Moore, Valspar, or Sherwin-Williams paint. This simply means that if you take the wrong brand of paint that they do not sell, do not expect to return or replace it at Home Depot. You will only be wasting your time.

returns and refunds of paint at home depot

Will Home Depot Exchange or Return the Paint without a Receipt?

According to Home Depot’s policy, exchange or return of the paint is possible without a receipt if the purchase can be verified.

  • For example, payments made through credit cards, debit cards, or checks can be tracked for 30 days in their system after the purchase.
  • If you have made the purchase with The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account, they may be able to locate the payment in their system for 365 days of purchase.
  • For verification, you must bring a valid photo ID and the credit or debit card used for the original purchase.

If the store cannot verify your purchase, you can most likely not return or exchange the paint at Home Depot without the receipt.

That said, some Home Depot stores may still exchange the product on the final decision of the store manager, and some may offer you “store credit” at the lowest advertised price of paint products. So it’s better to try your luck.

Will Home Depot Accept the Return if I Used Some of the Paint Already?

It may happen that you open the can and realize that you do not like the color.

The shade that you looked at under the store’s fluorescent lights is different from what it looked like inside your home when you applied it to the walls. And after seeing how the paint color interacts with the colors of other objects in the environment, such as the color of your trim or shutters, you changed your mind.

The color difference generally happens because paint not only has a reflective quality that makes it appear different based on its environment but may also absorb light waves of various colors in the spectrum.

If you have already used some paint and are unhappy with the results, you can still get it fixed at Home Depot provided the remaining part is more than 70% to 75%.

They will not replace the entire product or offer you a refund but might help with the change of the color left in the container.

This is often done for free by the store’s associate by tinting it with another color or pigment to match the closest shade you desire. If the change of color is not possible, you might be required to buy a new can of paint.

Returning other decor items that are bought along with the paint?

If you need to return or exchange any other home decor items you bought, along with the paint, you can do it easily without a problem within 90 days of purchase in their original packaging.

Just bring the items that you need to return, along with your credit card, to the Home Depot nearest you. The store associate will then process your return and give you a refund for the items.

While it’s good to get your receipts and IDs for verification (a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo identification ), you can return the items even without any receipt as long as you have the credit card you used to make the purchase.

If you have purchased the products online at, you can call customer support at 1-800-455-3869. They can help get your UPS return started and schedule picks up of your return items for your convenience.

Based on their policies, the following items may only be returned within 30 days of the purchase period at the Home Depot store:

  • Furniture
  • Area Rugs
  • Gas Powered Equipment and Tractors
  • Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators)
  • Consumer Electronics (Televisions & Computers)

Also, they might not be able to return any products, including:

  • Defective or damaged appliances
  • Flammable liquids, gases, or other hazardous materials
  • Live houseplants, trees, holiday trees, wreaths, and garlands
  • Custom products and samples, including flooring, fabric, paint, and others

If you are still unsure or have questions about the products you want to return or exchange, you can either call them or check their detailed return policy page here.

The Bottom Line

All in all, it’s pretty easy to return or exchange the tinted paint to Home Depot if you have not used much of it and are unhappy with the color. The store will either change the color of the paint for free or might charge you a nominal fee if the change of color is not possible.

Do remember that you need to take your IDs and receipts for a hassle-free return, but if you do not have them, you can still return the items by providing your account or purchase details.

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