How to Paint Stripes on Furniture – To Make It Look Unique

how to paint stripes on furniture

If you are looking to change up your home décor, but do not want to spend a great deal of money, painting stripes on your wooden furniture is a good idea.

Adding stripes can help bring out the best in the furniture, providing a new pattern that adds depth and distinction when done correctly.

You can add a border stripe, geometric borders, or paint several stripes to create a new, interesting look for your old wooden furniture.

Method 1 – Freehand Stripes

The most common technique for adding stripes is doing so by hand.

This freehand method requires a good brush, a steady hand, and some patience to get it right.

To freehand paint your furniture, you should do the following.

  • Get a high-quality artist brush with a good point and a straightedge if needed
  • Clean the furniture so that no wax, dirt, or debris remains
  • It helps if you plan out your stripes before applying the paint
  • Put just enough paint on the brush to do the job, do not add too much
  • Once you are ready, hold the brush as you would a pencil and draw in the stripe
  • Use clean motions with your arm for maximum effect
  • If the brush spreads out too much, try turning it as you paint to narrow the stripe

Before you begin, it is best if you practice on cardboard, so you know what you are doing when painting freehand.

If you do not have a steady enough hand for the job, then you can always use tape.

Method 2 – Striping with Painter’s Tape

Using painters’ tape is another good technique which should be used if you want to add wider stripes on the longer edges.

This type of tape has enough stickiness to hold to the furniture, but not enough to leave any residue behind once it is removed.

As with freehand painting, you must clean the surface first, then add the tape to the places you do not want painted.

Be sure that the tape adheres fully to the surface, so the paint does not bleed underneath.

  • Put the paint on the artist brush and starting painting
  • Use smooth, even motions when applying the paint
  • Make sure the stripes have an even amount of paint, do not add too much
  • Let the paint dry, then remove the tape

Advantages of using painter’s tape is that you can use different colors of paint easier compared to freehand.

Although it may not have the quaint charm of painting freehand, using painter’s tape will result in a cleaner look for the stripes.

Once you have completed painting and the paint is fully dried, seal it with varnish.

A single coat over the stripes will ensure that they last for a long time.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Adding Stripes on Furniture

Although adding stripes can make your old furniture look refreshed, you will need to consider few important things before getting started.

First of all, its important to check whether you can actually add the stripes on the surface you intend to paint.

Candidates for adding stripes include wooden furniture that consists of chairs, tabletops, and the like.  

If it has a flat surface, then only the stripes can be added.

Additionally, you will need to use the right type of paint to ensure that it provides the look that you want.  

Semi or high-gloss enamel works best, especially when it is thinned somewhat.

Be sure that the paint you use is compatible with the finish that is on the furniture for the best results.

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