Man Cave Decor – Best Masculine Paint Colors and Ideas

Some of the popular man cave colors

When it comes to creating a man cave, the look and feel are essential, especially when choosing colors.

The preciseness of the colors you pick will generate the mood you desire and let your interests guide the way. It’s an excellent opportunity to show some personality!

  • The color palette in man caves should often be based on “masculine hues” such as neutrals like brown, gray, and black, or highlights such as blue and green.
  • A darker gray, or “greige,” is the ideal neutral for a calming atmosphere. But a navy blue has enough energy to vitalize and give that masculine personality a man cave needs.
  • In general, these colors convey a strong personality without being overwhelming when used in a man’s painted room.

Even though these steps might appear easy, trying to determine what color(s) work best for a man cave can be daunting.

With so many paint options available on the market today, how does one narrow down their selection?

In this blog, I’ll help you determine what other color choices are available to you for your man space and how you can make the best decision for your space when it comes to other decorative things that matter most.

Best Man Cave Paint Color Schemes

There are a few key things to think about when choosing paint colors for your man cave:

  • The size of your man cave and the amount of natural light in the space
  • Is the man cave in your basement or somewhere upstairs
  • If you want to create a focal point with your wall color or not
  • The colors that compliment your existing furniture and decor objects
  • How will the colors make you feel when you’re in the space, and what overall mood do you want to create – like gaming, beer, sporty, etc.?

Every answer to the question should be treated as its own section and should help you when deciding what colors to choose.

Once you’ve considered all of these things and some more (that may pop up in your mind), you can start to narrow down your paint color options.

All that said, some of the most popular man cave colors include:

1- Gray

Gray is always a trending color. In fact, for the paint colors in a man cave, various shades of gray are trendy and here to stay. 

They give off an aura of strength while remaining subtle and classy. 

Gray tones have the same characteristics as white, which makes them adaptable, yet they are less obvious.

And the reason the color “gray” is becoming more popular as a “new neutral” in interior design is that it’s often used to replace clean whites.

This color might be perfect for you if you feel that white walls are too bland or uninteresting but still want the versatility that they offer.

A gray hue (like Lamp Room Gray by Farrow and Ball) is also a fantastic option for multipurpose mantuaries such as a study, library, or home office because its muted undertones are both edgy and timeless.

Greiges and other lighter tints create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, whereas deeper hues like ash gray, smoke gray, slate gray, charcoal, graphite, and pebble help create the perfect mood for a more dramatic area.

2- Black

This color is always included when people discuss man cave paint colors because men are naturally attracted to the strength and presence it can bring to any space. 

It’s mysterious, elegant, and, best of all, it projects masculinity. Therefore, it’s a very appealing option for man caves.

Man caves often have the advantage of plenty of space, making it possible to use a lot of black without worrying about the room look cramped.

The darkness that Off-Black by Ball & Farrow creates is ideal for man caves because they typically double as home theaters or bars; both benefit from limiting light refraction. 

Classic colors that pair well with black are white, red, yellow, blue, and green.

So, if you have a relatively smaller space, you can use black as an accent color instead of painting the room in maximum black.

3- Navy Blue

The most common color choice for men is blue because it symbolizes masculinity. However, not every shade of blue works in a man cave.

Blue exists in hundreds of tints and shades–from light powdery blue to rich cobalt, dark navy, or bluish grey.

The best colors for a man’s space fall on the medium to the darker end of the spectrum. And that is Navy Blue.

Navy blue (like Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore) is one of the most popular trends in today’s interior design world, and it’s regarded as one of the darkest hues (with almost a tinge of black). 

Although navy blue is a bit dark, it has the ability to invigorate a space while also providing a male atmosphere. Overall, its impact is a dramatic yet masculine room.

Navy blue paint can be used for an entire room or just accent walls. If you want to use it more liberally, pair it with shades of gray to tone down the color. 

However, because navy blue is such a heavy and dark hue, it might not work well in smaller man caves – it could make the room feel even smaller.

In that case, add some variety to your color scheme in your man cave by adding another color.

 If you’re not a big fan of navy blue, explore other similar colors like denim blue, blue-gray, midnight blue, oxford blue, and Persian blue.

4- Dark Brown

Looking for colors that evoke the sense of outdoors and nature – earth tones and browns are perfect.

One of the best things about shades of brown (like Sherwin Williams Rookwood Dark Brown) is that they can make a space feel warm and cozy.

Monochromatic schemes look great in dark brown. Brown is also a great choice for man caves because it’s strong, bold, and brave.

When you use one color for your man space, it creates a cohesive and tied-together look for your interior. 

But using one color does not necessarily mean that you have to use the exact same shade of dark brown repeating throughout your man cave.

You can pair them with the right accent colors and even light browns or tans to create a more textured and layered look. 

5- Red and Burgundy

This can be a terrific man cave color scheme for you if you’re into brighter colors and want to avoid neutrals like taupes, grays, and beiges.

Burgundy Rose by Benjamin Moore is a muted mid-tone that provides darkness to the room, making it perfect as an accent color.

In contrast, a fiery red such as Benjamin Moore’s Smoldering Red creates a focal point and brings in that eye-popping contrast without being too overwhelming because the more subdued burgundy effectively tones it down and balances everything out.

With a color scheme like this, you’ll end up with a space that has a sophisticated style with a modern flair.

Man Cave Decor Tips and Ideas for That Manly Feel

When building/decorating your man space, first and foremost, you will need to decide on the area where you want to build this special male retreat for fun and partying together with friends. 

This can be a small room in the basement, a spare bedroom, a media room, a den, a specially equipped garage, or even a tree house – which I think many don’t even have heard of. 

For decoration, besides the paint color, you must consider the type of furniture and decor you’ll want there.

So, here are some additional tips and ideas for creating this male retreat sanctuary in your home… 

a. Go for a Classic Bar 

One of the popular man cave ideas is to turn it into a bar – whether it’s just a small countertop with some stools or a full-blown home bar.

This is a great idea if you love to entertain and have friends over often.

b. Get a Pool Table 

Another classic man cave idea is to get a pool table. This is perfect if you have some extra space and want a place to hang out and play some games.

c. Create a Movie Theater 

If you’re a movie buff, you might want to consider creating a home theater in your man cave to relax and watch your favorite movies in style.

d. Install a Dartboard 

Installing a uniquely designed dartboard is perfect if you like to play darts with friends.

For a more hunting environment and feel, you can also consider adding some gun collection nearby if you have them.

e. Create a Game Room 

Another great idea for a man cave is to create a game room if you love to play video games or if you have friends over often to play board games.

If you’re a sports fan, you can also consider building a sports cave to watch the big game or your favorite team play.

f. Get a Pinball Machine

One of the coolest man cave ideas is to get a pinball machine to have some fun and also show off your collection.

Also, if you’re a fan of soccer, you might want to consider getting a foosball table. It’s an excellent opportunity to have some fun and also show off your skills.

g. Set Up a Poker Table 

Setting up a poker table is one of the most popular man cave ideas – whether you enjoy playing cards or if your friends come over frequently to play.

h. Create a Man Cave Office 

Having a designated room in your house for an office is ideal, but not everyone has that extra space.

If you work from home looking for ways to increase productivity and create more of a personal working environment, consider transforming one of your rooms into a man cave office.

Here you can also invite your colleagues or clients for a business meeting in a more relaxed and comfortable setting, without having to leave the house.

Just do not forget to add a wine storage rack for them to choose from nearby.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few ideas for man caves. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating and furnishing your mantuary space.

Just make sure that you choose the paint and accessories that you will enjoy and that fits your personality.

This way, you can create a space that is truly your own and that you will love spending time in.

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